Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Possible Ramp Up of Military Activity in Massachusetts

There is no denying that the world is seemingly spiraling out of control into a globalist, technocratic, one world government.

The images below were taken by myself about 30 minutes north of Boston, MA.

While by themselves and outside and frame of reference military helicopters are not of major concern individually.

However this imagery is just another piece of the puzzle that when all put together, and the masses step back from it the true evil that we are battling will manifest and we will be standing in the very pages of Revelation. We can only hope that at least some of us can see what's coming ahead of time, lest all be lost.

The still shots and the video are from two separate days. Here is a link to my Instagram where the video of two black helicopters is posted.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

BPEathWatch Censored Information - "Dark Star Nemesis" - Audio Only Version Recovered

Jesse's YouTube account was hacked and the videos removed, thus causing his videos from being unable to be viewed. This is in its self a form of censorship, but it is not the same type of censorship where a group, for example, sets and enforces the censorship. Instead in this case, as with much of the clandestine war being waged in cyberspace, the culprit, or their handlers are likely to never gain more notoriety than being labeled a pseudonym such as anonymous. 

A recent YouTube video from BPEarthWatch, real name Jesse, containing censored images from the U.S. and Japanese space agencies showing a reversal of the Earths magnetopause, the first time such an event has been seen in recorded satellite data, has also been censored.

The video in question has been removed from Jesse's YouTube account as well as all of his videos for the past year. While it's not conclusive that the video containing the censored information was the cause of the videos being removed it is highly likely since it was the last video posted by BPEarthWatch, and this researcher is not one to remove his videos, or close down his account.

I was lucky enough to watch the video before it was removed, and personally had the thought to download it, and mirror it, since I found it interesting that BPEarthWatch had the images of the censored data. Unfortunately by the time I returned home, within the first hours of the video being uploaded, the video was already removed, and no longer showed on BP's account or in my history.

Thankfully there were other researchers who noticed the anomaly, such as Montagraph who has several videos about the account being removed, as well as another user who was able to provide a link to the audio only source for the censored video.

The video below shows some screenshots of the meta data that was saved before the account was changed. This shows the description of the latest video that was added by Jesse.

The audio version of the censored video has been mirrored:

After making this post it was revealed that the channel was accessed by someone in France, and deleted the last year of videos. France is of course an interesting location given the data that BPEarthWatch has made available in regards to CERN - which sits on the border of France and Switzerland.

Below is a re-upload of the last video that was posted before the hack of BPEarthWatch.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pearl Harbor - 9/11 - The Project For a New American Century

The Project for a New American Century in their paper "Rebuilding Americas Defenses" called for a new 9/11 event to be the catalyzing event that would leave us into a new war similar to how Pearl Harbor was used as a justification to end isolationism.

Taken from the Project for a New American Century Rebuilding America's Defenses PDF

That new catastrophic and catalyzing event came one year after the PNAC document, which ultimately was that 9/11 false flag inside job.

For those who would be interested the entire pdf can be found here.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pictures for Jeranism Group Project

This blog post is for the group project started by Jeranism, a project which asked people to photograph the moon during August 31st, and September 1st.

The YouTube video where Jeranism announces the project, and ask for support from the viewers. Below is the YouTube video where this was announced.

For those who were interested in taking part of the community group orjeft to be abletaking part of the pro

Below are pictures of the moon taken for this project. If you are interested in obtaining the original images please check out this link which will take you to my Dropbox where the images are hosted.

Negative (color channel) view of chemtrail.

True color images of a chemtrail. Same image as the one above only without color manipulation.

These pictures were all taken around 6:00 am on 9/1/2015 near the Eastern coast of Massachusetts. The bottom two pictures show a chem plane leaving a chem trail. Shortly the sky will completely close up, and this is a common occurrence. The next two days saw massive chem trails, and only a small portion of the sunrise could be witnessed if at all.

