Thursday, March 20, 2014

Flight #370 Possibly Abducted by Aliens - NOT Involved in State Terror

It seems that every day there is some "new" development in the mystery of Malaysian Airlines flight #370 yet over a week since the plane went missing there is still no sign of the plane. "Officials" involved with the case have changed the search area from the South China Sea to the western coast of Australia, and almost everywhere in between. In addition these developments are not rapid in nature rather they seem to slowly trickle out.

The mainstream media outlets are happy to tow the official line as it helps them capitalize on the story. There is no need to question what the officials are saying as each seemingly new lead in the investigation comes with a storm of sensational headlines. Regardless how plausible the stories may seem to those following the story, applying a bit of critical thinking, and reading within the lines. Officials could report that there is a suspicion the plane was abducted by aliens, and the media would be happy to run with it, albeit burring the most important information deep within the articles.

The media will run with stories about the possible "cyber-hijacking" of the plane, however, will not state what should be the obvious. If a cyber-hijacking did take place it would require deep knowledge of the on board computers programming in addition to the technical knowledge of flying the plane, since there is no evidence the plane was hacked resulting in a crash. This would be a highly sophisticated attack, and would require a state to be involved.

In addition to media outlets being happy to run with sensational stories while avoiding the possibility of a state sanctioned plot that increases in likeliness as each day goes on, but officials are happy to let them do it. They would likely be just as happy to allow the media to run with the stories of an alien abduction as the media would be running it.

Those familiar with magic tricks would know that while the magician is distracting you with one hand it's the other hand that should be focused on. The same seems to hold true with this situation. The officials seem happy to have the world looking in a different direction, or directions. The only possibility is that those involved are buying time for some reason. Possibly to convert the plane into a weapon as some have suggested or doctoring evidence to frame another state for being involved in the planes disappearance.

Be on the lookout for more sensational stories to come out about this planes disappearance leading up to the climax that increasingly seems can only come at the hand of a state sponsored attack.

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