Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The November 2010 Election Results

I will ultimately write an article giving more in depth views regarding the midterm November 2010 election, however, first and foremost, the Republican party won 6 out of the 10 needed seats in the Senate, lost 2 by a very close margin, and lost two straight. However, the Republican party has taken over the United States House.

Additionally the Republican party picked up several important Governerships, and seats in 19 various state legislatures.

The Guardian has provided great statistics in spreadsheet format for the election and included all the important statistical categories.
House Statistics -
Senate and Governorship Statistics

Additionally President Obama has given a speech about the election, and takes "responsibility" for the election results, however, essentially says that the American people are too impatient, and the only reason they voted as such was because they are too immature too see further down the road.

Additionally, I would like to get into more specifics of the elections on a per state basis, however, Alan Grayson was defeated, while Joe Wilson was re-elected.

From choosing between calling out the President a liar, and someone who says Republicans wan't you to die early, it's clear what the American people want.

Hopefully more and more in depth articles/blogs to come.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sneak Peak: Audio for Defeat Barney Frank Ad

Unfortunately when many think of Massachusetts' representation in Congress, many think of Barney Frank.

That statement above needs no further explanation. On November 2nd, 2010 Democrat Barney Frank needs to become akin to the sour aftertaste after a horrid, bitter drink. Luckily, such bad tastes can be washed away and Massachusetts can have a new flavor of politics, simply put, anything but Barney Frank.

Below is a sneak peak at an ad being run by in the final run up days to the November election. The video will be posted when made available.


Breaking News: Several explosive packages headed towards U.S. intercepted

Edit - Sun October 30th, 2010.
There have been several developments and new sources of information that have come out over the past day - however, multitasking as best as I can I cannot possibly keep up with changing news. 

The blog posting will remain as was when last edited, however, for the time being please look to other news outlets for the latest developments.

Breaking News*:

Update 5:30 PM EST: There has now been 5 packages confirmed, 2 containing explosives, 3 non-explosive. The packages were found in the U.S. (3), Dubai, and East Midland Airport U.K. The packages found in the US were shipped via U.P.S. There is some believe that this may have been a dry-run for a mail-bombing attack, however, that is currently speculation.


URGENT: Obama confirms a 'credible terrorist threat,' capping a tense daylong drama, in which federal authorities ground UPS planes at two airports and escort a passenger jet to N.Y. based on fears of a mail-bomb plot by Al Qaeda - ""

The United States military, and law enforcement agencies, along with allied forces have intercepted several packages containing explosives. These packages are believed to have originated from Yemen, and reports are their target was the same as the package addressee.

A live briefing is/was currently underway (4:45 PM EST) and can be viewed here:

During the early hours of this incident very little information was officially released, and now only very little is known. There are confirmed reports of two packages that got through Yemen, and were intercepted in Dubai, and East Midlands Airport in the United Kingdom. These packages were believed to be aimed at Jewish sites in the United Sites.

The large amount of uncertainty regarding these events have caused those who organized the attacks to achieve some level of success. A calm population in regards to terrorism is rapidly shifting towards fear and terror, one of the intended goals. Since there may be no way of knowing how many packages were sent, from where, or when, the allies against global terrorism are playing a real life game of mine-sweeper.

Although currently there has been no causalities, and pray that there are none, this series of attacks will certainly cause loses. Terrorists have been interested in airplanes and travel for a great deal of time. Passenger jets undergo increased scrutiny after 9-11, and failed personnel on airliner attacks such as the shoe-bomber, and underwear-bomber. The shift and increase in resources over increased screening for passengers and their cargo has unintentionally created a void in security for cargo jets.

Losses will come in the form of time, and money as a result of thia unfolding situation. Over the next few days cargo jets will undergo increased screening, with bring increased costs. Freight companies such as U.P.S. and FedEx will have to implement stricter policies, and there will likely be delays on goods, all of which cause financial causalities.

President Obama Addresses The Situation:

President Obama believes this to be a "credible terrorist threat"

*This blog post will be/is posted prematurely, as this is breaking news and constantly changing, the effort is to get the information out quickly, and correctly. This will be edited as new information comes in, however, be sure to stay tuned to other media in order to get the most accurate picture of the situation.


November 2nd, Election Day

November 2nd is Election Day - get out and vote for the changes we need to live better, more enjoyable and prosperous lives.

