Monday, December 29, 2014

A Christmas Conspiracy: Using NORAD & Santa to Pull Off Murder

I apologize for not posting more, I feel that I'm not doing my part in not just bending over and taking it. So my Christmas present for all is an interesting Christmas conspiracy I read about a while ago.

I'm not writing for, or against this conspiracy, simply posting the events, the real verifiable events that took place, as well as the conjecture and assumptions that link those events together. I'm simply sharing a story that I found interesting in the same respect as it was shared with me.

Most know of the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. A little girl murdered on Christmas Eve/Day 1996 in Denver, Colorado - of all places. (Denver is a hot spot for Satanic activity i.e. Denver International Airport, it is said to be the second, underground, Washington D.C.,however that is speculation. There are some official government sources which may provide helpful, however, one can search on their own if interested in learning more, and finding primary government sources.  When one assigns a number value to a persons wealth, and position in society/government/military and calculates the number of everyone living in the Denver area, and added it together - it would be astounding. There are literally tons of high level government officials many of which are from the military branch. One of those people would have been John Ramsey, Jonbenet's father - an officer in the U.S. Navy, achieved a rank of lieutenant, and held a top secret security clearance for almost his entire service, and at no time were any revoked 1.)  

When reading the title it's likely many readers will assume the reason this story has something to do with Christmas, when I wrote it now, and why I said it involves Santa. This was a high profile case,, and many people have heard the basics, mainly being that she was murder on the late hours of Christmas Eve, or early morning Christmas Day.

While that is true, it's not the reason. I also mentioned N.O.R.A.D which is the North American Aerospace Defense Command. As I write this article on December 24th, noon time E.S.T. N.O.R.A.D. is doing their annual tradition of tracking Santa Claus and his Reindeer, allegedly tracking them on radar.Original Sears Robuck 1955 Ad with Type listing N.O.R.A.D.'s number

The story goes that a newspaper wrote a number in their paper for people (children) to call and be able to talk to Santa, or his helpers. The newspaper company accidentally put the wrong number, and ended up putting the number to N.O.R.A.D. The enlisted asked what to do with the flood of calls coming in asking to speak to Santa. Instead of telling them had the wrong number the commanding officer told the rest of the staff that any children who called looking for Santa, or called for anything in regards to Santa were to be accommodated to. Children can check the location of Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve/Christmas. This can currently be done clicking this link.

Original Sears Roebuck 1955 Ad with Type listing N.O.R.A.D.'s number
One of the problems with this scenario is the same problem that happened on the morning of September 11th, 2001. There are "fake" radar blips that are going off, and the responding staff are told it's part of a war game exercise, or a drill, or in this case, it's simply Santa'a Reindeer's. With 9/11 the assumption is that the war games were used to create a distraction, and divert America's Military powers elsewhere, however, in the case of the NORAD Santa Tracking it could be used to fly a plane into U.S. Airspace, and back out, all under the cover of being one of Santa's Reindeer.

Perhaps on December 24th 1996 the NORAD Santa Exercise was used to bring in a hit squad, and get the squad back out, all without any suspicion. This is made more likely given the random note delivered by the alleged killers in that they are are small faction of foreign entities.

The reasons why JonBenet was chosen as a victim go beyond the scope of this article. The JonBenet case involves pages, and pages of research, and my article would never end. The TLDR version of the conspiracy is that for at least one reason, possibly more, Mr. John Ramsey was selected as a target due to his Navy career, and being a wealthy businessman. Some speculate it was payback for John not assisting the "small foreign faction" in obtain access to the atomic clock, which would allow whoever is in control to slowly change time itself. It would allow back dating of material, i.e. film a murder (snuff film) on December 25th, and have it appear online as December 24th, since your controlling all of the "time". Either payback, or to force John to do what was asked of him. It should be noted that during this time Janet Reno was Attorney General of the U.S.

The main purpose of this article is that I wanted to point out that there was already a protocol for faking fake radar blimps in place on December 24th, 1996, as well as September 11th, 2001, and additionally with the recent Malaysian Airline Disasters MH-17 and MH-370.

I apologize for the brevity of this article. This topic indeed goes deep, and it would take many hours, if not years to write an article/book about everything involved in this case. Hopefully I have demonstrated that the means to move hit squads/black ops teams around undetected existed in 1996, and it's being proven by the unveiling of tech each. and everyday. From fake radar blips to fake cell phone towers, it would appear to the astute that the government hasn't been for a while, and certainly is currently up to no good.

My apologizes if I didn't get my message across more clear, however if there are any questions about the article, or the JonBenet case, which I have a lot of information that's waiting to be published, but its so hard to take an a minutes an breathe, or a vacation, because once your awake to thiws level you can never go back, just like the Matrix.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Disturbing Disney Maleficent Advertisement

Recently Disney released an advertisement for "Maleficent" entitled "Party Crasher".

I am working on writing an article about Maleficent, however, have decided to wait until after I watch the movie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Joe Ureneck for MA District 4 Governors Council

The court system in Massachusetts has had a series of cancers growing in, and around it, which have compromised the courts ability to rule effectively, and do what's truly best for the individuals it issues judgement to/for and instead it appears to be a tool to serve self interests. Because of those interests either political of financial, or if certain individuals want to gain power, and prestige, the court cannot be considered as impartial.

There is a growing number of people, organizations, and groups who understand that there is a problem with the family court system. Fathers frequently get put through the ringer, financially drained, emotionally drained, and to say that they get the short end of the stick when it comes to parental rights would be an understatement.

