Friday, October 30, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Change Bill - Destruction of U.S. Sovereignty

U.S. sovereignty is at great risk from the upcoming Copenhagen summit on climate change, formally global warming untill that was debunked.

President Obama is poised to cede U.S. sovereignty to a new global government that will be set-up to both monitor and enforce climate change initiatives, that will not only limit the amount of carbon, but will be used to redistribute massive amounts of wealth from the United States to smaller, underdeveloped countries.

Thankfully what is left of the Constitution protects us since it requires two-thirds of the United States Senate, however, the Democrats may gather enough RINO's to effectively ratify this horrible treaty. We must NOT allow this treaty to be signed, not only because it will ruin the economy, but because we will NEVER be allowed to exit the treaty. To leave a treaty it requires that other nations in the treaty voting to allow us to leave, which will never happen since the United States will be supplying most of the redistributed wealth.

There is currently a draft of the climate change treaty which can be read and clearly illustrates the destruction that will be delivered onto the United States.

Below is a video of Glenn Beck, Lord Monckton, and John Bolton discussing the climate change treaty -


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Liberal Take-over of Halloween

For those who don't know Halloween is a religious holiday, Christian at that, which must drive the religion-hating, anti-Christmas holiday party, atheists completely crazy.

Although one may think that the far-left would attack All Hallows Eve for being a symbol, however vaguely in modern times, of religion I have seen barely any of the opposition that removed Christmas parties I once enjoyed as a child in elementary school.

Why has the left seemingly abandoned their own playbook? Perhaps because they instead may simply be referring to a tactic from a different page.

One of the few things the left may love as equally or perhaps more than those Americans of any faith, their principles, believes, and holidays, is creating entitlements and spreading the wealth.

I predict it may not be long before the "American Fair Candy Distribution Act" is passed. The first provision of this bill will be to require those above the poverty line to purchase candy.  However, the candy-purchase mandate will require candy be purchased on the candy-exchange market place, run by the federal government, in order to provide competition to the evil candy companies (after all Hershey's has a higher profit percentage than the evil insurance companies). Besides who wouldn't want the public, I mean consumer, option of purchasing an Obama-Bar.

The second provision of the bill states that those children whose parents sit around waiting for handouts from the government instead of utilizing the American capitalistic free-market system (for whats left of it) and get a job, receive two pieces of candy, whereas those children whose parents are members of the middle or upper class are only allowed to receive one piece of candy. The playing field must be leveled so "the masses" can have adequate and fair candy consumption.

As far as the Republican amendment to the bill which would ban illegal immigrants from receiving candy was defeated along party lines, and citizens will now be forced to pay for the candy consumption of illegal immigrants, or should I say undocumented workers.

It may be Halloween, but sadly this is not a trick, and after the seemingly inevitable health care overhaul passage this may not be too far off and clearly will not be a treat.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nancy Pelosi and the White House war against FOX

The Obama administration, and the far left have been using typical Chicago style politics, and key Alinsky tactic, and smearing those who hold opposing views, from individuals such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, to talk radio and teaparty goers, up to the most recent addition to the enemies list FOX News.

The left cannot fathom that there are those who hold opposing views to their own. Since they cannot debate on the merits or facts of their argument they instead turn to smearing, insulting, or possibly just ignoring, those who they do not agree with. During the town hall and teaparty protests those opposing the far left agenda were considered "hate mongers", "race-baiters", all the way up to "racists" and "Nazi's". In recent weeks the left has fabricated quotations associated with Rush Limbaugh, implying he was a racist and supported slavery, in an effort to block his bid for minority owner of the St. Louis Rams.

Speaker of the House, and warden of the D.C. Swamp of flith, Nancy Pelosi is no stranger to the lefts tactics of smearing and demeaning those who have opposing views. She refered to teaparty goes as astro-turf, and implied they were organized by the vast right wing conspiracy, since they clearly couldn't hold genuine opposition to the lefts ideology, which again the left cannot fathom is possible. In Speaker Pelosi's latest attack she continued the assult against FOX News.

