Monday, October 24, 2011

The Green Police Are Here - From Obama to Total Eco-Fascism

When the "Green Police" show up at your home or your place of business are you going to have your certificate handy to prove you're not violating any "environmental laws". Well if not, then sorry but things are not looking to good for you.

The Obama administration, and his far left constituency, have a huge number of "environmentalists", many of whom are really globalists. Everything has to be trendy, and green because of these large campaigns that consisted of misinformation, disinformation, and flat out lying. Critical thinking, and independent thinking need to happen instead of being trendy talking about how capitalism is evil, while waiting for your venti mocha-whatever with foam.

They attempt to indoctrinate our children to no longer think for themselves, or use the scientific method to look at a problem. Instead they are going to be told what is good, and bad by Al Gore, a man just loves the environment so very much, especially while admiring it flying on private planes using thousands of gallons of fuel.

Thankfully there is some sensibility in this world. England has ruled that Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth", a title which should have been "An Inconvenient Lie", cannot be shown to British school children due to 9 major lies. 

It seems though that the fallacy of global warming, and the complete scam that is "green energy". If "green energy" was so much better, more attractive, more lucrative, then Shell, and Exxon, etc would be diverting all their resources to become Exxon-Solar , or Air-Shell, but they are not. The free market has already indicated that these are area's that people do NOT want to invest in. If we simply had true capitalism that would be the end of the debate.

People could continue to make new products and inventions, and they would continue to fail, and be critiqued, and worked on more. Eventually there is a good idea, and that idea is a service or a product. That widget is then exchanged for something else, or if nothing at the time is to be exchanged then money is exchanged, which should be gold, and silver but instead is paper money. Regardless, that is how the economy, and the world works if left alone.

The problem is we don't have capitalism in America, which happens to be the solution to our problems, not socialism or communism. We have crony capitalism.

Here's how the system works for those that don't understand that sensation you're feeling is being economically raped by the government. First we start with corrupt people, and couple that with the ability to print endless amounts of money, thanks to the treasonous Federal Reserve, and we're off to the races. Those in power simply give money to those they want.

Those with the power give money to a particular sector, for example green energy. We've already explained that the free market wants away from that sector, but that doesn't matter. The loans are given out to these companies anyway, such as $535 million of taxpayer funds given to a company Solynda in the form of a guaranteed loan.

Obama appears to additionally have personal connections with the Solyndra company, as one blogger pointed out, however, that's a smaller issue in this case. The problem is that the scam doesn't stop with giving political or personal buddies millions of taxpayer money. The problem isn't even that the Obama administration decided to push guaranteed loans on sectors the free market was screening "STAY AWAY".

The problem in this case is it's not designed to create jobs, or bolster the economy at all. The money given to Solyndra went to who knows what, although we may find out through bankruptcy hearings if the company is completely liquidated. $535 million to a company that went bankrupt, and laid off 1100 workers. That's one hell of a jobs plan if I've ever seen one Mr. Obama.

This is just one case of crony capitalism. The initial cause for this article, which would not be known if the end of the article was not finished, was because of an item description I saw today while shopping online for a camera.

Green Compliance and Green Compliance Certificate Designation - BestBuy.Com
Now our products have to have designations of if they meet "Green Compliance", and if they have their "Green Compliance Certificate".  This is down right discrimination. Having a "no" designation is going to make consumer think that there is a problem with that product, or it is less superior to one that has it's "certificate". 

The real problem is the manipulation of Keynesian Economics, supply and demand. The Government gives our subsides, paid for with taxpayer money, and gives it to companies that are "green". This allows them to spend the money on "being green", and be able to sell their products at usually lower prices, in turn driving their competitors out of business. 

The companies getting the subsidies are using them to run their green operations. When the money stops coming, they are going to collapse, because the market has shown us that "green energy" isn't viable. When this happens we'll have to bail them out, for debt that isn't ours, for causes we didn't create. However, by then the competition will all have been eliminated, there will be a monopoly, we will pay to keep the government running, because the government runs everything now through it's subsidies. Ultimately getting us to the more, and more understood word of an eco-fascist. 

It's about time we start getting some "MADE IN THE USA" designations on our products, not if an item is green.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Could The Govt. Use Facebook to Track Ron Paul Supporters?

The questions of if the government could, or more likely is, using Facebook to track Ron Paul supporters. On the surface this doesn't seem a difficult task, as a government operative simply needs to join a group, and be provided with a list of names.

The tracking here not only allows those who wish to do so lists of Ron Paul supporters, but be able to track the other trends of those people, in turn being able to track the flow, and identify key common topics among this group in order to provide more effective counter measures, or engage in disinformation.

Facebook was recently found to be tracking their users even after they logged out of their account. With a smaller list of people they can pinpoint their efforts to infiltrate the various movements, and attempt to co-op leading ideas before they become too mainstream and associated with Dr. Paul.