One of the groups that has emerged in Massachusetts is "The Fatherhood Coalition". The chairman of said group is taking a step beyond
Why I am a candidate
As chairman of The Fatherhood Coalition I monitored nearly every public judicial nomination hearing before the Governor's Council and attended more hearings than many councilors. Nominees routinely are not asked the most important questions - such as how they would handle important issues of law that conflict with the constitutional rights of those who appear before them in court. Nonetheless all are usually approved for life as judges by the council. The disregard of constitutional safeguards must change.
Our courts today do not consider providing 'Justice' their priority but instead consider keeping the court system functioning like a factory conveyor their main purpose. Governor Councilors at judicial nomination hearings often discuss the 'temperament 'of a nominee and the 'quality of justice' in Massachusetts courts. This is not 'justice' but a euphemisms for court management - not whether justice is delivered.

As Governor Councilor I will insist that all judicial nominees place 'Justice' first and foremost as their goal and will vote against those who do not.
As the chair of the Fatherhood Coalition Joe Ureneck has a great understanding of what parents go through in Massachusetts. He has seen families ripped apart by the courts, and the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Knowing the specific areas of government that are causing the pain, and hardship to children and families allows Joe to specifically target those areas in an effort to remove their power.

Hopefully Joe is part of the beginning of those who have become aware of the massive problems in Massachusetts in regards to children and families. We need more people who are not afraid to step up and push for things such as fathers rights, and shared parenting. A person who isn't controlled by the "feminist" propaganda or by groups/individuals that don't care about the children, but rather lining their own pockets, or worse.

November 4th, 2014 A lot of people don't vote because they don't believe it matters and both parties are essentially the same. In this case, however, the candidate will have the ability to start to dismantle, change, or slow down the corrupt system attacking families.

If you live in Massachusetts District 4, and believe in things such as shared parenting, and removing the courts and administrative  panels from interfering with parenting when they shouldn't be involved then please vote for Joe Ureneck, and help start to fix the Commonwealth and turn it into a beacon of light for other jurisdictions, as well as  hopefully motivate others to look into the details


Friday, July 4, 2014

How Much Blood Did Jeff Bauman Lose at Boston Bombing?

For those unfamiliar with the Boston Bombing one of the victims was a man by the name Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs below the knee, and is seen in several iconic images of the events. Bauman made an amazing recovery, and was involved in photo shoots giving gifts to other victims, as well as being a special flag waver at the Boston Bruins hockey game. Bauman was rescued by a cowboy hat wearing Carlos Arrendondo.

This article, using some rough estimates, will attempt to show how much blood Jeff Bauman lost at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.


Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Truth Behind Angelina Jolie and her Double Masectomy

While speaking with friends today I realized that I have never published my article on Angelina Jolie, and no longer have the draft which is unfortunate because I lost a lot of connected dots.

Most are aware that Angelina Jolie underwent a double voluntary mastectomy. That is likely the extent people heard of this. However, there is a machine working behind Angelina Jolie in a scientifically cold fashion that puts Angelina to shame for everything she alleges to be.

Angelina claims to be a "feminst" and promoting womans issues. Her double mastectomy was hearled as a great feminist move, by giving woman the chance to determine if they have a gene that could lead to breast cancer, and remove the threat before it becomes malignant and spreads. If she was really a feminist she would be embracing the female figure, the shape of the goddess, the clearly female image full with breasts. Instead of focusing on how thousands of women are being maimed, and disfigured by having breast cancer, and how a large part of their external feminism is taken from them, she instead engages on a fear propaganda parade scaring woman into think that they need to get this new test. They too may be able to prevent getting breast cancer later on in life if they catch the gene, and remove the breasts early. A true feminist should be outraged that the female figure of beauty is being destroyed, and Angelina claims to be a feminist saying that the removal of breasts that is horrible when done due to cancer, should be voluntary.

The break down of society, the blurring of gender lines, the destruction of what is typically masculine, and feminine is one aspect of Angelina Jolies stunt, which exactly what is what.

Another aspect of her stunt was the timing. Angelina was featured on the May, 2013 cover of Time Magazine, which had the effect of spreading her story far, and gaining a massive amount of publicity. There were scores of young woman who saw Angelina as being "brave" for what she did, and they they too should take the test to possibly save themselves from the future.
angelina jolie
The reason this timing is so important is because the company that offered the testing, which Angelina used to determine she had the gene, is known as Myriad Genetics. This company is in the buisness of isolating human genes, and then patenting them meaning anyone who wants to use their test, has to pay their price, and if another Dr does the test for a lower income patient for less they will get sued by Myriad's massive legal department. The test would cost as little as $100 if it was unregulated, on average it's $4000 while Myriad held the patent. Myriad Genetics was involved in a landmark U.S. Supreme Court Case in which the Supreme Court would determine if a company could patent genes, and in effect basically decide who lives, and dies on who can afford their treatment.

The Supreme Court issued their decision on June 13th, 2013 in an unanimous decision rejected Myriads position of patenting genes, and thus barring Myriad of any companies in the future from doing the same thing. It shouldn't take a great deal of critical thinking to understand why patenting parts of the human body is at the best unethical, and at worst strictly evil. It's no conincidence that a month before the decision Angelina had a huge publicity stunt, featured on numerous news shows, articles, across the internet, and on the cover of time. This was to turn public opinion in favor of companies such as Myriad, potentially swaying the courts decision.

The third aspect of Angelina's stunt is it's using misinformation, complicated scientific jargon many don't understand, and in some cases just lying to push an agenda to make money. First the BRCA1 gene which is tested for - is present in every living mammal. If you inherent a single copy from your parent that has the mutation that causes cancer then the test would be understandable, however, science shows that the majority of cases are caused by external variables, and that a person with a healthy BRCA1 gene can over time undergo the mutation. One of the reasons breast cancer is on such a massive rise is because of all the cancer causing chemicals in the environment mimic estrogen, and the breasts of a female experience several stages of new cell growth, birth, puberty, pregnancy, meta-pose.

