Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pictures for Jeranism Group Project

This blog post is for the group project started by Jeranism, a project which asked people to photograph the moon during August 31st, and September 1st.

The YouTube video where Jeranism announces the project, and ask for support from the viewers. Below is the YouTube video where this was announced.

For those who were interested in taking part of the community group orjeft to be abletaking part of the pro

Below are pictures of the moon taken for this project. If you are interested in obtaining the original images please check out this link which will take you to my Dropbox where the images are hosted.

Negative (color channel) view of chemtrail.

True color images of a chemtrail. Same image as the one above only without color manipulation.

These pictures were all taken around 6:00 am on 9/1/2015 near the Eastern coast of Massachusetts. The bottom two pictures show a chem plane leaving a chem trail. Shortly the sky will completely close up, and this is a common occurrence. The next two days saw massive chem trails, and only a small portion of the sunrise could be witnessed if at all.

I also have some great pictures of the sun and the moon in the sky at the same time. I have to dig through my pictures to find them, but when I do I'll make sure to post a link here to direct people to them.

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