The below image is a screen shot taken of the group "Black This Out" which is a pro Ron Paul group.

The image also contains a question prompt box to enter your e-mail address, and password, so Facebook can go through all your e-mail and find all of your friends.

Facebook is being sued for selling personal information, selling Ron Paul information to the government wouldn't be a stretch.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 - Latest Conditioning of the Masses and Collecting Your Info Platform is the latest website to earn it's place in the halls of the "prison internet". Doing so it joins the ranks of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter,  and others who seem to be addicted to as much personal information as they can get, constantly trying to extract anything, and everything they can.

When signing up for an account an innocuously placed question, asking to provide your phone number, sits alongside normal account registration questions. The increase in these type questions, and platforms constantly beta-testing them is on a definitive rise. New User Registration Form - Guess they ran out of black ink for the "Optional" part.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twitter: "Want Your Password, Give Us Your Number", a social media outlet allowing "tweets" of up to 140 characters to be sent at a time, allowing friends, and others, to keep up to date with your doings.

While you're keeping tabs on your crush, Twitter is keeping up on you. For example, those who forget their password to their account simply click on the forgotten password option. Years ago if a password was lost, and required a reset then a link was clicked, and a reset link would be sent to
the e-mail account registered with the user name.

Why is it that system is no longer good enough? Has the hacking skills of the infamous men in caves out to get us increased exponentially, to the point they would want to devote massive resources to obtaining access to a tween Twitter account. They could have however simply devoted those resources to obtaining the cell phone number associated with the account. Since most teenagers, actually most people share their phone numbers Twitter's phone number verification doesn't seem a very reliable protection measure for my account.

If it's clearly not meant to be an excellent layer of defense, then what is the purpose of collecting cell phone numbers, and linking them with accounts?

Recently corporations have found a new way to earn a profit. Simply sell the Federal, local, and state governments information on your customers.  As an added bonus if you get caught you can simply start right back up after a small cool down period, such as G.P.S. manufacturer TomTom did.

Some other companies that have been caught in bed with the Fed are Apple, Google, TomTom, and On-Star. This goes without mentioning the Prison-Internet grid being lowered into place by companies such as Google, and Facebook.

More creepy prison internet stories, to name a few:


Saturday, October 8, 2011

"Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials" - Definition of Fluoride and Sodium Fluoride

The definition of "flourides" and "sodium flouride" from the 1968 edition of "Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials - Fourth Edition" by N. Irving Sax is as follows:

The toxic hazard rating code defines a rating of a 3 as:
"3. HIGH: May cause death or permanent injury after very short exposure to small quantities."

Hazard Analysis
Toxic Hazard Rating

  • Acute Local: Irritant 3
  • Acute Systemic: Ingestion 3; Inhalation 3
  • Chronic Local: Irritant 3
  • Chronic Systemic: Ingestion 3; Inhalation 3


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Excellent Ron Paul Interview Re: Anwar Al-Awlaki


Pentagon Dining Al-CIA-da's Anwar Al-Awlaki Killed....Again

It would appear that Anwar Al-Awlaki won't be attending any more private meetings inside the Pentagon while being listed on the F.B.I's most wanted list. 

According to recent reports the "senior recruiter for al Qaeda", a distinction given by the F.B.I., was killed in Yemen today via a drone attack. This would be the second time the U.S. has believed to have killed Al-Awlaki..

In 2009 Anwar Al-Awlaki was suspected to have been killed in an airstrike over Yemen. According to an ABC News article:
an air raid in Yemen this morning may have killed two top al Qaeda officials as well as an imam believed to have inspired the alleged Fort Hood shooter.
The first Al-Awlaki kill occurred immediately following the Foot Hood shooting. Al-Awlaki was being presented as the mastermind of another terrorist plot. By announcing his death only a month after Foot Hood, and the memories of the murders fresh in the minds of the public, they could capitalize off the propaganda.

Al-Awlaki was killed for a second time today by a drone attack over Yemen.  Sources explain to The Guardian   the attack:
Al-Awlaki is believed to have been killed on Friday morning, 90 miles (140 kilometres) east of Sana'a, with witnesses saying the militant cleric that Awlaki was getting into a car with a group of supporters when a US drone missile attack hit the vehicle.
There are reports, however, that Al-Awlaki wasn't killed in the attacks. One Chinese newspaper is reporting Awlaki is alive, and wasn't present in the convoy.

It would appear that Al-Awlaki has been killed twice to suit U.S. propaganda needs. The first death came on the heels of the Foot Hood shooting, and the second has come on news of the F.B.I.'s homegrown terrorist plot..

If both attacks happened then one has to question who the American tax-payers dollars have been killing. How much is the U.S. paying for the soldiers, and equipment for these attacks, and couldn't that money go some place better than to creating  a backdrop for alleged killings (murder) to suit political agenda's?



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