For those who wish to know more about Election Day -

(Please forgive the lack of posting, and the fact this is such a short post, I have been very busy, and will attempt to make more postings")

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Title Change & Anomininity

I have shortened the name of the blog from "Dave (Xieon) Harkins Politics" to "Xieon Politics". add

In doing so I would like to address the reason for doing so, as well as the issues of anonymity in the blog-o-sphere. I do not intend this to be an article format style post, nor do I intend to have it be a lengthy post.

Throughout the blog-o-sphere, as well the entire internet - from shady to legitimate - anonymity is both a sought out luxury and a cause for concern. In the early days of the internet, and much more so today, once something has been posted online it can never ultimately be removed.

From images, to words, whatever goes out over our increasingly fast means of communication can never be taken back.

With that in mind, people seek to hide behind screen names, or avatars, in order to post to the internet without having that content being linked to themselves "IRL" or "in real life". From bullying peers, bad-mouthing bosses, or illegal activity unless an average person triggers a F.B.I. suspected terrorism alert, chances are they will get away, with whatever they were trying to do, without anyone knowing it was them.

I speak of this because in changing the title of my blog I do NOT want to be seen as trying to add some level of anonymity to my blog. My full name has always been posted to this blog, and I will continue to list it in my contact information. Additionally, the name Xieon, is a name that I "coined" and with the exceptions of some rare internet occurrences, Xieon is often synonymous with myself.

I may be wrong in what I say, and I may change my views later down the line, however, I choose to utilize my First Amendment right, and express my thoughts. Doing this, as I have with this blog, may certainly have cost myself job positions, and altered somes perception of myself, however, I knew those risks when CHOOSING to not hide behind a name, but instead put myself on the line while expressing my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, or emotions.

New Blog
I have decided that I am going to attempt to run another blog, that will deal with different topics, aside from the political arena.

For anyone interested, the blog can be found here.

As always, anonymously - Dave (Xieon) Harkins


Sunday, October 3, 2010

2010 Midterm Elections - - Republican Senate?

For this article I am going to use the 2010 Senate Election map.

A good deal of political pundits, especially those in the center, or center left, understood that the Democrats would lose a few seats, however, they were not expecting the massive force accompanying the tea-party.

Many political scientists believed that the Republican party was in the mist of a civil war, promting statments such as,

"A battle for the Planet GOP is currently underway, pitting the RINOs against the EIPOs" - War Room,
For those who don't know a R.I.N.O. (rino) stands for Republican in name only. This group consists of those who change their party affiliation to get elected, such as Arlen Specter, or Republicans who do not vote for and address the Republican parties ideology.

A E.I.P.O. (eipo) stands for electable in primaries only. This group of people consists of those who often have strong Republican and Conservative believes, and often are affiliated with the tea-party movement. These qualities are no bad in themselves, however, when it comes to a general election pundits believe that they are too far right, or the Democrats will pull up some information, often skewed, and damage the campaign. Political scientists and pundits believe that the eipos are the new generation of the Republican party, and although excitement was gained in the primary fighting against a weak Republican they lack the skill to beat a strong Democrat.

I could not disagree more with the idea that Republicans elected a bunch of eipo's and are committing political suicide. Many political analyst fail to give credit to the massive force behind the "tea-party" movement. The biggest mistake they make is:

The TEA-PARTY movement is NOT a bus, it's NOT a town-hall, its NOT grass-roots, it IS A STATE OF MIND..

The tea party movement consists of so many people, and factors. Simply going through my inbox, I have ton's of e-mails about tea-party events, bus stops, information about candidates, how to get started,  etc. This is the movement that I believe will cause a major win for Republicans, and I believe that they will take back both houses of Congress, and several Governor positions.
Finally to election analysis:

According to this weeks data (needs to be updated):

Republican guarenteed: 47
Democrat Guaranteed: 47
Toss Up: 4
Other: 2 (I counted 3 other states, there are not 51 states, but I'll go with it)

Toss Up State /                Lead             / Voted in 2008
Illinois                            Rep + 1          Dem +23.4
Nevada                           Dem + 1        N/A
Washington                    Dem + 3        N/A
West Virginia                 Rep _2           Dem +20.6

Other                                Lead             Voted in 2008
Alaska                            Rep +6           Dem +4.4
Colorado                        Rep +6           Dem +11.4
Missouri                        Rep +7           N/A