Here is an excellent medical journal study exposing the problem, that was just published this year. There are several statistic that stand out, and it's hard to pick just one to illustrate the magnitude of this scientific hoax.
Of the 251 women who strongly considered CPM, we found that those who ultimately received CPM (n = 81) were significantly different from those who ultimately received UM or BCS (n = 170). The former group was significantly more often white (71.6% vs 22.9%) (P < .001), highly educated (88.9% vs 44.9%) (P < .001)
Interesting that of the study group the women who underwent having both their breast removed were highly educated white women. Would it be a stretch to assume they probably could afford the $4000 tests of which the poorer minorities could no way afford. I encourage readers to read my article "Abortion, Murder, and Run Down Conditions - A look at Planned Parenthood"  which gives much more abortions to those below the poverty line, than even those hovering around it, most are minorities, and they somehow save millions on operating costs, plus PP was originally a eugenics organization. This is similar, drive up fear of a deadly disease, and the need for a test to detect it. Those who can pay, will pay. Those who can't, won't. Either way people will still develop cancer, and pay at that stage, but this allows the medical industry to suck out extra money from the wealthy who get their medical advice from Angelina Jolie.


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Analysis of My UFO Picture from April 14th, 2014 Lunar Eclipse

On the night of April 14th, 2014 there was a Lunar Eclipse that many called a "blood moon".

I had been photographing the Moon with only the camera on my cell phone. I was viewing the Moon with my naked eye, and taking pictures after briefly looking at the screen to see if I was in focus, as opposed to strictly looking at the screen to capture images. I did not see this phenomenon with my eyes, rather was looking at the moon, shifted my view to the screen of my phone, seeing the image was in focus I pressed the capture button.

After reviewing the pictures after being shot I noticed that in one of the pictures there is a light visible above the Moon. This light cannot be a plane. There are two street lights at the edges of the frame, and a bright light in the center of the frame, all of which are causing lens flare however the flares do not reach the object, and there is a significant gap between the ends of the flares, and the object.

I found this interesting, and mentioned it to several people the next day, however my attention was peaked after seeing this video which the author, and others, have seemed to capture a massive number of objects on the night of the eclipse, and since. The image taken on April 14th, were obviously independent of this video published May 24th,

For the sake of full disclosure I have uploaded the raw image, as well as the raw image of a shot taken seconds before. Additionally I have posted a picture of the image with a negative filter applied which clearly shows that the light is a UFO and not a photo effect.

Image of UFO captured.

Image captured seconds before, showing no anomaly.

Image with negative filter applied shows clearly object is not an artifact 

Additionally here is a zoomed in version of the object, zoomed in to 1074%

Another note is that the full lunar eclipse was supposed to occur at 12:07 AM PST on April 15th, 2014, or 3:07 AM EST on April 15th, 2014. The image of the UFO was taken at 8:56:39 PM EST on April 14th, 2013.

Here is an image from steallarium at 8:56:39 PM EST that shows the locations of the Moon, and Mars as seen from the same location (Massachusetts) with the aid of a protractor. There are several problems if this light was to be Mars.
 1) It is not visible in the shot from seconds earlier, that had no additional zoom, however a slight different angle, and tilt in respect to the building.

 2) Mars is almost perfectly above the Moon in a direct line, if anything a fraction of a degree to the left.. The UFO is above the Moon, however it's several degrees to the right. Due to the relative size, and distance of the objects there is no possible way I could have taken this image which changed the angle of the Moon, and Mars. If I was standing on my head, or tilted backwards, or forwards it is impossible to achieve this effect.

3) The UFO is captured using an expose of 1/5th of a second. The Moon appears as a perfect sphere, the words on the building are perfect. The lens on the camera was in focus, and the camera was not being shaken during the 1/5th of a second that light was allowed to enter. The UFO is streaking. If it were Mars due to the distance, and short exposure it should appear as a point of light. There is a way to figure out how fast an object would have to be moving to cause it to blur with a 1/5th of a second shutter speed, but that is far too complicated. The fact remains due to the fast shutter speed the object must have been moving at a high rate of speed, and have been a source of it's own light. 


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is the Power of the Internet Being Purposely Withheld? Part 2

In the first part of this 2 part article I discussed several science fiction style conspiracy theories surrounding the internet, and mega corporations using it's power for nefarious agendas. While I mentioned the "Matrix" and "The Truman Show" admittedly the majority of the article was focused around my own personal project that if I ever were to write a science fiction novel it would look similar to that. The idea that through the use of the internet "reality" is slowly being infiltrated, and altered. Quietly, little by little, day by day, the reality of the world around us, what we come to believe is reality, is becoming more fabricated, and more false.

While I believe this would make for a great book unfortunately I think what is really happening is less thrilling, and more insulting towards the human race.

I truly think all the world is a stage, and there are various plays of different sizes going on, many simultaneously, involving actors of different caliber. I believe that there are often unseen forces manipulating the way the world works, to discuss their reasons is to lessen the discussion on their existence.

I believe that those who pull the strings knew of "the internet" at least how we currently know it today. Surely they knew the some of the consequences, and ultimately after it's inception those with less foresight, but great intellect devised ideas such as an "internet of things" in which our everyday household items are spying on us. Where the next war might not be fought on a battle field with guns, but rather a cyber war with hackers going back and forth, using slow methodical logic, and a propaganda war likely waged on a countries own citizens. However, I believe the internet, and it's powers came about much faster than anticipated.


