Thursday, December 27, 2012

Forced Gun Buyback or Civil War in U.S. - A.K.A. I'm Not Giving Up My Second Amendment Right

Below is a video by Alex Jones where he explains somewhat of what is going on, but makes a few very good points:

Source: Alex Jones of

First off it's obvious that the media is pushing anti-gun agenda as if they can't spew it out enough. The recent shootings are being blamed on the guns, and not the people committing the crimes, and what led them to do so.

If someone wanted to kill a lot of people they would still use many things, and it would be minutes before the cops showed up, assuming they did, and used their guns on the suspect. People still die, it makes them more dependent on the system, and the only people who have guns are the "police" class, which is the enforcer group of the elites, who also have not only guns but nuclear weapons. That's ironic when people attempt to ban guns based on how quickly someone can kill multiple people. Of course this never happened to a country (Japan)

The second major point, and Alex made this point as well, is that there is pressure to start a class/civil war. The reason I phrase it that way is because, although a true race war would probably like to be seen in additionn, but this is the class of gun owners, and those who come over from millitary and police. Then it's going to be a fight, and recently it's been stated that if a drone kills you it means you were meant to die, same logic to a civil war.

George Washington or Abraham Lincoln both served in the military  Obama has no military experience, nor do the majority of the elites who want this war to happen, while they hide somewhere.

Video sources: Alex Jones, and the montage channels director.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Timewave Zero: Fact or Fiction the World is Accelerating a Staggering Rate.

Timewave Zero: End Graph (Source)
The title referenced to the computer algorithm/program by Terrence McKenna, many readers will know of his work. He used this algorithm to chart out the "Ching", and ancient Chinese relic used by the highest of the Chinese elite.

Now ultimately the formula allows you to see the "novelty" at any specific point in time, up until December 21st, 2012. At that date the chart falls off completely in an instant. However, before the fall, there is a great rise.

Regardless of if one believes in the Mayan prophecies, ancient Chinese texts, and computer algorithms predicting insane things, one thing is for certain an element of "Timewave Zero" is upon us, the massive rise of novelty.

There is so much news, and information available, it's impossible to keep up with the research one is doing, let alone work, raise a family, or anything else. I believe that is part of a plan, but I believe it also is what Timewave Zero predicted.

The amount of events I could have written articles in the past months have been staggering, yet I have been unable to, because "time is speeding up". Things are accelerating, and it's taking more, and more to be able to keep up with it. Perhaps that is why there is so much Prozac, and fluoride around, so that the population is so docile and brainwashed that they cannot keep up with the rapid acceleration. Personally I've found it hard to keep up, and in turn post articles, trying to spread the information I think is important, and to connect with others, in whatever way possible, be it big, or small.

What is really sad is the names of the dead that get lost in the shuffle of politics, and smoke, and mirrors. We always remember the murders, but we never remember the victims. Since there is so much information, we have to filter some out, and it's sad that is part of the information we have filtered out as a society.

If one is to survive in today's world we must not only keep up with the rapid acceleration, but we must stay ahead of it, and predict the next major changes.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The N.S.A (a.k.a. Google) Openly Asks Users to Add Personal Bio-metrics to Database.

Google, which has several close links at the least with the N.S.A., is openly asking it's users to submit their bio-metric information into a database.

This is so far beyond 1984.
Google asks for a Face Scan to help identify you in other's photo's. (Taken 11/23/2012)
This goes right along with law enforcement beginning the drawing of blood at unconstitutional checkpoints.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Symbolism At Walmart

While there are some who will choose to ignore this article because of the mention of symbolism, and the inherent occult influence that comes with such, what cannot be ignored is that there is a large movement within society to understand the world around us in non-conventional ways. The other is that if one chooses to suspend disbelieve momentarily they should be able to appreciate at least the irony, or coincidences that occur in regards to symbolism, and modern society.

The Vigilant Citizen is a great source to check out some examples of symbolism in our modern culture, especially within the music industry. The author does an excellent job of analyzing the occult, and satanic symbolism that is becoming increasingly visible, and pervasive.

Wal-Mart Emergency Food, Source: Xieon Politics
My fiancee recently took this photo while at a local Wal-Mart, and when showed it to me I was very impressed that she recognized, and captured what I saw. She explained she didn't notice what I had just mentioned, and that she had taken the picture because the large buckets said "Emergency Food" on them, and she thought of the apocalypse.