The assault against FOX began when the White House barred administration officials from appearing on any FOX programming. Weeks later White House Communications Director (czar) and noted Mao supporter stated when refering to Fox-
 "As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don't need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave."
Later David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, in a coordinated effort, simulatanously appeared on two different networks supporting the White Houses view that FOX wasn't a legitimate news organization, and that other news networks shouldn't follow in their footsteps. Clearly the administration is afraid that the fringe media who is typically so willing to bend over for the Obama administration, may begin to ask questions, and hold the administration accountable, such as the programming on FOX reguarly does, as with the breaking of the ACORN, czar, and Mao praiser controversies.

Following the White House dadies giving a firm spanking to the former main stream media, the White House then attempted to ban FOX reporters in the pool from interviewing the "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg. The White House greatly underestimated the character of the major networks, of which Annita Dunn boasted they controled, who sensed a serious First Amendment Violation, and came to the defense of FOX news.  In a clear damage control effort the White House threw a low-level treasury offical under the bus by claiming that the snubbing of FOX news came from that officals mistake, and not the administration as a whole.

Now a veteran soldier of the lefts smear war, swamp warden, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated -
"That Fox regularly grants access to Republican Congressman to spread their lies and propaganda on their airwaves is a violation of the public trust, and their continued desire to challenge such well documented facts as Global Warming, and the efficacy of single payer health insurance, proves that they are simply doing the work of the special interests. They should thus be stripped of their journalistic access in the halls of Congress,"
 This is truly disturbing. The left and the White House are blatantly trying to control the media, and limit any access to those who hold opposing views. They have no regard for the Constitution, or Freedoms of Speech and Press. While the administration may have attempted to control the media through the fairness doctrine and net neutrality, they now face increasing opposition, and there seems to be a new scandal breaking daily regarding communist, socialist, and Maoists embedded in the administration, an increasing web of corruption regarding the likes of SEIU and ACORN, sex scandals, and similar horrors. The administration can no longer afford to wait while they slowly take over the media and strip individuals of their rights. They now will attack all those who they oppose with the full force of the United States Government.

Exposing the Senate Healthcare Bill (Problems #1 - 2

I recently have downloaded the full text of the Senate Healthcare Reform bill - which can be located and downloaded here.

Over the course of the upcoming days, and weeks, I will be reading through the bill, and to the best of my ability, highlighting passages and sections that I feel hold severe problems in an effort to bring the light of public scrutiny to this bill.

#1- With Medicare and Medicaid having huge unfunded liabilities, the Senate bill has a provision to allow for a new Medicare/Medicaid for those who aren't eligible for the original Medicare/Medicaid. So we are going to take a program that is failing, and create a copy of such a failing program to allow for more people to enter such a program?
#2 - On Pages 70-72 of the bill there are sections regarding the transferring of funds to states. This section states that a fund can be established for states who do NOT opt out of the public option, and the amount of funds will be determined by "secretarial determination". So although some Senators will vote for a public option if states will be allowed to opt out, the states will be penalized by not receiving funds that other states, possibly neighboring states, will receive to lower premium costs. This is an attempt to create a de-facto public option.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Department of Justice implies blacks are stupid - and tramps on the Constitution

A recent Department of Justice (DOJ) decision overruled a local vote result in Kinston, N.C. which removed the party affiliation from local election ballots. At the bottom of the page there is a copy of the DOJ release from July regarding their first involvement in the issue.

In a clear violation of the Constitution, and specifically the 10th Amendment, the Obama Administrations DOJ clearly overstepped its boundaries as well as greatly insulted the black community under the guise of protecting voting rights.

The DOJ claimed that blacks would be unable to vote for the person who they truly wished to vote for unless there was a (D) or Democrat next to their name on the ballot.

Clearly the DOJ thinks that blacks are so stupid and brainwashed that they can only vote for someone who has a (D) next to their name on the ballot. They must believe that blacks are incapable of asking questions, gathering information from candidates regarding their stance on the issues, and differentiate between two, or god forbid 3 or more, names on a ballot based up the spelling of their name, perhaps because they believe that blacks are so uneducated that they cannot read, and vote based upon their reconition of the (D) or the word Democrat. The DOJ believes that blacks are so stupid that they may accidentally vote for an evil Republican, and that so many blacks may vote for Republicans that it sways the election result. To not only protect blacks from voting for the wrong person, protecting their voting rights, as well as making sure that voting for Democrats are constitutionally protected.

