Friday, October 29, 2010

Sneak Peak: Audio for Defeat Barney Frank Ad

Unfortunately when many think of Massachusetts' representation in Congress, many think of Barney Frank.

That statement above needs no further explanation. On November 2nd, 2010 Democrat Barney Frank needs to become akin to the sour aftertaste after a horrid, bitter drink. Luckily, such bad tastes can be washed away and Massachusetts can have a new flavor of politics, simply put, anything but Barney Frank.

Below is a sneak peak at an ad being run by in the final run up days to the November election. The video will be posted when made available.


Breaking News: Several explosive packages headed towards U.S. intercepted

Edit - Sun October 30th, 2010.
There have been several developments and new sources of information that have come out over the past day - however, multitasking as best as I can I cannot possibly keep up with changing news. 

The blog posting will remain as was when last edited, however, for the time being please look to other news outlets for the latest developments.

Breaking News*:

Update 5:30 PM EST: There has now been 5 packages confirmed, 2 containing explosives, 3 non-explosive. The packages were found in the U.S. (3), Dubai, and East Midland Airport U.K. The packages found in the US were shipped via U.P.S. There is some believe that this may have been a dry-run for a mail-bombing attack, however, that is currently speculation.


URGENT: Obama confirms a 'credible terrorist threat,' capping a tense daylong drama, in which federal authorities ground UPS planes at two airports and escort a passenger jet to N.Y. based on fears of a mail-bomb plot by Al Qaeda - ""

The United States military, and law enforcement agencies, along with allied forces have intercepted several packages containing explosives. These packages are believed to have originated from Yemen, and reports are their target was the same as the package addressee.

A live briefing is/was currently underway (4:45 PM EST) and can be viewed here:

During the early hours of this incident very little information was officially released, and now only very little is known. There are confirmed reports of two packages that got through Yemen, and were intercepted in Dubai, and East Midlands Airport in the United Kingdom. These packages were believed to be aimed at Jewish sites in the United Sites.

The large amount of uncertainty regarding these events have caused those who organized the attacks to achieve some level of success. A calm population in regards to terrorism is rapidly shifting towards fear and terror, one of the intended goals. Since there may be no way of knowing how many packages were sent, from where, or when, the allies against global terrorism are playing a real life game of mine-sweeper.

Although currently there has been no causalities, and pray that there are none, this series of attacks will certainly cause loses. Terrorists have been interested in airplanes and travel for a great deal of time. Passenger jets undergo increased scrutiny after 9-11, and failed personnel on airliner attacks such as the shoe-bomber, and underwear-bomber. The shift and increase in resources over increased screening for passengers and their cargo has unintentionally created a void in security for cargo jets.

Losses will come in the form of time, and money as a result of thia unfolding situation. Over the next few days cargo jets will undergo increased screening, with bring increased costs. Freight companies such as U.P.S. and FedEx will have to implement stricter policies, and there will likely be delays on goods, all of which cause financial causalities.

President Obama Addresses The Situation:

President Obama believes this to be a "credible terrorist threat"

*This blog post will be/is posted prematurely, as this is breaking news and constantly changing, the effort is to get the information out quickly, and correctly. This will be edited as new information comes in, however, be sure to stay tuned to other media in order to get the most accurate picture of the situation.


November 2nd, Election Day

November 2nd is Election Day - get out and vote for the changes we need to live better, more enjoyable and prosperous lives.

For those who wish to know more about Election Day -

(Please forgive the lack of posting, and the fact this is such a short post, I have been very busy, and will attempt to make more postings")

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Title Change & Anomininity

I have shortened the name of the blog from "Dave (Xieon) Harkins Politics" to "Xieon Politics". add

In doing so I would like to address the reason for doing so, as well as the issues of anonymity in the blog-o-sphere. I do not intend this to be an article format style post, nor do I intend to have it be a lengthy post.

Throughout the blog-o-sphere, as well the entire internet - from shady to legitimate - anonymity is both a sought out luxury and a cause for concern. In the early days of the internet, and much more so today, once something has been posted online it can never ultimately be removed.

From images, to words, whatever goes out over our increasingly fast means of communication can never be taken back.

With that in mind, people seek to hide behind screen names, or avatars, in order to post to the internet without having that content being linked to themselves "IRL" or "in real life". From bullying peers, bad-mouthing bosses, or illegal activity unless an average person triggers a F.B.I. suspected terrorism alert, chances are they will get away, with whatever they were trying to do, without anyone knowing it was them.

I speak of this because in changing the title of my blog I do NOT want to be seen as trying to add some level of anonymity to my blog. My full name has always been posted to this blog, and I will continue to list it in my contact information. Additionally, the name Xieon, is a name that I "coined" and with the exceptions of some rare internet occurrences, Xieon is often synonymous with myself.

I may be wrong in what I say, and I may change my views later down the line, however, I choose to utilize my First Amendment right, and express my thoughts. Doing this, as I have with this blog, may certainly have cost myself job positions, and altered somes perception of myself, however, I knew those risks when CHOOSING to not hide behind a name, but instead put myself on the line while expressing my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, or emotions.

New Blog
I have decided that I am going to attempt to run another blog, that will deal with different topics, aside from the political arena.

