Monday, March 24, 2014

Taking Advantage of the Flight #370: Mainsteam Media Milking Ratings/Viewers From The Tragedy

For the past week I have been posting about the missing Malaysian Jet flight #370 and have suggested that the media is a co-conspirator in the cover up, assisting as the fourth branch of government (media) and helping crease confusion over the information they release. As soon as one story breaks the news media changes the story to another sensational headline.

I have even suggested that the mainstream media would run with the headline of "Missing Malaysia Jet was Hijacked by Aliens" before discussing the seemingly obvious situation that state actors were, and are involved in the planning, plotting, and execution of such an elaborate conspiracy.

There is both a saying that "money is the root of all evil" as well as the saying of "follow the money". Both of these statements are relevant to the missing Malaysian airliner.  Several of those following the story since the beginning have been critical of news and government agencies whom have been slowly trickling out information instead of giving out all non-classified information available, especially if there were lives with the possibility of being saved.

In my former posts on "Xieon Politics" I have speculated that the way in which stories, and information  have been trickling out appear to be assisting those behind the attack. They are assisting those who pulled off the attack by diverting attention away from those involved, or the real plot. This is why I suggested that the MSM may run with a story that aliens have abducted missing flight #370. Regardless of how implausible it may be anything to cause misinformation, and confusion seems to get the stamp of approval for publication.

For those monitoring the mainstream media one will notice that they have anchors who speak a lot, a very lot, and yet they don't actually say anything. Every day there's some new development, or some possibility that they might find something today, or tomorrow, and that they are right around the corner from a huge development. CNN actually reverted to crawling around on the floor to attempt to describe what happened to flight #370. They didn't give any groundbreaking information, but assure you if you keep your eyes glued to watching them they will eventually give you some information albeit mixed in with a large amount of propaganda, drug commercials, and all the usual advertising suspects similar to the movie "They Live".

Still from "They Live" - Copyright 1988 - Used under Fair Use

The major media companies are assisting those pulling this off, if they know it or not. While they may be kept in the loop, they are most likely fed information from "sources", pun intended, and they will mimic what they are told for fear of losing their sources. This prevents them from rocking the boat by asking any critical questions, especially those of the official stories, or the pro-Western media.

The other possibility is that the media may have realized that by defacto assisting the planners by running with the news stories, and never questioning them, nor questioning the gaping holes in the stories that the general population are being forced fed by the government, helped out by the media.  After reazlizing this they are not going to blow the cover, or report on themselves. As said earlier it's all about the money, and CNN especially seems to be raking in the money, and views thanks to missing flight #370.

The full story can be found here.

CNN has been so desperate for viewership on their ever declining "news" channel, for those who stale dares to call CNN a news network, they have actually come out and suggested that flight #370 has disappeared into "a black hole". Lets compare the numbers from "Cable News Ratings" to see if CNN's ratings have in fact increase from Match 7th (day before planes disappearance) until March 19th (12 days into the search).

I am currently working on a follow-up piece to this thich will have many more charts, and statistics.

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