I also have some great pictures of the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time. I have to dig through my pictures to find them, but when I do I'll make sure to post a link here to direct people to them.

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Christmas Conspiracy: Using NORAD & Santa to Pull Off Murder

I apologize for not posting more, I feel that I'm not doing my part in not just bending over and taking it. So my Christmas present for all is an interesting Christmas conspiracy I read about a while ago.

I'm not writing for, or against this conspiracy, simply posting the events, the real verifiable events that took place, as well as the conjecture and assumptions that link those events together. I'm simply sharing a story that I found interesting in the same respect as it was shared with me.

Most know of the murder of Jon Benet Ramsey. A little girl murdered on Christmas Eve/Day 1996 in Denver, Colorado - of all places. (Denver is a hot spot for Satanic activity i.e. Denver International Airport, it is said to be the second, underground, Washington D.C.,however that is speculation. There are some official government sources which may provide helpful, however, one can search on their own if interested in learning more, and finding primary government sources.  When one assigns a number value to a persons wealth, and position in society/government/military and calculates the number of everyone living in the Denver area, and added it together - it would be astounding. There are literally tons of high level government officials many of which are from the military branch. One of those people would have been John Ramsey, Jonbenet's father - an officer in the U.S. Navy, achieved a rank of lieutenant, and held a top secret security clearance for almost his entire service, and at no time were any revoked 1.)  

When reading the title it's likely many readers will assume the reason this story has something to do with Christmas, when I wrote it now, and why I said it involves Santa. This was a high profile case,, and many people have heard the basics, mainly being that she was murder on the late hours of Christmas Eve, or early morning Christmas Day.

While that is true, it's not the reason. I also mentioned N.O.R.A.D which is the North American Aerospace Defense Command. As I write this article on December 24th, noon time E.S.T. N.O.R.A.D. is doing their annual tradition of tracking Santa Claus and his Reindeer, allegedly tracking them on radar.Original Sears Robuck 1955 Ad with Type listing N.O.R.A.D.'s number

The story goes that a newspaper wrote a number in their paper for people (children) to call and be able to talk to Santa, or his helpers. The newspaper company accidentally put the wrong number, and ended up putting the number to N.O.R.A.D. The enlisted asked what to do with the flood of calls coming in asking to speak to Santa. Instead of telling them had the wrong number the commanding officer told the rest of the staff that any children who called looking for Santa, or called for anything in regards to Santa were to be accommodated to. Children can check the location of Santa and his reindeer on Christmas Eve/Christmas. This can currently be done clicking this link.

Original Sears Roebuck 1955 Ad with Type listing N.O.R.A.D.'s number
One of the problems with this scenario is the same problem that happened on the morning of September 11th, 2001. There are "fake" radar blips that are going off, and the responding staff are told it's part of a war game exercise, or a drill, or in this case, it's simply Santa'a Reindeer's. With 9/11 the assumption is that the war games were used to create a distraction, and divert America's Military powers elsewhere, however, in the case of the NORAD Santa Tracking it could be used to fly a plane into U.S. Airspace, and back out, all under the cover of being one of Santa's Reindeer.

Perhaps on December 24th 1996 the NORAD Santa Exercise was used to bring in a hit squad, and get the squad back out, all without any suspicion. This is made more likely given the random note delivered by the alleged killers in that they are are small faction of foreign entities.

The reasons why JonBenet was chosen as a victim go beyond the scope of this article. The JonBenet case involves pages, and pages of research, and my article would never end. The TLDR version of the conspiracy is that for at least one reason, possibly more, Mr. John Ramsey was selected as a target due to his Navy career, and being a wealthy businessman. Some speculate it was payback for John not assisting the "small foreign faction" in obtain access to the atomic clock, which would allow whoever is in control to slowly change time itself. It would allow back dating of material, i.e. film a murder (snuff film) on December 25th, and have it appear online as December 24th, since your controlling all of the "time". Either payback, or to force John to do what was asked of him. It should be noted that during this time Janet Reno was Attorney General of the U.S.