For anyone interested, the blog can be found here.

As always, anonymously - Dave (Xieon) Harkins


Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Midterm Elections - - Republican Senate?

For this article I am going to use the 2010 Senate Election map.

A good deal of political pundits, especially those in the center, or center left, understood that the Democrats would lose a few seats, however, they were not expecting the massive force accompanying the tea-party.

Many political scientists believed that the Republican party was in the mist of a civil war, promting statments such as,

"A battle for the Planet GOP is currently underway, pitting the RINOs against the EIPOs" - War Room,
For those who don't know a R.I.N.O. (rino) stands for Republican in name only. This group consists of those who change their party affiliation to get elected, such as Arlen Specter, or Republicans who do not vote for and address the Republican parties ideology.

A E.I.P.O. (eipo) stands for electable in primaries only. This group of people consists of those who often have strong Republican and Conservative believes, and often are affiliated with the tea-party movement. These qualities are no bad in themselves, however, when it comes to a general election pundits believe that they are too far right, or the Democrats will pull up some information, often skewed, and damage the campaign. Political scientists and pundits believe that the eipos are the new generation of the Republican party, and although excitement was gained in the primary fighting against a weak Republican they lack the skill to beat a strong Democrat.

I could not disagree more with the idea that Republicans elected a bunch of eipo's and are committing political suicide. Many political analyst fail to give credit to the massive force behind the "tea-party" movement. The biggest mistake they make is:

The TEA-PARTY movement is NOT a bus, it's NOT a town-hall, its NOT grass-roots, it IS A STATE OF MIND..

The tea party movement consists of so many people, and factors. Simply going through my inbox, I have ton's of e-mails about tea-party events, bus stops, information about candidates, how to get started,  etc. This is the movement that I believe will cause a major win for Republicans, and I believe that they will take back both houses of Congress, and several Governor positions.
Finally to election analysis:

According to this weeks data (needs to be updated):

Republican guarenteed: 47
Democrat Guaranteed: 47
Toss Up: 4
Other: 2 (I counted 3 other states, there are not 51 states, but I'll go with it)

Toss Up State /                Lead             / Voted in 2008
Illinois                            Rep + 1          Dem +23.4
Nevada                           Dem + 1        N/A
Washington                    Dem + 3        N/A
West Virginia                 Rep _2           Dem +20.6

Other                                Lead             Voted in 2008
Alaska                            Rep +6           Dem +4.4
Colorado                        Rep +6           Dem +11.4
Missouri                        Rep +7           N/A

My State
Connecticut                   Dem +3      

First let me start off with Connecticut. I believe that there is a ton of momentum behind McMahon, and assuming she can keep this up, and continue to expose herself as fiscally responsible, and showing ad's of her opponent lying, she should win. This would give Rep 48 / Dem 46

Other States -
Alaska: I think Alaska is going to go Republican. Regardless of what happens they still like Sarah Palin, she still brought some spotlight to Alaska, and she'll always bee the home-town girl. They only just managed to vote by 4 points in 08, and with a +6 point lead, I think they will win, if there is good voter turnout.  Rep 49 / Dem 45

I have not done a great deal of research but I believe that Colorado can maintain it's lead and make it Rep 50 / Dem 44

Nevada is a great state to watch, getting rid of Reid would be excellent, we need someone fresh. It's only a 1 point difference. People need to get active in Nevada, the tea-party express certainly should stop here. Over 70% of people disapprove of the Congress, that needs to be the selling point. Don't go after Reid, but Congress, then link them together and done.

There is still 4 weeks left until the election, and until more is known snout the other states I'm going to skip those states for now.

Ultimately the Republicans don't need 51 votes, because every vote away from the Democrats, or more importantly the liberals, is a great victory.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

CNN's Rick Sanchez Ironically Fired for Bigot Comment

CNN's Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN after making some inappropriate comments. Exactky what did Sanchez do? He called "The Daily Show" host John Stewart a bigot.
 Sanchez pointed to Stewart as an example, calling The Daily Show host a "bigot" and alleging that he only surrounds himself with people like him. "He can't relate to a guy like me," Sanchez said. "He can't relate to somebody who grew up poor."(1)

The irony of this situation is not missed. If anyone knows about being a bigot then Sanchez is the man for the job.

Rick Sanchez has a far-left view, and is particularly a reverse racist. Sanchez believes that average white American is a racist, and doesn't hide his views.

"Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well" is all the media giant had to say about Sanchez in a recent statement. (2)

The transcript of the radio show, which garnered this controversy, can be found here.

Hopefully no one misses the great irony here !


Friday, October 1, 2010

Massachusetts: Cahill's runnig mate drops out - Cahill remains.

Tim Cahill(I) has proven to be quite the stubborn person. From claims of tax evasion, to claims of misuse of funds regarding the Massachusetts Lottery for campaign purposes, and now in the latest blatantly obvious sign Cahill needs to drop out of the race - his running mate has dropped out, and endorsed his opponent.

Today Cahill's running mate dropped out of the race for the Governor of Massachusetts, with only a month before the November'10 elections. He not only dropped out, but has now put his support behind Charlie Baker (R).



A new disclaimer is currently being written, and will be posted in this space when available.