What I had noticed was that apparent triple sixes, or what is often referred to as "the mark of the beast". It is the symbol of Lucifer, the Devil, and the Illuminated One which some relate with the occult Illuminati. Although there are not three true sixes symbology often allows for the symbolism to be obscured, and often hidden in plain sight. This may be done as a way of telling "those in the know" some form of special, secretive information that only their ability to interpret allows them access to. It is also a way of communicating with the subconscious mind, which symbolism itself inherently tries to do. Some may argue that subconsciously the mind is set to react to three sixes, even in the form of 6633 (66 3+3 -> 666), which is what caused the photograph to be taken.

It should come as no shock to many that Wal-Mart houses the sign of the devil over "Emergency Preparedness". Wal-Mart has recently gotten attention for installing "Tele-Screens". This is a term that originates from Orwell's "1984" due to the parallels between the televisions in the book, and the telescreens being installed at Wal-Mart's that will broadcast the governments "See Something Say Something" campaign messages, i.e. propaganda.

Of course government related propaganda can be found all over Wal-Mart such as this picture of Wal-Mart pushing potentially harmful vaccines on their shoppers. This vaccine kiosk is located in the middle of the store, impossible to avoid.
Taken at same Wal-Mart as triple sixes, Source: Xieon Politics
Click to watch Vaccine Nation, and excellent Vaccine Documentary


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Video From Morning of Lawrence Mayor Corruption Arraignments

Video from this morning at Salem Superiour Court where arraignments against Lawrence, Mass mayors aides took place as a result of federal and state corruption investigation.

Source: Xieon Politics


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Michele McPhee: Continues Her Unethical Cowardly Behavior

Strangely the links to the articles, and the comments I make about Massachusetts public figure Michele McPhee are deleted from her Facebook page.

I have spoken with both ABC affiliate channel 5 WCVB-TV, as well as with representatives from 96.9 FM Boston Talks. Those are two of Michele's former employers. However, all attempts to contact Ms. McPhee or her management team have gone unanswered.

With so much going on in the world today it may seem petty to be writing an article about Michele McPhee, however, in the current world we live in old school journalism is what is needed in order to address other issues. Things like sources, and research, and using quotes, actual facts, clearly identifying hyperbole and sarcasm, and responding to questions about your articles, are all critical.

We live in a world where anyone can upload footage from their cell phone to YouTube and claim they are in the action, and anyone can stage, and fake footage. So when we live in a world where World War 3 may start due to a video of a war crime going viral it would benefit us all if the person who ran with the article cited, and sourced their information.

We are currently living in a revolutionary time, in the midst of a paradigm shift regarding how society gets, reacts, and shares information.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Registered Bone Marrow Donor: Is Michele McPhee?

Of course I would not donate to a gay man, because they are all pedophiles according to Massachusetts radio host Michele McPhee.*

*Posted from phone

**Sources will be added when I'm at physical station not on the road working.
currently writing this in passenger seat of course." (Edit: 8/29/2012 20:19)

Ms. McPhee - You have not responded to any of my articles, so could you respond if you are an organ donor, or a bone marrow donor. I am both, and will post that image soon,


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Michele McPhee Continues To Ignore True Journalistic Practices

Michele McPhee is a name that is going to come up often on this blog. For those readers not local to Massachusetts Michele McPhee is, according to her own Facebook page:
Best-selling author of five true crime books; Emmy-nominated investigative reporter; award-winning columnist and crime reporter.
Recently Ms. McPhee has begun a new radio program in the Boston area, which could be a reason for her sensationalism in her Facebook posts, however, I don't have any evidence to back that up other than personal belief.

Ms. McPhee originally caught my attention for a post she made about EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer a.k.a. Massachusetts food stamp variant). After seeing her post I decided to comment on her page noting her of some problems I had with errors I believe she made on her post. My remarks were removed from her page, and the post was edited to make it appear that Ms. McPhee has not made those statements.