Is the Power of the Internet Being Purposely Withheld? Part 1

[Authors Note: This is a very long article that covers a wide range of things, I could have separated them up into smaller articles, however, I had planned on writing an article about the limitation of the internet, and this is how it ended. I feel there is a good deal of information in this article.]
Great minds over the years have written numerous science fiction books that were decades head of the time, and over those years time, and time again we have seen science fiction because science fact. It would seem that the limitation of humans lies nested in the ability to create a thought. If it can be thought, it can be done, albeit eventually.

Look at Walt Disney's "Carousel of Progress", which is a focal point of one of my upcoming articles, for a good example of how much the only only limit is the thought. "If you can dream it, you can do it" - Which was said by none other than Walt Disney. Throughout the Carousel of Progress ride there are numerous things that were predicted, or laughed at the possibility of, as seen from a time previous in the time line. For example the main character, and narrator of the Carousel of Progress, states at one point that he's "even heard of two fellas who are working on some sort of flying machine....ahh it will never work". Of course the wright brothers did in fact get their plane flying, in in less than a century man went from having horse drawn carriages to nuclear powered aircraft carries.

That all being said, we come to the internet. I don't think that the "powers that be" had any idea of just how fast the internet would change the world. Maybe it's changing things just a little too fast for some of their own liking.

There are many theories about the internet, and the unseen hand pulling the strings of reality. For example there is the possibility that a service such as Google could actually be showing you what it thinks you want to see, and if done to a well enough extent, no one would ever know. A sort of mix between the "Truman Show" and "The Matrix".


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Excellent Short Video Linking Fluoride and Cancer & Reminder What's in MA Water

Here is an excellent very short (6 min.) video of the link between fluoride and cancer, as well as evidence of the U.S. Government hiding the links between the two.

Additionally, for those who want a reminder what is in Massachusetts drinking water (the state I live in, and where most of my views come from) here is a picture taken by myself and an associate while touring the Peabody Municipal Water Treatment Center -
Bags of poisonous fluoride bought from China being dumped into Peabody, MA drinking water.

Close up showing the poisonous marking, and "Made in China" labeling 

The corrosion around the metal is caused by the fluoride. This was pointed out as though it was no big deal by our tour guide. I wonder what effect it has on muscles, tissue, and bone if it can do that to metal? 

More corrosion caused by fluoride. What isn't shown is there was metal pipes that had to completely be redone because the corrosion had eaten completely through them. 

If fluoride is causing massive cancer in a study when given to rats, and is corroding metal, and labelled as poisonous on the very bags they put into Massachusetts and else where water, what do you think it's doing to humans!

Please avoid fluoridated water as much as possible, especially in infants. 

The reason why there is such a large increase in breast cancer, compared to other cancers, is because there are massive amounts of endocrine disrupting, estrogen mimicking, cancer causing chemicals in our environment. The breasts are an area of the body that experiences several stages of cell growth. There is birth, and the normal growing. There is the spike at puberty. Another spike when pregnant, and again at menopause.

Something that experiences MUCH more cell growth than the breasts, is embryos, newborns, infants, children. 


Monday, April 21, 2014

Be Mindful of Privacy & Security with Shortened URLS- Known Security Flaw Benefits Those who Know How to Use It

Most people have become accustomed to shortened URL's. The purpose is to take some long link, and make it much smaller in the number of characters. More devious usages of shortened URL's is to change a link to a porn website to something like so the viewer right away doesn't know where the link they are clicking is going to go. 

In the second scenario mentioned this has been a concern for some time, and there is an easy fix http://www.longurl.ORG (*See asterisk below for important longurl info) This website will allow you to enter any shortened URL, and show you where it leads to. Protecting you from accidentally clicking on a shortened URL that you wouldn't have clicked in the previous days of hovering ones mouse over the link to show where it leads.
"OLD" Style of checking destination of a link -


Monday, April 7, 2014

Connections Between MH370 and Molech

Note: Be warned this is a heavily occultic topic, and is far from the stories previously posted on this blog regarding MH370, and nation state involvement, as well as much further from any of the main stream media reports on MH370.
MH370 - MOLE[C]H

Rearranging the characters of "MH370" and rotating 2 characters by 180 degrees "MH370" become "MOLEH". Very similar in pronunciation in "MOLECH".

Molech was an ancient Ammonite, Phoenician, and Canaanite god. It is often attributed with a child sacrifice, usually a couples first born child, and is mentioned numerous times in the Bible.
And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the LORD. - Leviticus 18:21
Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whoever he be of the children of Israel or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech - Leviticus 20:2-5
And he defiled the Topheth, which is in the valley of the children of Hinnom, that no man might make his son or his daughter pass through the fire to Molech.- 2 Kings 23:10
And they built the high places of Baal, which are in the valley of the son of Hinnom, to cause their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire unto Molech; which I commanded them not, neither came it into my mind, that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin. - Jeremiah 32:35

Above is a 18th century depiction of the "Idol of Molech". Often shown with it's 2 hands, 2 pillars, extended upward and outward, and a hole in its stomach which is where children would be burned alive.

If one is to consider that MH370 may be an occult sacrifice plane it's easy to draw similarities since the two arms can represent the two wings of a plane. Passengers would be inside the body, belly, of the plane which is the same location in the idol which was were sacrifices were carried out.

Interestingly in the 1927 German film "Metropolis" Molech is depicted as a factory. In the infamous Molech scene the factory goes out of control, and requires a sacrifice. Similarly the sacrifices to Molech were considered mandatory of parents. The factory transformers into a representation of Molech, with 2 arms on either side, and a stairway leading up to its mouth, which has flames coming out of it. The workers disappear, and are replaced by ancient priests who are worshiping Molech has prisoners are forcibly lead up the stairs, and tossed into the stomach of Molech. Followed by the prisoners are the worshipers who willingly sacrifice themselves, before Molech turns back into the factory.