My State
Connecticut                   Dem +3      

First let me start off with Connecticut. I believe that there is a ton of momentum behind McMahon, and assuming she can keep this up, and continue to expose herself as fiscally responsible, and showing ad's of her opponent lying, she should win. This would give Rep 48 / Dem 46

Other States -
Alaska: I think Alaska is going to go Republican. Regardless of what happens they still like Sarah Palin, she still brought some spotlight to Alaska, and she'll always bee the home-town girl. They only just managed to vote by 4 points in 08, and with a +6 point lead, I think they will win, if there is good voter turnout.  Rep 49 / Dem 45

I have not done a great deal of research but I believe that Colorado can maintain it's lead and make it Rep 50 / Dem 44

Nevada is a great state to watch, getting rid of Reid would be excellent, we need someone fresh. It's only a 1 point difference. People need to get active in Nevada, the tea-party express certainly should stop here. Over 70% of people disapprove of the Congress, that needs to be the selling point. Don't go after Reid, but Congress, then link them together and done.

There is still 4 weeks left until the election, and until more is known snout the other states I'm going to skip those states for now.

Ultimately the Republicans don't need 51 votes, because every vote away from the Democrats, or more importantly the liberals, is a great victory.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

CNN's Rick Sanchez Ironically Fired for Bigot Comment

CNN's Rick Sanchez has been fired from CNN after making some inappropriate comments. Exactky what did Sanchez do? He called "The Daily Show" host John Stewart a bigot.
 Sanchez pointed to Stewart as an example, calling The Daily Show host a "bigot" and alleging that he only surrounds himself with people like him. "He can't relate to a guy like me," Sanchez said. "He can't relate to somebody who grew up poor."(1)

The irony of this situation is not missed. If anyone knows about being a bigot then Sanchez is the man for the job.

Rick Sanchez has a far-left view, and is particularly a reverse racist. Sanchez believes that average white American is a racist, and doesn't hide his views.

"Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company. We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well" is all the media giant had to say about Sanchez in a recent statement. (2)

The transcript of the radio show, which garnered this controversy, can be found here.

Hopefully no one misses the great irony here !


Friday, October 1, 2010

Massachusetts: Cahill's runnig mate drops out - Cahill remains.

Tim Cahill(I) has proven to be quite the stubborn person. From claims of tax evasion, to claims of misuse of funds regarding the Massachusetts Lottery for campaign purposes, and now in the latest blatantly obvious sign Cahill needs to drop out of the race - his running mate has dropped out, and endorsed his opponent.

Today Cahill's running mate dropped out of the race for the Governor of Massachusetts, with only a month before the November'10 elections. He not only dropped out, but has now put his support behind Charlie Baker (R).


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Obama administration the most necessary and influential presidency of this generation.

Obama administration the most necessary and influential presidency of this generation.

For those who have read, or know of, my views the above statement may come as a complete shock, surely it must be satirical commentary based upon the inherent failings of the Obama Administration. While I could easily write wit filled article on that subject, this is not satire, but truth.

The Obama Administration very well may, and it's likely-hood is rapidly increasing, both the most influential and necessary administration for this current generation.

I will focus on three words from the last sentence throughout this piece, of which I chose carefully and specifically; influential, necessary, and generation. Along with a theme stemming from a question I recently was asked  

Which is more important, actual experiences, or the memories that remain when the experiences  are over?

Influential:  There is a lot of disdain for the Obama Administration and rightfully so, the policies have led the country far from where our founding fathers would've imagine, however, because of said policies a political force has been awoken from the sleeping electorate. A mass of people who never attended a town hall meeting, or written a political blog, an entire "tea-party" movement arose because of this administration. Had the administration been more passive, and more close to center, it is unlikely that such events would've taken place. Some may argue that would be much better, we would be in better shape, however, there eventually would come another day, with another politician, who would be equally or more at odds with the American public than Obama. Which leads into generation:

Generation: If war is inevitable, it is only the selfish who say why fight today when we can fight tommorow instead. We should be thankful that the Obama Administration came during this time, for it is us who will have to fight on the front lines, today, in hopes that our children will have a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately there will be those of us who will suffer the consequences of the administrations policies, however, we are a nation that has never been afraid of sacrifice. We were founded by a group of men who believe that through their own personal sacrifice, they would create something that would enrich the lives of countless generations. I am personally happy that I have to deal with the Obama administration, that I have to fight this political war, as we all should be, for although our generation may be lost, we must look to the future, we musn't be selfish.