One of the basic ethical rules of journalism is that if you make a mistake on an article, you not only correct it, but you make a notation that there was a correction, or change. This way people who have already read the article will understand they have gotten the wrong information, and new readers will be able to see the revisions. Accidents happen, and acknowledging them, and correcting them is common practice. When "accidents" happen, and people attempt to cover them up is when questions start to arise  about motive, let alone the failed journalistic practices.

After Ms. McPhee has scrubbed her page I penned an article, and asked her publicly to at least address the issues I had raised. That article was written on August 8th, 2012 and as of 8:00 A.M. E.S.T. on August 22nd, 2012 I have had no response from Ms. McPhee or any of her representatives.

Since then Ms. McPhee has continued to make several posts on her Facebook page about EBT, and problems she personally believes are wrong with the system. The way she is going about causing changes to the EBT system reflect poorly on any real vindication to do such a thing. It appears that Ms. McPhee has latched onto a cause, and is using it to further her own career regardless of what general guidelines she will break in the process.

Ms. McPhee then posted, on August 17th, on her Facebook page the story of Jose Pacheco, a Rhode Island prison inmate who recently received a liver transplant in Boston. It is after posting the story that Ms. McPhee's journalistic practices come into serious question, or if she is purposely being deceitful in order to further her own personal agenda.

Ms. McPhee claims to be an investigative journalist yet no investigation, and very little journalism are present. It's mostly sensationalism that is made to cause tensions between the haves and have nots, the rich and poor. There was once a time where the things Ms. McPhee stated would have gotten her fired, however times have changed. I will now break down, with detail, what Ms. McPhee stated, why it is incorrect or only partially correct, questionable, or just poor journalism.

Ms. McPhee stated, and a screen shot is also available, that:
This month a 28-year-old Jose Pacheco -- a gun-toting, drug-dealing career criminal -- was transported from his Rhode Island jail cell to a Boston hospital for a ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR liver transplant. 
Who paid for it? Got a mirror? 
But a 23-year-old autistic man can't get on a heart transplant list because he is not a worthy candidate? 
Forgive me if I would much rather have my beating heart keep someone who is the love of his mother's life alive rather than some armed loser who will probably use my liver to drink EBT booze.
To make it easier I have highlighted the problems with the above post, and will one by one address them below.

"[A] gun-toting, drug-dealing career criminal":
There is no evidence that I could find through my investigation that Mr. Pacheco owned a gun. At the very least he was never arrested, let alone charged, or convicted of any gun laws. If Ms. McPhee has an agenda with the Second Amendment then one may see why she added the phrase "gun-toting" to her post. It at the very least causes sensationalism, and when combined with the other aspects of the case make people associate the negativity with guns. That is a cheap tactic, and shouldn't be used in articles by professionals.

"ONE-MILLION-DOLLAR liver transplant."
I have not found a source that stated that Mr. Pacheco's actual surgery cost $1million. I am currently in the process of contacting Boston hospitals to attempt to gather a more accurate number on the cost of the operation. According to Tracey Zeckhausen, a spokeswoman for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, stated that they did not have a cost estimate for the procedure. Efforts to get in touch with Ms. Zeckhausen are underway in an attempt to go straight to the source, instead of relying on other articles. Ms. McPhee, as an investigative journalist, should understand the importance of properly sourcing, and citing their material.

Who paid for it? Got a mirror?
Rhode Island, as a state, must pay 60% of the cost of the operation. The additional 40% is to be taken up by the Federal Medicare program. Ms. McPhee's audience is primarilly in Massachusetts, and while Massachusetts tax-payers are contributing to Medicare, unless they are also residents of Rhode Island they will be paying no taxes to that state, and thus are not contributing to the 60% being payed by the state. This was not even mentioned, instead if was worded, and put together in a way to make it appear to the reader that the money for this is coming out of their pocket. Another way Ms. McPhee is attempting to arise false emotions in her article, while ignoring actual facts.

Keep someone who is the love of his mother's life
As of right now I have not  been able to locate the mother of Mr. Pacheco, however I'm assuming that Ms. McPhee was not able to either. Without having contacted Mr. Pacheco's mother how could Ms. McPhee possibly know whether or not Jose was the "love of his mother's life". It is very possible that he is the love of her life, who made some poor decisions, ended up with a cocaine addiction, and committed non-violent crimes. A true journalist would not make statements like that without having something to back it up on, and state what that is, even if it is simply their own personal opinion it should still be made clear to the reader that it is not fact.

