Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Reads Your E-Mail Before You Send It (But Everyone Already Knew)

One of the biggest big brother issues that has recently been revealed has been that of the PRISM program. A N.S.A. program that installs hubs into the servers of various companies, and collects EVERYTHING, on EVERYONE without a warrant.

Leaked  Official PRISM Slide - with PRISM targets.

Unfortunately this has been known for quite some time by the people "in the know" sort to speak, however, it has been obvious, but ignored by those who had this information put literally in front of their faces.

Proof that Google actively reads e-mail as you type, at the least reads them before sending them for the apologists.
Image from screenshot of GMail composition 6/12/13 - As if 6/28/13 image still appears.
The above image is taken from a screenshot of a GMail user attempting to send an e-mail. In the body of the e-mail it said "I have attached", however, there was no files attached to the e-mail. The writer had chosen to embed the said file, and used the phrase attached, instead of uploading it as an attachment. Due to this Google decided to nicely warn the user they may have forgotten to attach a file - it also alerts the user that the contents of all E-mail is read not only when sent, but before it is sent.


Massachusetts in Bed With Bank of America

Is the tax funded government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts actually in bed with Bank of America, a company that received an estimated $45bn. That is $45 Billion or 4 thousand 500 million dollars.

A lengthy multi-part article will be coming shortly, as soon as the research is put together, and talks are in the works with publishers regarding publishing this investigative piece.



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