Necessary: Similar to influential, in the fact that we needed something to wake us up from the political daze we've been experiencing, but by definition influence means that we choose to rise up in face of the circumstances. What was necessary was the pains that we have felt, the anger, the outrage. The fact that money is being spent in outrageous ways when we give our sweat, blood, and tears to earn it, only to have it sent god knows where. The fact that our military is being disgraced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, that fact that our president resembles more of a dictator than a representative for the people.

These pains I believe have been the greatest caused by any administration. For in the past there have been political blunders, only to be forgotten, and as the saying goes "those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it", and relived. However it is necessary that we face such extraordinary pains at the hands of our own elected leader for long after the experience fade, the memories will remain.

The Obama Administration has caused the necessary pains upon the people of the United States, which was the influence leading to the tipping point, of which this generation may suffer, but we will not allow future ones to endure what we were forced to. Long after this administration is gone, the memories will linger, and the American people will remember what led them down this road, and won't be so quick, or blind, to allow it to happen again.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Normally I would write articles only relating to politics, but in lieu of my recent hiatus from commentary, and wanting to write an article that has more importance, especially directly, than the more than often obfuscated from reality politics - in essence something that is not just an opinion, but a direct call to arms to help save countless lifes.

The PlzSquuze project is a project that originated from DeviantArt, and what initally started as a joke, has turned into a great cause to spread awareness and shock some sense into people. It aims to spread awareness about breast cancer.

I spent a great deal of time trying to find a quote that best illustrates this project, and although I am not fully satisfied I have decided to go with the following:
“Most people have seen worse things in private than they pretend to be shocked at in public” ~ Edgar Watson Howe

The reason for this quote is because the purpose of the project is to create a mosaic of people squeezing their breasts. It is both satirical and serious at the same time, and perhaps that is the medium needed to get peoples attention.
Everyone see's them self naked, everyone touches them self in some way every day, and these are occurrences that we go about routinely without ever putting much thought into them. In our ever increasing busy lives, some people find 5 seconds hard to come by, and some thing that they possibly will not be affected, or choose to simply ignore those thoughts that arn't pleasant, however, find one person who has lost someone breast cancer, or find one person who has breast cancer, and ask them what they wouldn't give to turn back time and "PlzSqueeze" for just 5 seconds.

There have been numerous ad campaigns designed at spreading awareness, but sadly both men and women are developing this disease that is almost completely curable if detected early at a staggering rate, therefor I come back to the initial quote.

Most people are not shocked to think about their own bodies, or have negative connotations about touching themselves, when in the privacy of their own home, however, the sociital norm has become that images of people squeezing their breasts would be controversial, and that is exactly the point.

PlzSqueeze is not pornographic in any nature, and pictures of men, women, black, white, of all creeds and colors, squeezing their breasts are being made into a mosaic, with the hopes that, and pardon my language, "Did you see the picture of all those people squeezing their tits", and maybe curiosity gets the better of someone and they check it out, and the more controversial the faster it spreads.

Long gone are the days of text only ad's in women only magazines, pink ribbions are great, but the rate of people waking up compared to the rate this disease is outstounding.

So if the please squeeze campaign shocks anyone, offends anyone, makes anybody think twice about it, or burns an image in their mind - GOOD, because then maybe they will take the 5 seconds to "PlzSqueeze" and help prevent breast cancer.

The original deviantart article can be found here:
A link to an example of 24 participants showing what this project is about is located here:
and of course, I wouldn't expect others to do something I myself would not do:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forgive my lack of posting.

Although I have clearly have had injuries over the past several months the fact that both the quality, and the quantity of my posts and columns have decreased is discouraging.

I have strong convictions in the beliefs I fight to defend, and the views I put forth on this blog, and while I am certainly not one of the most influential people, it is the believe that one person can make a difference that sets the course of our country of which I must continue to believe in, and in turn continue to publish pieces.