What about the voting rights of the two-thirds primarily Democratic black constituents, combined with the one-third white voters, in a heavily pro-Obama district who somehow managed to collectively muster enough intelligence to utilize their freedom and voted overwhelmingly by 65% to eliminate party affiliation from local election ballots.

This must have come as a huge shock from the Democrats, and the Obama-administration who needs to keep blacks uneducated, misinformed, and believed victims of the evil white Republicans, as well as making up racist examples in order to keep the blacks voting Democrat. Without doing such the Democrats risk the majority of blacks becoming increasingly educated and coming to the realization that the Democratic party benefits from their continued lack of education and maintained poverty.

Although, perhaps, the Democrats could just possibly just believe that the black community, which they work so hard to keep down, are not getting more educated and no longer robotically voting for Democrats, instead those clearly dumb blacks proboly didn’t understand what they were voting for, and if there was a (R ) next to the YES and a (D) next the NO on the ballot to remove party affiliation the outcome of the vote would’ve been the opposite.

DOJ Intervenes in Kinston,NC local election -

Monday, October 19, 2009

Swine flu (H1N1) vaccine will not be recieved by millions - by choice and scarcity.

Despite the media attention regarding the Swine Flu (or to be politically correct the H1N1 strain of the flu virus), and the deaths resulting from the virus, millions of American's will not receive the vaccine.

A Harvard study shows that 41% of people will elect to definitively not receive the Swine Flu vaccine, compared to the 51% of people who will choose to receive the vaccine. The survey also states that -

51% of Parents "Absolutely Certain" to Get It for Their Children
Major Reasons People Saying "No" or "Maybe" to Vaccine Include Belief They Are at Low Risk of Illness and Concerns About Vaccine Safety
In a nation of about 300 million, with only 51% choosing to receive the vaccine, that leaves roughly 150 million who wish to recieve the vaccine, however, only 40 million doses were expected to be created, which due to shortages, has now been estimated at 23 million. So this leaves about 120 million people who wish to get the vaccine who will be unable to.

This brings me to the picture posted at the top of the page. Today while at a local Shaw's supermarket there was several patrons asking about the flu clinic, which has been canceled due to the lack of available vaccine, and a sign posted explaining as such.

This is likely the case across the country, as the demand greatly outweighs the supply. I present no real opinion on the H1N1 virus vaccine in this posting, however, one must wonder that aside from the concerns about the safety, if the government takes over health care, would the system of vaccination be any more efficient? This question is especially important with some people calling for government and state run vaccination programs.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Not Evil - Just Wrong"

Tonight a live broadcast over the internet of the documentary "Not Evil, Just Wrong" is being displayed.

The documentary can be found here.

The blog that is hosting the documentary has connectivity access for both facebook and twitter. There are live tweets being broadcast on the blog that are posted from the blog mainpage, and users of twitter of utilizing the #justwrong hashtag in references to the live broadcast, as well as the #globalwarming hastag, amongst others.

For those who have not been aware of this broadcast, it holds a huge deal of importance as it directly questions and contradicts the current political atmosphere that global warming is occurring as a result of man, that recent years have held the highest temperatures recorded, and as Al Gore stated - the debate on global warming is over.

Regardless of if the global warming phenomenon comes from skewed data, and errors in mathematics or from a more conspiratorial aspect that assumes that the global warming movement seeks to redistribute wealth, reduce states sovereignty, and create a new economic system - the impacts of the falsities in the global warming movement have severe, catastrophic, and live changing consequences for all those that it will affect - all those whom share this planet that some are so desperately attempting to save, without any consideration for the aspect of the environment which is fighting to save the rest - humanity. After all - humans are part of the environment as well - although often not given such credit.

Update -
For those interested in McIntyre's statistics and the data set regarding the hockey stick model can be found here -

Since I'm sure some people will not understand the graphs and the date presented in the hockey stick argument, I have posted a graph and will explain it as best as I can - here is the most important graph that disputes the global warming hockey stick concept -

There are two lines on the above graph - the red and the black.  The red line illustrates the data used to create the hockey stick model - a pillar of the global warming movement. The red line shows that temperatures have been getting hotter, and the year 2000 has had the hottest temperature.

