Thursday, October 28, 2010

Title Change & Anomininity

I have shortened the name of the blog from "Dave (Xieon) Harkins Politics" to "Xieon Politics". add

In doing so I would like to address the reason for doing so, as well as the issues of anonymity in the blog-o-sphere. I do not intend this to be an article format style post, nor do I intend to have it be a lengthy post.

Throughout the blog-o-sphere, as well the entire internet - from shady to legitimate - anonymity is both a sought out luxury and a cause for concern. In the early days of the internet, and much more so today, once something has been posted online it can never ultimately be removed.

From images, to words, whatever goes out over our increasingly fast means of communication can never be taken back.

With that in mind, people seek to hide behind screen names, or avatars, in order to post to the internet without having that content being linked to themselves "IRL" or "in real life". From bullying peers, bad-mouthing bosses, or illegal activity unless an average person triggers a F.B.I. suspected terrorism alert, chances are they will get away, with whatever they were trying to do, without anyone knowing it was them.

I speak of this because in changing the title of my blog I do NOT want to be seen as trying to add some level of anonymity to my blog. My full name has always been posted to this blog, and I will continue to list it in my contact information. Additionally, the name Xieon, is a name that I "coined" and with the exceptions of some rare internet occurrences, Xieon is often synonymous with myself.

I may be wrong in what I say, and I may change my views later down the line, however, I choose to utilize my First Amendment right, and express my thoughts. Doing this, as I have with this blog, may certainly have cost myself job positions, and altered somes perception of myself, however, I knew those risks when CHOOSING to not hide behind a name, but instead put myself on the line while expressing my thoughts, beliefs, ideas, or emotions.

New Blog
I have decided that I am going to attempt to run another blog, that will deal with different topics, aside from the political arena.

For anyone interested, the blog can be found here.

As always, anonymously - Dave (Xieon) Harkins


A new disclaimer is currently being written, and will be posted in this space when available.