Armed loser
I refer again to the first point showing that there is no evidence of Mr. Pachenco having, or using a gun in any of the crimes he has been charged with. He is currently serving a 6 1/2 year sentence for "second degree robbery". According to Rhode Island law, § 11-39-1 - Penalty for robbery, a person cannot use a dangerous weapon in a robbery and be charged with second degree robbery. Had Mr. Pachenco been a "gun-toting" career criminal then he surely would have had a weapon during his robbery, and then would have been charged with first degree robbery. Ms. McPhee should come forward and tell the public where she is getting the information that Mr. Pachenco was in fact a "gun-toting" individual.

My Liver
This is simply my personal opinion, however, if someone is already dead it is very selfish to dictate who, and where that liver goes if you do not have it already pre-determined. I would like to know if Ms. McPhee could even possibly fall into this category, or if she is not even an organ donor. A picture of her license should show if she is an organ donor or not. I am a registered organ donor, and will post my license shortly to prove it. If Ms. McPhee isn't then it's shameful to use that in her statement to only raise emotions more.

EBT Booze:

You cannot legally purchase alcohol, or alcoholic beverages in the state of Massachusetts using EBT food stamps. You can, however use your EBT cash benefits to buy it. You can additionally use those cash benefits to buy anything you want, or go to an ATM take out the cash, and then purchase it that way. This shows that Ms. McPhee doesn't care about the issue of EBT reform, or she would bring up the point that it is the system that needs reform. A person can use their EBT cash benefits to get that cash from an ATM and do anything with it. If Ms. McPhee feels the need to tell people what to do with their EBT money, then she should seriously do something to address the issue, instead of writing articles that are only meant to inflame.

Ms. McPhee -
In closing I will once again publicly ask you to please respond to my articles referencing you, or to contact me with your contact information so that we may have an interview. I have highlighted several instances where you simply made up what you presented as facts, as well as several other distasteful practices that many distinguished investigative reporters would be ashamed to have tied to their name.

Link to first article


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Michelle McPhee - Will You Publically Answer the Ethical Questions and Concerns in My Article

 *This article is a direct result of a Facebook post by Michele McPhee. Through this I would like to openly challenge Ms. McPhee to respond to my comments, and or debate me on her radio show.

Massachusetts has long been a Democratic state that loves leaning to the left of center. Being so it has become a state that spawned Romneycare, the original blueprint for the colloquial Obamacare.

Massachusetts is also the residence of not only myself, David Harkins, but as well as a Ms. Michelle McPhee. For those who haven't heard of Ms. McPhee here is her own biography from her Facebook page:
Best-selling author of five true crime books; Emmy-nominated investigative reporter; award-winning columnist and crime reporter.
Ms. McPhee has done work for the Boston Herald, WRKO, and WCVB-TV 5, all of which are major Boston media platforms.

By all accounts Ms. McPhee has earned herself a distinguished career, one that should teach someone a great deal about journalistic ethics. It appears to me that Ms. McPhee is either lacking in those ethical departments, or knowingly violating her journalistic ethics to further some irrelevant agenda.

Below I will illustrate how Ms. McPhee does not deserve the recognitions she has recieved because she has disgraced journalistic ethics, and morality. Post editing published work without telling people is obviously unethical.


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pathetic Portrayal of Parents Re: Colorado Shooting

There is a litany of things that do not add up in regards to the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado. A recent Infowars article does a good job of summarizing some of the most disturbing questions, and inconsistencies that have not been addressed.

Even more questions begin to rise about the events that occured due to the alleged witness statements that have come out.

There is one alleged witness account that is riddled with misinformation, propaganda, and inconsistencies. The news clip, and a youtube users analysis is seen below:

At about 4:50 you can see the man help tow the official line about gun control. Perhaps one could argue that gun control may be a legitimate issue to discuss after being involved in a shooting. However when taken into consideration with the other suspicious circumstances in this case, and the other strange remarks, and actions by this couple, it makes it increasingly suspicious that they are at the least being influenced to change their story.

