Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The November 2010 Election Results

I will ultimately write an article giving more in depth views regarding the midterm November 2010 election, however, first and foremost, the Republican party won 6 out of the 10 needed seats in the Senate, lost 2 by a very close margin, and lost two straight. However, the Republican party has taken over the United States House.

Additionally the Republican party picked up several important Governerships, and seats in 19 various state legislatures.

The Guardian has provided great statistics in spreadsheet format for the election and included all the important statistical categories.
House Statistics -
Senate and Governorship Statistics

Additionally President Obama has given a speech about the election, and takes "responsibility" for the election results, however, essentially says that the American people are too impatient, and the only reason they voted as such was because they are too immature too see further down the road.

Additionally, I would like to get into more specifics of the elections on a per state basis, however, Alan Grayson was defeated, while Joe Wilson was re-elected.

From choosing between calling out the President a liar, and someone who says Republicans wan't you to die early, it's clear what the American people want.

Hopefully more and more in depth articles/blogs to come.


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