I feel ashamed that I have no kept as up to date with the current political scene, as I have no excuse for doing so, however, I can assure, for those who actually do read my words that I will continue to fight, use our nation's strongest weapon, the pen, and both the quanity and quality of my works will drastically increase.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read what I've written, those who agree, and those who believe that through spirited debate the best results are yielded.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Forgive my lack of commentary over the past months, but I felt that today, Memorial Day 2010, was deserving at the minimum a few words.

I have the utmost respect for those who have lost their lives, empathy for those families that were torn apart, and bittersweet relieve that my heart has not yet, and hopefully will not, experience the stress and strains of war first hand.

Thankfully, as a country, we have not yet lost that basic instinct that reflects my feelings stated above. Those stopped on the streets, have no yet lost all sense of virtue and valor, and regardless of if the war is the right war, the immeasurable amount of damage, both physically and collaterally, caused by the deaths of thousands. We have not yet become so cold and hardened by the constant barrage of violence, that we are so often blind to, in our everyday life, and war, however now more liberally, is still a term capable of evoking the strongest of human emotions.

Although it is saddening in it's own right, to quote myself, "have not yet lost all sense of virtue and valor....have not yet become so cold and hardened". Foreshadowing a discouraging future for ourselves filled without feeling or empathy. It is not what is truly saddening about today.

A memorial is defined as "something designed to preserve the memory of a person, event, etc., as a monument or a holiday." The fact that over decades of gruesome bloodshed, countless deaths, and immeasurable destruction, requires a specific day to remember, is troubling. Even worse, when the time of year rolls around when we are selfishly asked to take but a moment of our time and set it aside, what we remember, what is in memorandum is not the men who have lost their lives, but rather dormant memories stirred up, of faceless wars, and nameless victims. We are more likely to remember a significant news reel clip of an air raid, than the name of a neighbor down the street who perished in the perils of war.

In today's society, with information moving at a remarkable speed, and social media replacing face to face interaction, a person's death is more likely to become a face book group, joined by friends, with a few wall posting, and after sometime only but the closest remain, if that, because when we must highlight our interests, a group for lost fans trumps a group of a fallen soldier. This is sadly, an at best case scenario.

If any good is to come from Memorial Day, it is that we must truly remember that war dose come at a cost, but not at the cost of rebuilding a torn down city, and that it is not a faceless war. War comes at the cost of thousands of lives, and each one of those people had a name, a face, an entire life. We need to remember that somewhere a little girl's father will not be reading her a bedtime story, an engagement will never be turned into a marriage, and even the most mundane to some, a jig-saw puzzle may never have the final few pieces put in.

We go through our ever increasingly busy lives, tweeting about what we've had for breakfast, and doing the most trivial of tasks, while ignoring, through ignorance or choice, the reasons why we're able to do just that. What we don't realize is that there are those who are plucked out of the daily grind of life, and inserted into hell. Those who return often are failed to be honored, and must attempt to assimilate back into "life" as if they were never gone, while those, who some would argue have the better of fortunes, don't return only to have their memory lost amongst the other faceless casualties.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Bill Maher's latest attack on our troops.

In his latest disgusting antic, progressive Bill Maher says "we love our military the way Michael Vick loves dogs".

It is disgusting the way the progressives have a hatred for our country, and the men and women who fight to allow such disgraceful people the freedom of speech. It is also sad that people like Bill Maher and Janeane Garofalo have become the voice, and icons of the progressive movement. They are not denounced, because their ideas are actually right on par, and the left gives the applause, as well as outlets for their disgraceful comments.

It's sad that to become relevant in the left, you simply need to hate the United States, most of the Hollywood hacks on the left, have the same skills and experience that the Washington hacks on the left have.

Below is the video of the lefts prized scumbag:


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Memorandum of Rep. John Murtha (D) Pennsylvania

Yesterday Washington lost one of it's oldest, and longest standing members of Congress, Rep. John Murtha (D) Pennsylvania. First and foremost I would like to give my condolences to his family, and loved ones, and may they grieve in peace, and I hope that they have some faith that allows them courage and strength, and the prospect of brighter days ahead for both themselves, and Rep. Murtha, may his body rest in peace, and his soul find some eternal harmony amongst the heavens.

