Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Truth Behind Angelina Jolie and her Double Masectomy

While speaking with friends today I realized that I have never published my article on Angelina Jolie, and no longer have the draft which is unfortunate because I lost a lot of connected dots.

Most are aware that Angelina Jolie underwent a double voluntary mastectomy. That is likely the extent people heard of this. However, there is a machine working behind Angelina Jolie in a scientifically cold fashion that puts Angelina to shame for everything she alleges to be.

Angelina claims to be a "feminst" and promoting womans issues. Her double mastectomy was hearled as a great feminist move, by giving woman the chance to determine if they have a gene that could lead to breast cancer, and remove the threat before it becomes malignant and spreads. If she was really a feminist she would be embracing the female figure, the shape of the goddess, the clearly female image full with breasts. Instead of focusing on how thousands of women are being maimed, and disfigured by having breast cancer, and how a large part of their external feminism is taken from them, she instead engages on a fear propaganda parade scaring woman into think that they need to get this new test. They too may be able to prevent getting breast cancer later on in life if they catch the gene, and remove the breasts early. A true feminist should be outraged that the female figure of beauty is being destroyed, and Angelina claims to be a feminist saying that the removal of breasts that is horrible when done due to cancer, should be voluntary.

The break down of society, the blurring of gender lines, the destruction of what is typically masculine, and feminine is one aspect of Angelina Jolies stunt, which exactly what is what.

Another aspect of her stunt was the timing. Angelina was featured on the May, 2013 cover of Time Magazine, which had the effect of spreading her story far, and gaining a massive amount of publicity. There were scores of young woman who saw Angelina as being "brave" for what she did, and they they too should take the test to possibly save themselves from the future.
angelina jolie
The reason this timing is so important is because the company that offered the testing, which Angelina used to determine she had the gene, is known as Myriad Genetics. This company is in the buisness of isolating human genes, and then patenting them meaning anyone who wants to use their test, has to pay their price, and if another Dr does the test for a lower income patient for less they will get sued by Myriad's massive legal department. The test would cost as little as $100 if it was unregulated, on average it's $4000 while Myriad held the patent. Myriad Genetics was involved in a landmark U.S. Supreme Court Case in which the Supreme Court would determine if a company could patent genes, and in effect basically decide who lives, and dies on who can afford their treatment.

The Supreme Court issued their decision on June 13th, 2013 in an unanimous decision rejected Myriads position of patenting genes, and thus barring Myriad of any companies in the future from doing the same thing. It shouldn't take a great deal of critical thinking to understand why patenting parts of the human body is at the best unethical, and at worst strictly evil. It's no conincidence that a month before the decision Angelina had a huge publicity stunt, featured on numerous news shows, articles, across the internet, and on the cover of time. This was to turn public opinion in favor of companies such as Myriad, potentially swaying the courts decision.

The third aspect of Angelina's stunt is it's using misinformation, complicated scientific jargon many don't understand, and in some cases just lying to push an agenda to make money. First the BRCA1 gene which is tested for - is present in every living mammal. If you inherent a single copy from your parent that has the mutation that causes cancer then the test would be understandable, however, science shows that the majority of cases are caused by external variables, and that a person with a healthy BRCA1 gene can over time undergo the mutation. One of the reasons breast cancer is on such a massive rise is because of all the cancer causing chemicals in the environment mimic estrogen, and the breasts of a female experience several stages of new cell growth, birth, puberty, pregnancy, meta-pose.

Here is an excellent medical journal study exposing the problem, that was just published this year. There are several statistic that stand out, and it's hard to pick just one to illustrate the magnitude of this scientific hoax.
Of the 251 women who strongly considered CPM, we found that those who ultimately received CPM (n = 81) were significantly different from those who ultimately received UM or BCS (n = 170). The former group was significantly more often white (71.6% vs 22.9%) (P < .001), highly educated (88.9% vs 44.9%) (P < .001)
Interesting that of the study group the women who underwent having both their breast removed were highly educated white women. Would it be a stretch to assume they probably could afford the $4000 tests of which the poorer minorities could no way afford. I encourage readers to read my article "Abortion, Murder, and Run Down Conditions - A look at Planned Parenthood"  which gives much more abortions to those below the poverty line, than even those hovering around it, most are minorities, and they somehow save millions on operating costs, plus PP was originally a eugenics organization. This is similar, drive up fear of a deadly disease, and the need for a test to detect it. Those who can pay, will pay. Those who can't, won't. Either way people will still develop cancer, and pay at that stage, but this allows the medical industry to suck out extra money from the wealthy who get their medical advice from Angelina Jolie.



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