This shows that over time idolatry is idolatry regardless if the idols are clay statues, or metal machines.

One could take it very far and say that the people saying "pray for MH370" are really be tricked into saying things such as "pray for Molech" and "please return Molech".

While this may seem crazy, it also seems crazy that people were willingly sacrificing their first born children to Molech, and Ba'al. Is it hard to imagine that those ancient priests may not have wanted to give up their power to the new religion, and convert to Judaism or Christianity?
Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.- Revelation 3:9


Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam - The Cecil Hotel - and "Dark Water"

Normally this is a topic I would consider too dark, and occult to write about. However, surprisingly, I just heard about this and find it far too interesting to ignore.

Elisa Lam was a 21 year old Canadian tourist vacationing in L.A. She went missing, and approximately 3 weeks later her dead body was discovered, and ruled an "accidental drowning" by the L.A. coroner. That alone is nothing to write about except when one looks closely at the details surrounding Ms. Lam's death they seem to be taken straight from a Hollywood script...because it was.

In 2002 a Japanese horror film was released called "Dark Water" which subsequently was remade in the U.S. in 2005. The movie is about a mother, and daughter pair who move into a new apartment. The movie focuses specifically on 2 elements of the pairs new location - the elevator, and the rooftop, the location of the complex's water town. The mother, Dahlia, ends up finding her daughter, Cecilia, dead after falling into the water tower, and drowning.

Cut back to the death of Elise Lam. Police had searched the area, including using police dogs, in the weeks leading up to her discovery, however turned up no sign of missing Elise Lam. While vacationing in L.A. Ms. Lam had stayed at the infamous Cecil Hotel, known for formerly housing 2 different serial killers, one of whom, Richard Ramirez payed $14 a night, while staying on the 14th floor, and murdering 14 people. Guests at the Cecil hotel began complaining of low water pressure, and dirty "black" water flowing from the tap, showers, sink, etc. Upon investigation of the roofs water tank police discovered the naked body of Elisa Lam. Meaning for 3 weeks the guests of the Cecil hotel were literally bathing, brushing their teeth, etc in the waters flowing from that of a dead girl.

The hotel released a video from a surveillance camera located in the elevator which is allegedly the last footage of Ms. Lam alive.
Ms. Lam is seen entering the elevator when the doors open, and pressing one of the buttons. The elevator doesn't move. During the next several minutes the elevator remains locked in position with the door open, despite Ms. Lam pressing all of the buttons. She is seen looking frantically from side to side, and attempting to hide in the corner of the elevator. This clearly shows she was not simply looking to see if someone was holding it open from the outside, as some have suggested. Ms. Lam is then seem appearing to be talking outside the elevator, and making several awkward contortions of her hands, and arms. Ms. Lam then exits the frame of the camera. After Ms. Lam exits the frame the elevator door shuts, and is seen going up/down the floors.

Tracing the steps of Ms. Lam to hear death would have her leaving the elevator, which seemed to purposely be controlled to force her to take another route. She then would have taken the stairs, and gone to the roof of the hotel. She would have to have opened a locked door with an alarm on it. Strip naked, and dispose of her clothes, climb the ladder to the water tank, open the hatch, get inside, and shut the hatch. It should be noted that firefighters had to cut a hole in the tanks roof, and drain it in order to access her body.

It get's even more bizarre. While police were looking for the missing Elisa Lam there was an outbreak of TB in the downtown L.A. area. The name of the test used for the TB testing was known was the LAM-ELISA test. (Inversion, reversion, opposite, and reflection are all highly occultic.)

When one compares the movies "Dark Water" both Japanese (2002) and U.S. (2005) side by side with the death of Ms. Lam there seem to be far too many coincidences. Admittedly some of these may be taken as far-reaching however this is a case of the sum being greater than the whole of it's parts.
  • The original movie was filmed in Japan with an Asian cast - Elisa Lam was Asian. 
  • During the beginning of the U.S. version the camera is shown at an upward angle pointing towards the water tower on the roof. - Side by side the shot, compared to the street level view of the Cecil Hotel look almost identical.
  • The character who dies in the U.S. version is named Cecilia - Elisa Lam died at the Cecil hotel. 
  • The movies (Japanese/U.S. both heavily focus on the roof, and elevator) - The news story of Elisa Lam similarly focus on both the elevator, and roof. 
  • A scene from the U.S. movie shows Cecilia gaining access to the roof by opening a door that was supposed to be locked. There is a scene where the janitor is confronted, and states he had checked the door an hour ago - it was locked. - The news reports following the finding of Elisa Lam state she would have gained access through a locked door with an alarm on it.
  • There is a scene in the U.S. version that shows the cast inside the elevator, and being watched by the janitor on CCTV. Side by side below is a still shot from the Elisa Lam elevator clip & 2005 "Dark Water" 
  • In both versions of the film the little girl is seen wearing a red jacket. Throughout the movie "Cecilia" is show wearing a red jacket, and is wearing it upon her death falling into the water tank. The promotional material for the movie also features "Cecilia" in bright red jacket. Elisa Lam was wearing a bright red jacket before her death. Red is symbolic of a sacrifice, the color of blood. In the original "Little Red Riding Hood" the girl is eaten by the wolf and dies.
    "Cecelia" from 2005 "Dark Water"
  • Similarly another term commonly associated with sacrifice is that of the lamb, the sacrificial lamb. Commonly associated with the bible and animal sacrifices do idols, or in reference to Jesus as being the "lamb of God". In film and literature the term often describes a character whose sole purpose is to die. One could say that Elisa Lam is playing the role of the sacrificial lamb, and her sole purpose in this plot is to die, thus allowing people to think of people drinking the water of death, bathing in death, washing their clothes in death. - There is no difference in pronunciation between "Lam" and "lamb".
It's unlikely that a satisfactory answer to the events that led to the death of Elisa Lam will ever be revealed. Leaving only those to wonder. Perhaps that was the purpose?