Secondly, although I do no politically agree with most of Murtha's views, and his passing opens up an unique political door, allowing for a special election, and following Browns Massachusetts victory, the possibility for a Republican to gain another strict Democrat seat, those of us must remember that a man has lost his live, and there is a family without one of their members. I am afraid that those on the right will smear our image with remarks made without much thought, or respect. Again, I will be the first to agree that his passing has given the right a great political tool, but we mustn't as a party, or a people, become so divisive, so entangled in politics, in parties, and massive government squabbles, that we rally in the death of our political opponents, if only to fill their still warm seats with members of our own political party.  We must remember, that we are all Americans, one nation under god, that we all have a family, and that we must not continue down the road of big G government, where the first remarks after a mans death, a man of great political achievements throughout his career, is that it is an opportunity to turn the political tides. If we have become a nation that is that divisive, then we have become a nation that will soon fall.

So please I ask, keep remarks regarding the passing of Rep. Murtha in good taste, and remember that before all, before parties, and politics, vote counting, and political polls, special elections, and politics, a man has still lost his life, and we must be a nation that values life above all, we must strive for a government that embraces "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", and must not lose sight of what is really important.

I am deeply afraid that some may not hear this warning, and will hastily make comments and editorials that lose sight of what is truly important. We must become a nation where real people are involved. A nation that considers the individuals, people who shouldn't be used as a means to an end, and not simply larger than life institutions and academic what if's, for nothing should be larger than life, especially government.

1) The above image was taken from a Huffington post web page, and all rights are subject to it's original photographer - the original URL can be found here

Monday, February 8, 2010

Green Police Superbowl Ad - Not to far off with liberals in charge

If the Obama administration and the liberals get their way, this might not be to far off. Don't be surprised if you have to go down to the corner and meet a guy to get a regular light bulb, $10 per bulb if you know the right person.


Friday, January 29, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Open Letter to President Obama in response to the State of the Union Address(11/28/10)

In response to President Obama's Thursday night (January 28th, 2010) State of the Union Address, Rush Limbaugh has written an open letter to President Obama.

This is an amazing speech from Rush Limbaugh, and Rush manages to perfectly capture and reflect the anger the American people have with a President who believes he is a messiah, rather than a civil servant. Rush demonstrates point after point, with great veracity, the extent of the great Obama failure, and derailment.

For those of you who've already heard the speech, then you know, and hopefully are, one of the people in the growing majority of American's are disenfranchised, and disheartened, and many regretful, that a President of the United States was elected, who in so many ways not only hates America, but he embodies all that our founding fathers fought to remain at bay, and away from our great nation. For thankfully, I, as does Rush, believe there is an awakening among the sleeping giant that is the once silent, and all too passive electorate of the American people. For when cigarettes were taxed too high, it was only those who smoked who took issue, and little issue at that. Example after example can be given of American's rights, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness slowly, and often secretly behind closed doors, or worse openly, and arrogantly in display in front of the people, of which Barack Obama believe would constantly remain silent, with nothing more than a whisper of dissent, as has been the case for all too long. However, what Barack Obama, and his Ivy League political dream team failed to see, was that when the American people were made aware that the very roots of all of their freedoms, and liberties, not simply the ones they choose, as well as those of their neighbors, and worse their children and children of unborn generations, they would awaken from their slumber with power and conviction the likes of which was thought to be that only of Ivy League political "what if's" as demonstrated with Scott Brown's victory.

The American people have taken for granted what the founding fathers bestowed upon us, and with the vision of that being entirely destroyed, by the ever expanding freedom devouring Obama big G Government, and the thought of our children children growing up in a society that's failure can only be imagined, and not fully grasped, similar to wrapping ones head around how much money the trillions of dollars of national debt Obama has amassed really is. This will continue no more, and never again. The giant has been awoken, and is angry as all hell, with each passing day, the roars will grow yet louder.and that battles on the political battlefield will be fought as if they were truly fighting for their lives, of which they may very well be.

In the now infamous words of Rahm Emanuel, never let a crises go to waste, and as Rush pointed out so brilliantly in his letter to Obama, the left, the democrats, and Obama are a mix a political crises the likes of which has never been seen. The American people will not let them go to waste, and with a fire burning deep in their belly they will tirelessly and endlessly pursue a greater society than that of socialism, Marxism, fascism, or Obamanism, a style of government and society that was once unique and thought only to be able to fail, and instead has show what men of conviction and strength, of faith and personal sacrifice and motivation, can accomplish. A free market democratic republic, this will be ours again. The long overdue political heads will roll, and America will once again shine with the beauty and resilience that has made her the envy of the world.