At 6:14 - 6:16 the man cannot keep a straight face while attempting to tell how he believed he was going to die. He's attempting to convince the viewer that he was inside a movie theater with people falling all around him being shot, he lost his 4 month old, daughter, and girlfriend during the commotion, and believed himself, and entire family would be killed. How on Earth can anyone who just experienced that start smirking. He's not crying, or attempting to hold back tears. He is not confused, or surprised. There is only one way to interpret his actions, and he's being deceitful, and cannot keep a straight face.  Who can smile while saying "this cannot be the way my son dies".

At the 8:20 mark the man being interviewed said that his 4 month year old, and additionally his step daughter, and girlfriend were all inside the theater, however, instead of standing up for his family the coward decides to jump over the balcony, and run away.

"so I jump, and I run, and I land" -

After telling how he abandoned his family he continues to stumble on his words while trying to produce crocodile tears. This is horrible acting. If this man was really a father who was in the theatre during the shooting why does he feel the need to try to produce tears on camera? Or why do the handlers off camera want him to produce tears?

Another interesting question raised by the video is what gun was the mother shot with. Holmes was alleged to have an AR15 assault rifle, a shotgun, and two 40 caliber handguns. Getting shot from any distance inside the movie theater with the AR15 assault rifle is likely to cause catastrophic damage to whoever it hits. I would suspect that the majority of the kills were a result of the AR15, with the exception of the possible executions involving a handgun.

You can find an example of military rifle wounding patterns here. I have included a copy of the image for a 5.56 full metal jacket (fmj) round below.  You can see that the image lists the muzzle velocity at 943m/s, and Wikipedia lists a muzzle velocity of 975 m/s. The image is also from a 1989 article, and it states that 3.6 gram bullets were used. Depending on the weight of the bullet used, and any additional specifications of the gun, or any improvements that were made since 1989 make it most likely that the shooters bullet was more damaging than the image of a pre-1989 5.56 fmj bullet wound.

AR15 5.56 FMJ Bullet Wound Diagram Source

The mother could not have possibly been shot with the AR15 since the damage would be great, and she would be in severe pain, and have bandages, most likely have had to undergo surgery to remove the bullet fragments, and would be on pain killers, and anti-biotics to prevent infection. With the exception of constantly looking at someone to her left, and off camera for directions she doesn't appear to be in a dazed, confused, drug induced state as the alleged shooter appeared in court.

I would therefor like to understand what the mother was shot with. It must have been a handgun since a shotgun at close range would almost certainly be lethal, and at long range (assuming he used pellets) would cause a wide damage pattern. Depending on the range the pellets would have become increasingly spread out, and hit chairs, walls, other people, etc and lose velocity before hitting the mother.

Therefor the most likely weapon for the mother to have been shot with would be one of the two alleged 40 caliber handguns that Holmes had. According to witness accounts, however, the shooter had a large drum magazine, and had to reload after firing a large amount of bullets. It was during this reloading that most people got up, and ran out. When did the shooter have time to pull out his handgun, and fire rounds into the theater, and strike the mother. Additionally why are there no other reports stating that he pulled out a handgun, and stated firing when there are detailed reports of him firing an assault rifle, then having to reload a specific type of magazine.

In conclusion we have two horrible parents, although my better judgement will prevent me from getting too upset as it is likely that they are not real parents, as I shudder to think or parents leaving their children to die in a movie theater with an alleged crazed lone-nut gunman. What a couple of pathetically cowardly individuals.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Google Purposely Scaring Users with Login-Errors (New Spin on Year-Old Tactics)

Google likes to scare users by displaying red, bold text stating the horrible things that will happen "if" they should lose access to your account.

I reported on this issue last summer, in this article, and the practice is still continuing one year later. The image on the top was taken around 6:00P.M. E.S.T on June 16th, 2012 while attempting to login to my Google (Gmail, and Google Drive) account.

This image appeared after entering the same password 3-4 times, on two different Google login platforms, Gmail and Google Drive. The password was entered manually each time, meticulously as I was thinking I may have been hacked since I knew I was entering the correct password, which on the last attempt worked, and prompted the page screen shot below.

Screen shot taken around 6:00 P.M. E.S.T. on June 16, 2012.
Screen shot is of prompt-screen for phone number in between a successful login to a Go
ogle service, and that services main page. This page would appear in between the login page for Gmail, and the user gaining access to then Gmail inbox. 
This image is very similar to one I post in my previous article, which is shown for comparison below.

