Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Abortion, Murder, and Run Down Conditions - A Look at Planned Parenthood

Yesterday a Philadelphia Dr. was convicted of murder for his role in terminating the life of babies that were born as a result of a failed abortion.

Many people, on both sides of the abortion debate, fail to see the significance of such a decision, assuming it gets upheld. This case, or cases similar to it, very well may force the Supreme Court to re-visit Roe v. Wade.

A particularly interesting aspect of the case is that it has been alleged that the tipping point for the jury wasn't the acts committed in this case, but rather the conditions in which the acts had taken place. The clinic where this Dr. murdered babies was described as a filth ridden clinic, and not a glistening white pristine operating room. Further in the article it's illustrated why such clinics are in such deplorable conditions.

The reason that this is so important is because it follows a controversial Senate testimony from the head of Planned Parenthood, which is the worlds largest abortion program. The testimony revolved around the issue of what should happen if a Dr. preformed an abortion, and it failed resulting in the live birth of the child.

Planned Parenthood is an organization that has faced harsh backlash, especially from the Christian community, for their believe in when live begins. They believe that live begins at birth, and not at conception, which is the basis for their pro-abortion programs.

There would be an inherent hypocrisy if Planned Parenthood were to state that failed abortions that result in a live birth should have the Dr and staff try as hard as possible to save the live of the child, as well as considering the health, and live of the mother. If the Dr. were not performing some godlike operation in which through course were able to convert a non-living segment of flesh into a live human then such a contradiction would not exist, however no such case has ever been made.

Therefor it follows that a baby that is born alive after a failed abortion, would have been alive previous to the abortion. It would then open up an entire Pandora's box for Planned Parenthood because the Dr's performing abortions would have no way of knowing if a baby will be able to live, albeit miraculously, and may unknowingly be violating their Hippocratic oath, and committing murder.

The recent conviction, and sentencing of life in prison, of a Dr. who was terminating the life of babies born as the result of failed abortions shows that this is not merely a thought experiment, but that it has real world implications, and even further that such acts are already being carried out.

It should come as no surprise that Planned Parenthood wouldn't advocate for saving the life of babies born as a failed abortion, and that rather the that babies live should be terminated. That is because that Planned Parenthood is an organization based upon death. Their own numbers show that the 78% of their patients are at 150% or below the poverty level, and that 71% of their services are that of "prevent[ing] unintended pregnancies".

Planned Parenthood estimates that about 5million people receive their services worldwide. That means that 3,550,000 people each year receive services to prevent unintended pregnancies and of those 2,796,000 were below 150% of the federal poverty level. They have an annual operating budget of  $1,111,700,000 of which only 17% goes to actual abortion services which amounts to 188,989,000. An average abortion ran $468 in the U.S. in 2001 (Guttmacher Institute Study 2001).  This means that the cost to cover only their poor patients abortions would be $1,392,408,000.

That means that Planned Parenthood is somehow saving over 280 million dollars on the cost of abortions. Is it any shock that many of these poor areas receive poor care, especially extrapolated from the care given to women in the U.S., as illustrated by this recent case.

From their own words, and numbers Planned Parenthood is an organization that is devoted to Eugenics, ,and not the reproductive health of women worldwide who have unintended pregnancies.  Is should be no surprise that Dr's carrying out abortions commit, and are convicted of murder.

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