For those who already haven't heard the amazingly hot internet wildfire of Rush Limbaugh speech, it is posted below, and also on

The transcript can be found on Rush Limbaugh's website - here

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama wanted the Christmas day bomber to succeed - and Americans are worthless to him

Unfortunately I believe that President Obama's deep-seeded hatred for America goes so deep, that he values the lives of almost 300 American citizens, as intrinsically worthless.

Worthless in an intrinsic perspective, families ruined torn apart, husbands and wives widowed, children growing up without parents. Generations of American citizens whose lives would be ultimately altered for ever as terrorists drive a dagger of fear through their hearts and leave them with nothing but memories of those they loved, who were used as pawns in an ongoing war on Muslim extremism.

However, the death of 278 Americans that would've come from the successful destruction of Northwest Airlines flight 253, as initially planned by Al-Quidea trained Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, would've been political gold in the eyes of our socialist bound disgrace for a President Barrack Hussein Obama.

Those deaths would've stood as a perfect backdrop for "our" Presidents apologies, that while the deaths of the American citizens were worthless, meaningless, just faces lost in time due to their nation’s alleged atrocities. Obama would claim that it is unacceptable that the United States has caused such harm to the world, that there are those willing to kill us simply because we are Americans.

The United States must not be a caring enough country, and if only we had helped the Nigerian people more, then perhaps we wouldn't have to toss a few more bodies in the ground of the Earth that the United States is unfairly ravishing of it's resources, while simultaneously winding down the sustainability clock with our pollution, carbon footprints, and sole perpetrators of a now almost irreversible climate change, that will cleanse the Earth of not only the disrespectful and destructive Americans, but all of humanity, who clearly don't deserve to suffer from something which they didn't benefit, and couldn't control.

If only the United States had not been such an imperialistic country, with men of such little conscious, that they leave villages burning during war, sickly enjoying the screams of the dying as a victory song, as they march away from the innocent murdered, and raped, in cold blood, as well as those who we left with nothing, only suffering, and the remembrance of who caused all their pain and agony - the United States.

I am sorry that President Obama didn't receive his political goal, however, with his handling of terrorism, there will be many more opportunities for Obama to preen himself in front of caskets, blaming the innocent dead for their own deaths, mocking them and their families. Those who aren't as sophisticated as our young inexperienced President, and don't follow in his ideals, simply are too stupid too see. Their very existence, their very being, warrants their death.

Never in history have I seen a President with such disregard for the citizens he is sworn to serve. A President who values an American life, citizen or soldier, as nothing more than political capital, because being American in it of itself is a crime punishable by death from those who aren't as fortunate. Those who don't win the reproductive dice game, and are born in a country other than the United States, where we show off our trophies of rape, torture, and destruction, with lavish televisions, and cars, go on expensive trips to Paris or New York just to take our wife's out. To those who are born in countries made to be victims, and therein given the ultimate gift to a victim, to deny they had any control. That the circumstances of their life are based not upon will power, creativity, the strive for success and innovation, but rather from the United States taking more than it's fair share of success, and leaving everyone else to fail. Continuously holding down the world from experiences the lavish luxuries, after all, the United States was handed a golden gift from God, and never had to work to earn and innovate, so why should the rest of the world.

From a President who hates capitalism, America, and the American people, I believe that he is truly saddened that more American's were not murdered by those seeking to strike fear and terror into our hearts. For clearly anyone willing to commit such acts, must do so out of shear desperation, for they are willing to take their own life, and to kill others, because the oppression of the United States is so great, that their people as a whole cannot collectively gather enough will power, desire, and drive, to pick them self up from their bootstraps and constructively establish societies. They are not lazy, or greedy, but they clearly have no other options. The United States has blocked every chance for their success, so the only noble option, is to attempt to kill Americans, and topple the United States, for it is the only way their children may have a chance at living a decent life.

And in that, I am sorry Mr. President. I am sorry you do not have any caskets to stand in front of, and I am sorry that from your actions I have reached such conclusions, and that the level of your elitism, and hatred for America and capitalism, and your implied acceptance of terrorism for that Americans some how deserve to die for being successful is despicable, and if the founding fathers ever thought a man such as yourself would be President, I have no doubt they would abandon all attempts to create a United States, for your Presidency alone is the single greatest failure of our once great nation.


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