Screen shot is of a prompt-screen in between a successful login to a Google service, and that services main page. This would appear between the login page for Gmail, and the user gaining access to then Gmail inbox. No time stamp information is currently available for this image. Image Source

Google has multiple variants of this implementation shown in the image below, also from previous article.

Screen Shot Taken: 8/31/11 12:32 AM Screen shot is of a prompt-screen in between a successful login to a Google service, and that services main page. This would appear between the login page for Gmail, and the user gaining access to then Gmail inbox. Image Source

Last year when I originally wrote about this topic it seemed both benign, and an invasion of privacy. Google wanted to gain information, so they attempted to gain phone numbers. Ultimately they want a database of all human knowledge, including all knowledge that exists anywhere about you. They want to know everything.

A year ago I declined to give my phone number, although as many who attempt to fight the good fight we often have to use the tools of the enemy to our advantage. A year after the first report I have an android phone, of which is already synced to my Google account. It didn't matter this time that they wanted it, I entered it, whatever.

The problem was how Google went about it. I believe they crossed a major ethical line. I believe Google is now operating a moderated script of one that was running last summer causing the phone number prompts.

As of now this is speculation, and I have no proof that it exists or that I will be able to find such proof before it disappears. I welcome any, and all to try to support my hypothesis or disprove it. Please pardon any techno-babble below. Below is my hypothesis on the maliciously designed Google script that is operating in the wild across the Google Umbrella Network.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Call the Bilderberg

Call the Westfield Marriot and ask them about the guests they currently have staying there.

Just call and be polite. Post any videos you make and continue to upload more content, using the #Bilerberg hashtag.

The contact - for the hotel hosting a function that has a purpose of violating federal laws.



Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Telling Remarks Over Houla Massacre by Russian U.N. Representative

Alexander Pankin made very telling statements regarding the Houla, Syria massacre.

He stated:

"There was a force working in this village. It's difficult to imagine that the Syrian government would not only shell and mortar but also use point-blank execution against 40-plus women, 30-plus, children under age 10."

In one of the few videos of Mr. Pankins remarks that is currently available it also shows the remarks by a U.N. Rep pushing the story of shelling. Grasping at straws saying that U.N. observers saw a tank in the area, despite remarks by the Syrian government that there were no tanks in the Houla, Massacre.

The issue over tanks is due to the original quasi-official story that was being propagated by the media, and the United Nations, that the Syrian government shelled with tank, artillery, and mortars the village of Houla, Syria.

That story didn't hold for long, and media outlets were forced to report that the massacre was actually involving knifes, and small arms, rather than shelling. Reuters reported that U.N. representative Rupert Colville stated "at this point it looks like entire families were shot in their houses."

Colville's statements echo more statements made by Mr. Pankin to reporters. According to a CBS article Mr. Pankin told reporters that "there is substantial ground to believe that the majority of those who were killed were either slashed, cut by knives, or executed at point-blank distance."

These remarks are extremely telling. They add to the growing number of people who believe that there may be forces at work in Syria orchestrating events trying to instigate an intervention by foreign military powers. Among that group is also Damascus, who categorically deny any involvement in the massacre.

According to a foreign ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi there was a battle with gunman, and Syrian security forces, but that did not involve the use of tanks, and that the security forces were essentially defending their base for a 3 hour gun fight. This incident is said to not have affected Houla.

Of course we have seen the tactics of using children as ploys before, and the horrible results it had. Only that was ultimately exposed as a lie, and Sadam Hussein did not throw babies out of incubators. One could argue the same perpetrators got smarter, and on this eve of war actually killed children. Quid pro quo?


Sunday, May 27, 2012

"Rounded Up and Arrested 700 People" At Canadian Protest

At a Canadian protest against a new law requiring permission to protest has drawn out just that, a large protest.

Thousands of people including nude women, and guy fawkes according to the title were in attendence at the event. Russia Today reports that 700 people were "rounded up and arrested".

It is very scary that such large numbers are being detained for peaceful protest. How many people must be rounded up, and detained before the people wake up to what is going on! Thousands? Millions?