The main purpose of this article is that I wanted to point out that there was already a protocol for faking fake radar blimps in place on December 24th, 1996, as well as September 11th, 2001, and additionally with the recent Malaysian Airline Disasters MH-17 and MH-370.

I apologize for the brevity of this article. This topic indeed goes deep, and it would take many hours, if not years to write an article/book about everything involved in this case. Hopefully I have demonstrated that the means to move hit squads/black ops teams around undetected existed in 1996, and it's being proven by the unveiling of tech each. and everyday. From fake radar blips to fake cell phone towers, it would appear to the astute that the government hasn't been for a while, and certainly is currently up to no good.

My apologizes if I didn't get my message across more clear, however if there are any questions about the article, or the JonBenet case, which I have a lot of information that's waiting to be published, but its so hard to take an a minutes an breathe, or a vacation, because once your awake to thiws level you can never go back, just like the Matrix.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Disturbing Disney Maleficent Advertisement

Recently Disney released an advertisement for "Maleficent" entitled "Party Crasher".

I am working on writing an article about Maleficent, however, have decided to wait until after I watch the movie.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Joe Ureneck for MA District 4 Governors Council

The court system in Massachusetts has had a series of cancers growing in, and around it, which have compromised the courts ability to rule effectively, and do what's truly best for the individuals it issues judgement to/for and instead it appears to be a tool to serve self interests. Because of those interests either political of financial, or if certain individuals want to gain power, and prestige, the court cannot be considered as impartial.

There is a growing number of people, organizations, and groups who understand that there is a problem with the family court system. Fathers frequently get put through the ringer, financially drained, emotionally drained, and to say that they get the short end of the stick when it comes to parental rights would be an understatement.

One of the groups that has emerged in Massachusetts is "The Fatherhood Coalition". The chairman of said group is taking a step beyond
Why I am a candidate
As chairman of The Fatherhood Coalition I monitored nearly every public judicial nomination hearing before the Governor's Council and attended more hearings than many councilors. Nominees routinely are not asked the most important questions - such as how they would handle important issues of law that conflict with the constitutional rights of those who appear before them in court. Nonetheless all are usually approved for life as judges by the council. The disregard of constitutional safeguards must change.
Our courts today do not consider providing 'Justice' their priority but instead consider keeping the court system functioning like a factory conveyor their main purpose. Governor Councilors at judicial nomination hearings often discuss the 'temperament 'of a nominee and the 'quality of justice' in Massachusetts courts. This is not 'justice' but a euphemisms for court management - not whether justice is delivered.

As Governor Councilor I will insist that all judicial nominees place 'Justice' first and foremost as their goal and will vote against those who do not.
As the chair of the Fatherhood Coalition Joe Ureneck has a great understanding of what parents go through in Massachusetts. He has seen families ripped apart by the courts, and the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Knowing the specific areas of government that are causing the pain, and hardship to children and families allows Joe to specifically target those areas in an effort to remove their power.

Hopefully Joe is part of the beginning of those who have become aware of the massive problems in Massachusetts in regards to children and families. We need more people who are not afraid to step up and push for things such as fathers rights, and shared parenting. A person who isn't controlled by the "feminist" propaganda or by groups/individuals that don't care about the children, but rather lining their own pockets, or worse.

November 4th, 2014 A lot of people don't vote because they don't believe it matters and both parties are essentially the same. In this case, however, the candidate will have the ability to start to dismantle, change, or slow down the corrupt system attacking families.

If you live in Massachusetts District 4, and believe in things such as shared parenting, and removing the courts and administrative  panels from interfering with parenting when they shouldn't be involved then please vote for Joe Ureneck, and help start to fix the Commonwealth and turn it into a beacon of light for other jurisdictions, as well as  hopefully motivate others to look into the details



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