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Two Excellent Articles about MH370 by Frmr Malaysian Official Re: Military Exercises

As I have been saying throughout the articles I have posted on flight MH370 there has been on consistent theme. Regardless of what exactly happened to the flight, or why, it must have been done with the involvement of a state and it's resources.

An excellent new article has been published by Veterans Today which goes into detail explaining exactly that. It's source for that conclusion comes from a former top Malaysian official who continues to have contacts with high ranking government members, a Mr. Matthias Chang. The Veterans Today article has many quotations from Mr. Chang that took place during a recorded audio interview. (Unfortunately at this time I am unable to obtain a copy of the audio since it requires a paid membership to a website. I am attempting to gain access to this audio, and providing a mirror for the public.)
In addition to being interviewed for article, Mr. Chang is also a best selling author of books that would lead some to classify him as a "conspiracy theorist", he also runs a website "Future Fastforward".

Mr. Chang has recently written an article about flight #370 which brings up several questions regarding the disappearance including how the Rolls Royce engines constantly were giving off data for 6 hours, however, officials have not released the information of where those signals were coming from. In the past RR has alerted pilots mid-flight that there were malfunctions with the engine, and required the plane to land.

The details that really peaked my attention was the fact that there was a multitude of military drills going on before, during, and after the flights disappearance. When investigating if something has government involvement a tell tale sign is if there is a drill going on at the same time, often with the exact same scenario.

The easiest way to carry out a false flag attack is by setting up a military exercise that simulates the very attack you want to carry out.
- Captain Eric H. May, former U.S. Army military intelligence officer 


Friday, April 4, 2014

More Terminology Frequency Connection In Events

I just thought I'd post this in respond to my article about Ft. Hood, and creating a false reality or a false perception of reality, or how realistic an event may be is often enhanced throughout various messages, of of these mess
Diagram of "Terms" Used in Various Events and Their Connection

Please don't let your personal opinion of these events, or your personal believes cloud your ability to understand the technique being use. For example great art techniques can still be illustrated if you focus on the techniques, instead only the film, which you didn't hold high sram

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fox News States FBI Searching for a Potential "Foot Hood Style" Attack - Day Before Ft. Hood Shooting

Fox News ran with a report stating that the F.B.I and military were searching for a man named "Booker" and specifically said he was planning a "Ft. Hood" style attack. This was published on April 1st in a Fox News "Special Alert". Which can be seen below:

Amazingly the next day there was a shooting that was not "Foot Hood Styled" but rather took place in the exact same location - Foot Hood, Texas.

This is very interesting because after the alert, and then the shooting, Fox News has updated their report to say that the person they are looking for "is not a threat" even though he was mentioned in a report entitled "Planned Ft. Hood-inspired Jihad against US Soldiers by Army Recruit".

When looking out for created reality an almost dead give away is when possible created reality events link to each other, in attempts to embed them deeper into "reality". Were there any signs of this here? Yes.

The 2009 shooting at Fort Hood was carried out by a Major Hassan. The suspect "Booker" of the planned Ft. Hood style attack also had a last name of Hassan. Then of course there is a shooting taking place in Foot Hood, which will link back to the Fort Hood style attack report, which named Hassan, which in it of itself links back to Hassan.

For those having a hard time understanding this, image "reality" is a Google search. Instead of top results being tied to profits, and views, top search results represent "reality" or how real something is perceived. Combining similar terms in these stories is intentional. This can be shown in the below diagram showing how the events are deeply linked, as opposed to loosely linked if the stories were different.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Taking Advantage of the Flight #370: Mainsteam Media Milking Ratings/Viewers From The Tragedy

For the past week I have been posting about the missing Malaysian Jet flight #370 and have suggested that the media is a co-conspirator in the cover up, assisting as the fourth branch of government (media) and helping crease confusion over the information they release. As soon as one story breaks the news media changes the story to another sensational headline.

I have even suggested that the mainstream media would run with the headline of "Missing Malaysia Jet was Hijacked by Aliens" before discussing the seemingly obvious situation that state actors were, and are involved in the planning, plotting, and execution of such an elaborate conspiracy.

There is both a saying that "money is the root of all evil" as well as the saying of "follow the money". Both of these statements are relevant to the missing Malaysian airliner.  Several of those following the story since the beginning have been critical of news and government agencies whom have been slowly trickling out information instead of giving out all non-classified information available, especially if there were lives with the possibility of being saved.

In my former posts on "Xieon Politics" I have speculated that the way in which stories, and information  have been trickling out appear to be assisting those behind the attack. They are assisting those who pulled off the attack by diverting attention away from those involved, or the real plot. This is why I suggested that the MSM may run with a story that aliens have abducted missing flight #370. Regardless of how implausible it may be anything to cause misinformation, and confusion seems to get the stamp of approval for publication.


Friday, March 21, 2014

DigitalGlobe's U.S. Government Connections - Missing Flight #370

A satellite image that allegedly shows some debris off the coast of Australia is below. The image can also be viewed on FotoForensics.
This is apparently the best quality image of the debris that could be taken from a U.S. based satellite company, DigitalGlobe. You can find examples of the quality of pictures the DigitalGlobe satellite fleet can take here. They could have provided color images instead of a grainy black and white image that could be anything.

