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The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam - The Cecil Hotel - and "Dark Water"

Normally this is a topic I would consider too dark, and occult to write about. However, surprisingly, I just heard about this and find it far too interesting to ignore.

Elisa Lam was a 21 year old Canadian tourist vacationing in L.A. She went missing, and approximately 3 weeks later her dead body was discovered, and ruled an "accidental drowning" by the L.A. coroner. That alone is nothing to write about except when one looks closely at the details surrounding Ms. Lam's death they seem to be taken straight from a Hollywood script...because it was.

In 2002 a Japanese horror film was released called "Dark Water" which subsequently was remade in the U.S. in 2005. The movie is about a mother, and daughter pair who move into a new apartment. The movie focuses specifically on 2 elements of the pairs new location - the elevator, and the rooftop, the location of the complex's water town. The mother, Dahlia, ends up finding her daughter, Cecilia, dead after falling into the water tower, and drowning.

Cut back to the death of Elise Lam. Police had searched the area, including using police dogs, in the weeks leading up to her discovery, however turned up no sign of missing Elise Lam. While vacationing in L.A. Ms. Lam had stayed at the infamous Cecil Hotel, known for formerly housing 2 different serial killers, one of whom, Richard Ramirez payed $14 a night, while staying on the 14th floor, and murdering 14 people. Guests at the Cecil hotel began complaining of low water pressure, and dirty "black" water flowing from the tap, showers, sink, etc. Upon investigation of the roofs water tank police discovered the naked body of Elisa Lam. Meaning for 3 weeks the guests of the Cecil hotel were literally bathing, brushing their teeth, etc in the waters flowing from that of a dead girl.

The hotel released a video from a surveillance camera located in the elevator which is allegedly the last footage of Ms. Lam alive.

Ms. Lam is seen entering the elevator when the doors open, and pressing one of the buttons. The elevator doesn't move. During the next several minutes the elevator remains locked in position with the door open, despite Ms. Lam pressing all of the buttons. She is seen looking frantically from side to side, and attempting to hide in the corner of the elevator. This clearly shows she was not simply looking to see if someone was holding it open from the outside, as some have suggested. Ms. Lam is then seem appearing to be talking outside the elevator, and making several awkward contortions of her hands, and arms. Ms. Lam then exits the frame of the camera. After Ms. Lam exits the frame the elevator door shuts, and is seen going up/down the floors.

Tracing the steps of Ms. Lam to hear death would have her leaving the elevator, which seemed to purposely be controlled to force her to take another route. She then would have taken the stairs, and gone to the roof of the hotel. She would have to have opened a locked door with an alarm on it. Strip naked, and dispose of her clothes, climb the ladder to the water tank, open the hatch, get inside, and shut the hatch. It should be noted that firefighters had to cut a hole in the tanks roof, and drain it in order to access her body.

It get's even more bizarre. While police were looking for the missing Elisa Lam there was an outbreak of TB in the downtown L.A. area. The name of the test used for the TB testing was known was the LAM-ELISA test. (Inversion, reversion, opposite, and reflection are all highly occultic.)

When one compares the movies "Dark Water" both Japanese (2002) and U.S. (2005) side by side with the death of Ms. Lam there seem to be far too many coincidences. Admittedly some of these may be taken as far-reaching however this is a case of the sum being greater than the whole of it's parts.
  • The original movie was filmed in Japan with an Asian cast - Elisa Lam was Asian. 
  • During the beginning of the U.S. version the camera is shown at an upward angle pointing towards the water tower on the roof. - Side by side the shot, compared to the street level view of the Cecil Hotel look almost identical.
  • The character who dies in the U.S. version is named Cecilia - Elisa Lam died at the Cecil hotel. 
  • The movies (Japanese/U.S. both heavily focus on the roof, and elevator) - The news story of Elisa Lam similarly focus on both the elevator, and roof. 
  • A scene from the U.S. movie shows Cecilia gaining access to the roof by opening a door that was supposed to be locked. There is a scene where the janitor is confronted, and states he had checked the door an hour ago - it was locked. - The news reports following the finding of Elisa Lam state she would have gained access through a locked door with an alarm on it.
  • There is a scene in the U.S. version that shows the cast inside the elevator, and being watched by the janitor on CCTV. Side by side below is a still shot from the Elisa Lam elevator clip & 2005 "Dark Water" 
  • In both versions of the film the little girl is seen wearing a red jacket. Throughout the movie "Cecilia" is show wearing a red jacket, and is wearing it upon her death falling into the water tank. The promotional material for the movie also features "Cecilia" in bright red jacket. Elisa Lam was wearing a bright red jacket before her death. Red is symbolic of a sacrifice, the color of blood. In the original "Little Red Riding Hood" the girl is eaten by the wolf and dies.
    "Cecelia" from 2005 "Dark Water"
  • Similarly another term commonly associated with sacrifice is that of the lamb, the sacrificial lamb. Commonly associated with the bible and animal sacrifices do idols, or in reference to Jesus as being the "lamb of God". In film and literature the term often describes a character whose sole purpose is to die. One could say that Elisa Lam is playing the role of the sacrificial lamb, and her sole purpose in this plot is to die, thus allowing people to think of people drinking the water of death, bathing in death, washing their clothes in death. - There is no difference in pronunciation between "Lam" and "lamb".
It's unlikely that a satisfactory answer to the events that led to the death of Elisa Lam will ever be revealed. Leaving only those to wonder. Perhaps that was the purpose?


  1. wow, down the rabbit hole we go. especially liked where you pointed out that the cast of a Japanese movie was Asian.
    I'm curious about your last bullit-point, if Elisa Lam was a sacrificial lamb, to whom do you think she was sacrifised? In other words, what purpose does her death have?

  2. One of the strangest coincidences in the case is this-

  3. Evidence could point to psychosis caused by the four prescription drugs she was taking, all of which carry suicide and akathisia warnings.

  4. Cecilia doesn't die in the movie.

  5. Dahlia, The black dahlia stayed in the Cecil as well...



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