Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pathetic Portrayal of Parents Re: Colorado Shooting

There is a litany of things that do not add up in regards to the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado. A recent Infowars article does a good job of summarizing some of the most disturbing questions, and inconsistencies that have not been addressed.

Even more questions begin to rise about the events that occured due to the alleged witness statements that have come out.

There is one alleged witness account that is riddled with misinformation, propaganda, and inconsistencies. The news clip, and a youtube users analysis is seen below:

At about 4:50 you can see the man help tow the official line about gun control. Perhaps one could argue that gun control may be a legitimate issue to discuss after being involved in a shooting. However when taken into consideration with the other suspicious circumstances in this case, and the other strange remarks, and actions by this couple, it makes it increasingly suspicious that they are at the least being influenced to change their story.

At 6:14 - 6:16 the man cannot keep a straight face while attempting to tell how he believed he was going to die. He's attempting to convince the viewer that he was inside a movie theater with people falling all around him being shot, he lost his 4 month old, daughter, and girlfriend during the commotion, and believed himself, and entire family would be killed. How on Earth can anyone who just experienced that start smirking. He's not crying, or attempting to hold back tears. He is not confused, or surprised. There is only one way to interpret his actions, and he's being deceitful, and cannot keep a straight face.  Who can smile while saying "this cannot be the way my son dies".

At the 8:20 mark the man being interviewed said that his 4 month year old, and additionally his step daughter, and girlfriend were all inside the theater, however, instead of standing up for his family the coward decides to jump over the balcony, and run away.

"so I jump, and I run, and I land" -

After telling how he abandoned his family he continues to stumble on his words while trying to produce crocodile tears. This is horrible acting. If this man was really a father who was in the theatre during the shooting why does he feel the need to try to produce tears on camera? Or why do the handlers off camera want him to produce tears?

Another interesting question raised by the video is what gun was the mother shot with. Holmes was alleged to have an AR15 assault rifle, a shotgun, and two 40 caliber handguns. Getting shot from any distance inside the movie theater with the AR15 assault rifle is likely to cause catastrophic damage to whoever it hits. I would suspect that the majority of the kills were a result of the AR15, with the exception of the possible executions involving a handgun.

You can find an example of military rifle wounding patterns here. I have included a copy of the image for a 5.56 full metal jacket (fmj) round below.  You can see that the image lists the muzzle velocity at 943m/s, and Wikipedia lists a muzzle velocity of 975 m/s. The image is also from a 1989 article, and it states that 3.6 gram bullets were used. Depending on the weight of the bullet used, and any additional specifications of the gun, or any improvements that were made since 1989 make it most likely that the shooters bullet was more damaging than the image of a pre-1989 5.56 fmj bullet wound.

AR15 5.56 FMJ Bullet Wound Diagram Source

The mother could not have possibly been shot with the AR15 since the damage would be great, and she would be in severe pain, and have bandages, most likely have had to undergo surgery to remove the bullet fragments, and would be on pain killers, and anti-biotics to prevent infection. With the exception of constantly looking at someone to her left, and off camera for directions she doesn't appear to be in a dazed, confused, drug induced state as the alleged shooter appeared in court.

I would therefor like to understand what the mother was shot with. It must have been a handgun since a shotgun at close range would almost certainly be lethal, and at long range (assuming he used pellets) would cause a wide damage pattern. Depending on the range the pellets would have become increasingly spread out, and hit chairs, walls, other people, etc and lose velocity before hitting the mother.

Therefor the most likely weapon for the mother to have been shot with would be one of the two alleged 40 caliber handguns that Holmes had. According to witness accounts, however, the shooter had a large drum magazine, and had to reload after firing a large amount of bullets. It was during this reloading that most people got up, and ran out. When did the shooter have time to pull out his handgun, and fire rounds into the theater, and strike the mother. Additionally why are there no other reports stating that he pulled out a handgun, and stated firing when there are detailed reports of him firing an assault rifle, then having to reload a specific type of magazine.

In conclusion we have two horrible parents, although my better judgement will prevent me from getting too upset as it is likely that they are not real parents, as I shudder to think or parents leaving their children to die in a movie theater with an alleged crazed lone-nut gunman. What a couple of pathetically cowardly individuals.



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