I have suggested in past articles that the only way this plane went missing was due to a state funded operation. I also proposed the notion that the media, and government officials were purposely misleading the public, and other countries on the plane by slowly releasing information to buy time for other stages of the operation. Do those assumptions fit with the release of the DigitalGlobe images? Yes.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flight #370 Possibly Abducted by Aliens - NOT Involved in State Terror

It seems that every day there is some "new" development in the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight #370 yet over a week since the plane went missing there is still no sign of the plane. "Officials" involved with the case have changed the search area from the South China Sea to the western coast of Australia, and almost everywhere in between. In addition these developments are not rapid in nature rather they seem to slowly trickle out.

The mainstream media outlets are happy to tow the official line as it helps them capitalize on the story. There is no need to question what the officials are saying as each seemingly new lead in the investigation comes with a storm of sensational headlines. Regardless how plausible the stories may seem to those following the story, applying a bit of critical thinking, and reading within the lines. Officials could report that there is a suspicion the plane was abducted by aliens, and the media would be happy to run with it, albeit burring the most important information deep within the articles.

The media will run with stories about the possible "cyber-hijacking" of the plane, however, will not state what should be the obvious. If a cyber-hijacking did take place it would require deep knowledge of the on board computers programming in addition to the technical knowledge of flying the plane, since there is no evidence the plane was hacked resulting in a crash. This would be a highly sophisticated attack, and would require a state to be involved.

In addition to media outlets being happy to run with sensational stories while avoiding the possibility of a state sanctioned plot that increases in likeliness as each day goes on, but officials are happy to let them do it. They would likely be just as happy to allow the media to run with the stories of an alien abduction as the media would be running it.

Those familiar with magic tricks would know that while the magician is distracting you with one hand it's the other hand that should be focused on. The same seems to hold true with this situation. The officials seem happy to have the world looking in a different direction, or directions. The only possibility is that those involved are buying time for some reason. Possibly to convert the plane into a weapon as some have suggested or doctoring evidence to frame another state for being involved in the planes disappearance.

Be on the lookout for more sensational stories to come out about this planes disappearance leading up to the climax that increasingly seems can only come at the hand of a state sponsored attack.


"Cyber-Hijacking" of Flight #370 - State Sponsored Terrorism

A series of articles published in The International Business Times and Israel Defense has been floating the idea of the missing Malaysia Airlines being "cyber-hijacked".  According to several security experts a Boeing-777 airplane can have codes inserted into it using a cell phone, or a USB stick.

There are some issues, and concerns that are raised if a cyber-hijacking is to be taken as a legitimate possibility.

The type of cyber-attacks mentioned in the article would not be able to remotely fly the airplane, make precise turns, altitude changes, etc. The type of attack involves inserting codes that would likely result in the crash of the airplane either due to mechanical failures, or causing human error. There has been no evidence that the plane has crashed, nor was there any ransom made threatening to crash the plane via exploit.

One major issue not covered about a cyber-hijacking has to do with the involvement of the pilot. If the pilot was not involved in the plot then the hijackers would have to neutralize the pilot in some fashion. Otherwise not only would the pilot be able to override the autopilot, and attempt to thwart the hijacking, but would also be able to radio that something was wrong. Since there was no mayday messages from the pilot it leads to the possibility that the pilot was involved.

It seems highly unlikely that the pilot would have the technical programming abilities to write a sophisticated set of code that would be involved in a cyber-hijacking. This means that a cyber-hijacking would have to be a team effort. The pilot for his abilities with flying the aircraft, knowledge of the air corridors, and unrestricted access to the cock-pit for manual maneuvers such as turning off the transponder. If the effects of a cyber attack on the plane was disabling certain programs, beacons, etc that the pilot would not normally be able to alter and was carried out via a cell phone there would be no need for additional team members to physically board the plane. The pilot could carry the phone, and activate the code insertion himself, or another member could physically board the plane who may or may not be the person who wrote the code. Regardless of the number of members on board the plane a cyber-hijacking of the plane would require a minimum of two members, the pilot and the code-writer.

It is highly unlikely that the typical image of a "terrorist" that the Western media portrays, i.e. a turban wearing, camel riding, middle-Eastern man in a cave, would either have the knowledge of how a Boeing-777 computer works in order to program code that was effective, or would be in the market for someone to write such code without gaining international attention. On the other hand the United States or Israel could easily gain the knowledge of exactly how the systems work as well as have numerous people already on the payroll with the ability to write such codes.

If a cyber-hijacking occurred in connection with missing Malaysian flight #370 it was not a lone wolf, a rogue pilot, or an Al-Cia-da terrorist. It would have been a highly sophisticated operation that would require the vast resources of a state to carry out. However the Western media will have you believe the exact opposite.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Could Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Ignite World War 3?

The purpose of this article is to illustrate how various world powers appear to be lining up for a possible world war 3, and how the missing Malaysian flight #370 could be used as the catalyst to ignite the tinderbox that is the world.

Regardless if the events unfold as proposed in this article or not there are two important truths that readers should remember. The first is to remember that the media, and world powers have lied, and mislead the public throughout the course of this investigation. The second is this author has done an extensive amount of research, and provided a large amount of links to further information of which is not discredited by a different outcome to the Malaysian airlines flight.

The stories being told to both the public as well as the countries involved in the search and rescue operation has constantly been changing. This has resulted in causing a great deal of confusion, and costing a great deal of time, money, and resources for all those involved. This has been nothing but smoke, and mirrors. Officials have changed their story from the plane crashing somewhere along the original flight path, to the Andaman Sea. Changed their story from the plane crashing to then flying for an extra 4 hours, then up to 7.5 hours. These alleged developments have trickled out slowly as the days went on. One should ask themselves what new discoveries were made that led to these developments. The fact of the matter is that we are living in a post 9/11 world, and there is no way that a plane could fly for 7.5 hours and officials would not know that information for days later. There is no way that they could believe a plane crashed into the South China Sea only to days later, after everyone had been searching that area, say that the plane actually reversed course and flew to a completely different area based on engine pings.