Thursday, April 5, 2012

Augmented Reality - Google "Glass"

Augmented reality is not a new concept, however we have just come to a point where today's technology are able to implement the features in a way that will make it work for the layman.

This will be the first of several segments on Google "Glass", and the problems that are inherently built into the devices, and programs. Problems that could be accidental, or intentionally placed there as a back door into our lives. 

*As of April 5th, 2012 this video has begun to go viral, being picked up by several news agencies.

One especially creepy aspect is in the last scene, where the character we are following is able to share his view of the sunset with another person.  This could be modified to allow anyone to see exactly what another person is viewing, and doing. Regardless of if the police want to catch crime by seeing drug deals sell drugs, or they simply want to see images of naked women, a tactic borrowed from the T.S.A.

Technology is growing at a staggering rate, and the amount of people who have significant computing skills is growing every day, thanks in part to the availability of devices such as iPhones, and iPads. Combined this with the power of the masses, such as the hacktivist group Anonymous, and you could end up with major security breaches.

Cell phone calls, and records have already been hacked. The Murdoch example is just one of many, Another recent example is the hacked emails from Stratfor. Each of these security breaches is significant, however imagine how much more severe it would be if someone could see what you are seeing, exactly where you are, etc.

A cloned device that only shows what the original device is "seeing" or doing would allow people to know exactly where a person is, who they are with, when they will be home, and a host of other issues. 

This article was a quick introduction in Google's Glass program, and some of the implications it imposes. Over the next few days, and weeks, more in depth articles will be written showing just how slippery a slope the Glass project can be. 


Friday, March 23, 2012

Strategic Family Therapy

"But there was also a fascination with strategies to outwit resistance and provoke families into changing, with or without their cooperation" - Family Therapy, Nichols 9th Edition

This is an excerpt from a book was very interesting. It shows, like many other eugenic type books, that families need to be broken down, with, or without their cooperation. 

The elite, and the N.W.O see the family as a massive problem for pushing forward their agenda. It is the family that stands in their way. It is the fathers, and sons who take up arms against all odds to defend their pride, their family, and their lively hood. 

As Hitler said:
First You Get the Women, Then You've Got the Children, So Follow the Men" -Adolph Hitler
Destroy the family, or change the family so that women are no longer mothers but must join the workforce, and fathers must work more, and more to support their "family". The new head of the household then becomes the state.

This is a corner stone of eugenics, and it is currently being taught in 2012 at colleges,  and universities across the country.

Disclaimer/Credits: The photo is a picture of the book mentioned, as is the underlying quote. All other material on this page, with the exception of quotations, are the original work of the author, and Xieon Politics *-- all rights reserved. 


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Invisible Children 2012: For The Children Kony Left Behind

Perhaps the slogan for Invisible Children should be "Invisible Children: Like the casualties we cause" or to match the fear mongering tone of the Kony 2012 video a more suitable "Invisible Children: For The Children Kony Left Behind".


Monday, March 12, 2012

Grassroots #ImpeachObama Movement - Peabody, Massacchusetts

Peabody, Mass  - In regards to the current proposed legislation to impeach President Obama barring certain contains as contained in:

112th Congress (2011-2012)H.CON.RES.107.IH
local grass roots activists have taken to the streets to let the voices be heard, loudly, and clearly that they want Obama impeached. 

It's exciting to see this type of brazen activism in Peabody, a typically democratic leaning city, in an overwhelmingly democratic state, bar Scott Brown. With that type of atmosphere one has to have a certain fortitude to stand outside a major through-way connecting several major cities, and transportation routes holding  up posters that portray Barack Obama as Adolf Hitler. 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Abolish #TSA - Use Funds To Pay Tax Payers Their Money

This year the I.R.S. is rife with problems. Due to problems with the "Wheres My Refund" system, and alleged problems resulting from a switch of software used for detecting fraudulent claims has led to many tax payers left in the dark about the status of their non-interest bearing funds.

The U.S. Government has plenty of funds for the T.S.A. which had a budget of about $53 million. Perhaps they should take the funds from that agency and move it over to another three letter agency, the I.R.S. That way they could fix their systems which are causing mass delays in the processing, and information regarding returns, for tax payers expecting refunds from the government on funds which are not paying interest in the extra delayed time.