The black line shows the graph when ALL of the data from tree rings has been used, instead of select tree rings that were preselected by a computer program designed to create hockey stick graphs. There are clear differences between the red & black line in the beginning years, however, the true major discrepancy comes near the end when the red preselected data shows a high spike, whereas the real data shows there has been no significant climate change.

Fox News Isn't a News Organization

White House senior adviser and Obama crony David Axelrod recently made the claim that Fox News isn't a real news organization -

Not taking into consideration the programs of Glenn Beck, O'Reilly, and others who have a conservative/libertarian point of view, the overall programming of Fox News is vastly more representative of the American people than the alphabet organizations of ABC,NBC,CNN,MSNBC,etc...

While the alphabet fringe media are praising Obama and taking a position of on their knees while reporting the news, FOX refuses to accept Obama as a messiah, and thus, has incurred the wrath of the left, Obama, and the White House.

Axelrod claims that FOX news only portrays a specific point of view, unlike the alphabet media. This is clearly untrue, as anyone who watches a minute of both sets of programming will notice. The alphabet fringe media is clearly liberal and pro-Obama and skews news to fit their ideology.  Obama and Government, I mean General, Electric are just two strings of the left-wing web of corruption, however, GE's media arm (MSNBC & NBC) is somehow more credible than FOX News, which doesn't have a parent company in bed with the White House.

If Axelrod's statements are true, it must be because Americans are so outraged with what is real, that they refuse to watch the news and instead watch the fictional news programming on FOX - after all FOX smashes the ratings of the alphabet news outlets are ALL times of the day, and their 3 AM slot featuring "Red Eye" is more popular than some prime time fringe media programming.

I'm sure it is shocking for Axelrod and Obama that not everyone is willing to drop to their knees and praise their liberal ideology, however, pretending that FOX isn't a real news organization only strengthens the opposition, and bathes Obama,Axelrod, and the left in a bright light of stupidity, ignorance, and bias.

How long before Obama takes lead from Chavez and bans free speech in order to skew his support numbers?

Haven't posted in a while

To those who read my blog,

I apologize for the lack of posting over the past few weeks, I have been very busy, and with the amount of lunacy in the political sphere, although there have been unlimited material to choose from, I have been unable to post.

I will continue to post my commentary shortly, and hope to never again have a break as long as the one I just observed.

Thank You

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Olympic Fail Philosphy Scary Thought for Armed Forces

President Obama attempted to persuade the Olympics to have Chicago as a host city, however, was unsuccessful in his attempts. This has been seen as an "epic" failure by Obama by both the labor unions and his political cronies, who stood to gain significant amounts from the typical Chicago corruption, and conservatives who were critical of Obama using tax-payers money to fly to Copenhagen.

Obama must clearly be shocked that the Olympic committee didn't willingly get on their knees to please Obama, as he often expects of most people. However, in a true super-egotistic fashion, it didn't stop Obama from making some very troubling remarks.

Taken from the fringe media outlet MSNBC -

Obama tried to put the best face on his trip, saying upon his return to the White House, "One of the things that I think is most valuable about sports is that you can play a great game and still not win." He said he was proud of everyone's effort. This is a truly scary statement. The United States commander-in-chief, in true far-left liberal land of sunshine and lollipops, doesn't care if he wins or loses, he's just proud of everyone's effort.

When the troops come home from Iraq and Afghanistan I sincerely hope Obama doesn't tell them that he's proud of their effort, even though they didn't win, and countless soldiers have died, leaving their loved ones widowed, and children without parents.

Obama has consistently showed himself as being unfit to serve as the leader of the military. He is unable to accept a world where violence exists, and again, in sunshine and lollipop liberal land, believes that ultimately everyone can be friends, and one day there will be a world without nukes.  From attempting to please his far-left fringe liberal base to closing Guantanamo Bay by an arbitrary deadlines simply to remove the stigma with a name, Obama is not comfortable as commander of the military.

Obama is unwilling to accept his title, and make the correct decision of sending General McChrystal the needed troops to complete the mission in Afghanistan. Instead he has spoken to the General only once in 70 days, and has convened a group of his advisers to in-fight over the decision, to move the responsibility away from himself in an effort to save face.