If I were the families of one of those on board flight #370, or someone involved in the search and rescue operations I would be furious. Officials clearly knew this information all along, and have mislead people into focusing their attention onto different stories, and searching different areas. Only someone with something to hide, or who is lying, would have the need to mislead all of the efforts regarding finding this plane. For example look at this CNN piece claiming that officials say the plane likely crashed into the Indian Ocean, follow by this CNN piece saying that it's likely the plane slipped by radar and landed.

I propose that this plane is involved in something much more serious than a crash, or a simple hijacking. This plane may be used in a future 9/11 style event that would be the pretext to starting World War 3. On the surface this may sound crazy, however, when one takes into consideration the information that has been released about this plane, the fact that the information has been slowly trickled out, as well as the current state of various countries which appear to be positioning themselves for a war, this becomes a more plausible possibility.

Below is a list of various countries and the relevant information from the missing Malaysian flight #370 as well as other relevant stories pertaining to their movement towards war. I will attempt to update this as the story unfolds.


  • Malaysia is known as the regions leader on the global war on terror. 
  • The country is heavily pro-west, and the regions likely candidate to assist the United States, and the west if they were to start a new war. 
  • Malaysia was home of the infamous conference of terrorist leaders that led to the 9/11 terror plot. [Asia Times]
  • Malaysia and the West have released misleading information about flight #370. See two CNN reports stating that "officials" state that the plane crashed into the ocean, then say it landed

  • Raised their air defense in response to the missing flight #370. Requiring airlines radio towers twice the distance as normal. 
  • Hyped the possibility of an attack with flight #370 as the weapon. Some news speculating that the plane may be filled with nuclear material. [link]
  • Preconditioning the Israeli public with the possibility of an attack, and who would be behind it, by publishing the hype of an attack with flight #370 in their local state newspapers, and television channels. [Times of Israel]
  • Israel is "frustrated" that no one has attacked Iran. The defense minister is leaning towards an Israeli mission inside Iran. (Note: If a false flag carried out by Israel made it appear as though Israel was attacked by Iran the U.S. would be obligated to respond).  “We had thought the ones who should lead the campaign against Iran is the United States" - Israeli Defense Minister[Harretz]

  • The West has been fear mongering about Iran constantly. It seems Iran is always just a short time away from "having the bomb". In 1992 Netanyahu said Iran was close to having a bomb. In 1998 Donald Rumsfeld said Iran could have a nuke by 2003. In 2013 a U.S. nuclear expert said Iran could have a nuke within a month. [link 1][link 2]
  • The United States has Iran surrounded with bases. [Image]
  • The current supreme leader of Iran has made anti-American statements. He has referred to America as "the devil incarnate".  If an attack involving Iranians happens it will be easy to claim it is officially sanctioned. [link]
  • It is claimed that two Iranians travelling on stolen passports were travelling on flight #370. There is no proof they are actually Iranian. It is suspicious how officials quickly announced that they were Iranian, travelling on stolen passports, and released pictures of them, yet with that ability were not able to stop them from boarding the plane. That suggests that they were allowed onto the plane, like the U.S. underwear bomber. [link]


  • India's biggest enemy is Pakistan.
  • There have been reports suggesting that the missing flight #370 has landed in India, paving the way to blame India should an attack take place. 


  • Pakistan has sold weapons to Saudi Arabia. [link]
  • Pakistan's biggest enemy is India

Saudi Arabia:
  • The ruling family of Saudi Arabia, the House of Saud, was financed, and put in power in the early 1900's by British Intelligence.  [Link]
  • Several of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. [Admitted by President Bush]
  • Some believe Saudi Arabia has purchased a nuclear weapon from Pakistan. [link]
  • Saudi Arabia is expected to be the regions first to obtain nuclear weapons, or second after only Iran. 
  • Saudi Arabia is pro-west, and very close with the U.S. and Britain. 
  • Has purchased weapons from Pakistan, U.S., Israel
  • Recently stated that it will attack Iran, their biggest global enemy, regardless if Israel joins them or not. [link]
The Conclusion

The United States, Western Block, and or Israel hijacked flight #370, how is irrelevant. The plane was landed somewhere, and stripped, possibly loaded with nuclear material, and had the transponder changed. The plane will then be used as a missile, similar to 9/11, and likely hit Israel, or a western owned target.

The same groups that pulled off the hijacking will come out stating that the plane was hijacked by the two Iranians on board, fabricate some evidence, and claim it was officially sanctioned by the government of Iran. They may claim it landed in India in order to make India a co-conspirator so that Pakistan's biggest enemy can be taken out in exchange for Pakistan giving weapons to Saudi Arabia. There will be immediate retaliation by whoever was hit. If Israel was hit they will attack Iran, and the United States will back them. If the U.S. or a western target is hit then all of NATO will attack (as required in their treaty), and Israel will seize the opportunity to take out its biggest enemy Iran. Either way Saudi Arabia will join so it can take out its biggest enemy also Iran.

Malaysia is likely to get billions in weapons, and funding from the west to help bolster their position in the "war on terror" especially since they are the regions leader in said war.

Russia has claimed it would defend Iran if it were attacked unprovoked. If Iran is seen as attacking the west in some gruesome fashion then it is likely to prevent Russia from joining. If this doesn't prevent Russia from joining then China is likely to attack Eastern Russia. China is involved due to selling weapons to Saudi Arabia likely knowing that they will be used to attack Iran.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Google Seeking More Information - "Account Purpose"

When logging into my Google account, specifically through Blogger I was prompted with this:

Google Prompt for Blogger purpose



A new disclaimer is currently being written, and will be posted in this space when available.