Akfter weeks of the run around from various agents at the I.R.S. and representatives from various tax filing software companies such as Turbo Tax there has been some recent developments in the forms of statements that have she some light on the issue.
 Update: We are aware that some taxpayers who have filed electronically and received an acknowledgement from the IRS are concerned when they visit "Where's My Refund" and are told that we have no information regarding their return. This is a temporary situation, and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days. At that time, taxpayers will be able to get an expected refund date when they visit "Where's My Refund." If a taxpayer received an acknowledgment message that their e-filed tax return has been received, they can be assured that the IRS has the tax return even though "Where's My Refund" does not reflect that. Taxpayers should not call the IRS unless specifically directed by "Where's My Refund," as there is no new information to give them.< We expect the vast majority of tax refunds to continue to be issued within the historical range of 10 to 21 days. The IRS is taking steps to update information so that Where's My Refund has current information. The IRS apologizes for any inconvenience and will provide updated information as soon as possible.

It has been reported, from independent sources via Intunit Turbo Tax blog, that there was a backlog of returns from January 1st up until near January 26th got lumped together. Returns are now following a scheldule that is either matched up to this schedule, or ahead in some cases. Depending on how you elected to get your refund you may have to wait a day for it to be deposited, although from my understanding those who got the Turbo Tax card should get it on the 15th, since the I.R.S. will send a batch on the 15th, and the money is placed on the cards as it is received throughout the day. 


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Creepy No Privacy Message - Use Government Services, Have No Privacy

When using the I.R.S. online services, and what would be imagined to be mirrored on other government websites, a creepy no privacy message appears.

This message is extremely creepy, and vague. It boils down to the fact that if a citizen, of which the government should work for, wants to use a service that their taxes help pay for then they have no privacy of anything.

All activities means the government can simply claim a person is a terrorist, or not claim anything at all, and then no only monitor activities in relation to the service being used, but could justify monitoring background services, or any other information they want to "capture" or "copy" or maybe just "read" all of your e-mail.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Antique Image of Cold War Era "Mystery Monters" of the Sk

This picture was taken from a page in a magazine a friend of mine had. I plan on scanning the magazines in full, before they are lost in history.

This is my first part at preserving the past, a past where the country wasn't completely insane.

This picture shows the hysteria that was around the Russians, and their "mystery" flying "monsters". Of course the cold war is over, and the U.S. hasn't developed any better technology that they are keeping from the public. Additionally the vehicles are only mysteries to the average citizen, the government knows full well what they are, but cleverly placed articles like this one would be enough to scare a cold-war era family.

Similar to how "terrorism" seems to be everywhere. Strangely enough I haven't seen any terrorists that don't have security clearances and are on the payroll of the U.S. Government. Of course I didn't get a chance to see the terrorist with the security clearance, who hung out at the Pentagon, and was the scape goat for the Ft. Hood shooter, amongst other things. The reason why I, and the rest of the citizens will never get to see Mr. Anwar Al-Awlaki  is because the United States Government, and the President of the United States carried out the murder of a U.S. Citizen. 

Cold War Era Magazine Spread on "Mystery Monsters"
On a closing note; there may be mysterious monsters, but at least we know most of them reside in Washington D.C.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chris Wallace's Pathetic Jabs Towards Ron Paul

The behavior of Chris Wallace is just disgusting. This morning on Fox News Sunday he attempted to discredit Ron Paul time, after time, after time.

Chris Wallace constantly interrupted Dr. Paul, and the spin was heavily applied. Statements were made about "frankly racist" comments that were in his newsletter, however instead of giving Dr. Paul a question Wallace decided to simply make that statement appear as fact, before changing the subject to a book.

Wallace then decided to use even more despicable, clearly un-ethical journalistic practices, when he attempted to trick Dr. Paul in saying that HIV/AIDS is a homophobic disease, and he asked Dr. Paul if he thinks HIV/AIDS patients should be treated differently than people who contract "heterosexual" diseases.

The establishment is clearly out in force to try anything possible to discredit Ron Paul, however luckily Dr. Paul is much quicker than establishment hacks like Wallace, and didn't fall for the pathetic discrediting statements. Of course if Wallace had a Freudian slip, and it wasn't intentional, that simply makes him a hypocrite for attempting to invoke the gay rights movement against Dr. Paul.


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