There is a simple strategy to winning wars - "We Win, They Lose". Obama needs to be committed to winning, and needs to grow the required body parts needed to make such decisions. Obama must wake up from the ridiculous globally warmed land of atheism, sunshine, lollipops, and where everyone can just be friends. There are enemies of the United States and they must be fought and defeated before another 3000 or more United States citizens are brutally murdered.

I dare you President Obama to tell the widow of a United States soldier that although we didn't win the war, their loved ones death was worth it because we really tried hard. Try telling daddies little girl that her father won't be coming home, and there is NO reason for it, rather that her father did all he could, and you're "proud of his effort".

If President Obama fights wars the way he refers to the Olympic bid, it is a sad day for our men and women who fight daily to secure the freedom of the citizens of the United States of America.


Palin vs Letterman - Class vs Ass

David Letterman, a frequent harsh critic of Sarah Palin, has been linked to a sex scadal as a boss. In an attempted extortion plot a suspect demanded $2 million from Letterman in return for not leaking the details of Lettermans alleged sexual relationships with his staff members.

This led to the ultimate arrest of the suspect, and Letterman admitting to the relationships, and saying -

"My response to that is, yes I have. Would it be embarrassing if it were made public?  Perhaps it would," Letterman said.  "I feel like I need to protect these people -- I need to certainly protect my family."
It's ironic that Letterman wants to protect his family, yet refused to extend the same curtesy to the Palin family.

The attacks on Sarah Palin herself may be warranted, and come with the terrortory of politics, however, making crude remarks about Sarah Palins daughter shows an extereme lack of class and respect.  Such jokes subsequently led Letterman to publicly apologize, however insincerly, saying -

I would like to apologize, especially to the two daughters involved, Bristol and Willow, and also to the governor and her family and everybody else who was outraged by the joke. I’m sorry about it and I’ll try to do better in the future
This has yet to stop Letterman from insulting Sarah Palin on numerous occasions, including on episodes only 3 nights apart, clearly using Palin as a frequent and easy target for his relentless and unnecessary attacks.

In a tweet I recieved today from a twitter user I will allow to remain anonymous -

Palin wouldn't know class if it was dressed like a moose and walked up to her and said, "shoot me."
I asked the twitter user if she could respond with examples of why Palin lacked class, and I have yet to recive a reply.

If the situation was reversed, surely Palin would not make remarks about Letterman's sexual behavior with staff members, nor would she ever attack Letterman's family.

Palin is an American patriot fighting for her country - Letterman is fighting for ratings (might want to check out Fox).

In this case of Class vs Ass - Palin is the clear winner - and to my twitter friend with the Moose example - It is better to not recognize Class dressed as a Moose - than failing to recognize an Ass in the Mirror.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Judge gives child predator probation (Judge Watch)

A Missouri judge John Torrence recently gave a child molester, Jarred Elwood, an admitted child molester who molested a girl consecutively for 8 years, probation.

Jarred Elwood in Missouri plead guilty to molesting a girl for 8 years beginning when she was only 6 years old. Elwood plead guilty to charges of first-degree statutory sodomy, child molestation, and enticement of a child. - Dakota Voice

This is sickening, there is no place for child molesters in society, and I, along with many others, do not care if there is a mental problem causing adults to seek sexual pleasure from children. Anyone who takes the innocence away from a child does not deserve any pleasures of life. There is a great difference between all other crimes and child predatory crimes, and probation is simply NEVER acceptable.

Judges should be required to give child predators the MAXIMUM sentence and fine in EVERY situation, regardless the circumstances. It should be written into law, and there should be no leeway or way around it, there needs to be mandatory maximum sentences.

This greatly disturbs me, and hearing stories like this upset me beyond any point immaginable - this judge needs to be removed - below I have listed several contacts - please help get this judge removed -

Office of Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
(573) 751-3222

Missouri State Senate

Missouri State House Members

Missouri US House Members

Missouri US Senate Members

I am currently attempting to find Judge Torrences contact information and will post it when available - DON'T let child predators roam the streets free to molest our children.


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