Sunday, November 27, 2011

Senator Presses Google to Implement "Terrorist" Button on Blogger

Sen. Joe Lieberman wants Google to add a terrorist button to their blogging platform blogger, of which this blog is hosted intentionally.

The idea of clamping down on rights in response to some act of "terrorism" is not new. 9/11 ushered in the T.S.A, the "shoe bomber" and "underwear bomber" led to the widespread use of backscatter, or colloquially now "naked body scanners" in the nation's airports.

Now in response to a blog which posted links to bomb making, which is protected speech, Google should implement a button to flag terrorist content. Since Google doesn't openly have a police force who would investigate such accusations? Who would make the ruling? What will the punishment be?

Every day it seems things get more, and more ludicrous in relation to the police grid being pushed on the people. The push by Lieberman fits nicely with internet kill switches, banning people from the internet, and internet censorship.

Perhaps in the next few days we'll see a push from Congress to add terrorism flagging buttons to the websites of the A.T.F., which has illegally shipped guns to Mexico, and allowed cocaine to be shipped into the U.S., or maybe the F.B.I. which suspiciously happens to be the supplier for the arms that the "terrorists" are caught with, such as remote control airplanes, or car bombs. Well, perhaps not.

Excellent MSNBC Interview With Ehtar El-Katatney

An excellent interview with Egyptian journalist Ethar El-Katatney on MSNBC's Chris Hayes aired yesterday.

MSNBC did their best to interject, ironically in the words El-Katatney later stated, the fabled boogey men that might rise from the lack of stability in Egypt, and more ironically the U.S. might be opposed to any stability rising from Egypt resulting from anti-western, or anti-Israel, factions.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Open Letter To Any Residents of #Syria

*To Any Residents of Syria:

Please consider this an open letter, invitation, and request for anyone currently living in the country of Syria to contact myself for an interview.
Flag of Syria - A Sovereign Nation

I am seeking to discuss the events happening on the ground with those Syrians who are currently there. There seems to be much turmoil for those following the tweet hashtag #Syria, although a lot is garbled. A direct discussion is needed for an issue that is becoming more significant every day.


Friday, November 18, 2011

U.S. Veteran Would Choose To Serve In Current Wars For Job Security

While shopping with my fiancee a few days ago I struck up a conversation with an employee, who agreed to give me a short interview The gentleman did not express a wish for his name, or place of employment be mentioned publicly, however, he is a retired Vietnam Era Air-Force Veteran, currently working in retail. For the purposes of this article the gentlemen will be known as "Jack".

Unfortunately Xieon Politics was unable to pull Jack away from his work for more than 10 minutes, but the resulting interview gave some excellent insight into the average American.

Various war stories were told during this unprofessional interview, and notes were not being taken. The only part that stands apart from the cookie cutter war stories was Jack's, perhaps not so unique", war related desire.

While discussing the current events in the Middle East, and the looming threat of an attack on Iran, Jack expressed a desire to be young, and able bodied again. He stated that "if I were younger I would go to war in a heart beat........".

The effects of inflation over decades, cost of living increases, the stolen military pension funds, and the likes were of no importance to Jack. For as Jack was a man possessed of no issue of vanity, nor any extreme moral standing the likes of neither ending wars swiftly, and saving innocent lives or simply wanting to carry a gun, and murder reporters.

The reason Jack wishes to enjoy the fruits of being young, and fit, at the expenses of facing the horrors of war is very simple. It would offer decent money, and job security. In an economy where the real unemployment number is closer to 17%, some Veterans don't appear to have problems with becoming essential mercenaries.
United States Military Bases

That notion stands as both a testament to how far America has fallen, along with real stories of real people not often covered by the "main stream media", as well as illustrating how Obama's multiple job creation schemes, Solyndra for example, are second to fighting a bloody war, in terms of raising employment.

Veteran Jack's Full Quote:
"If I were younger I'd go to war in a heart beat, to be what these kids make now"


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama in 2012: Assassination, War, or Political Death*

With the stories breaking today about an alleged assassination plot on President Barry Sotoro, correction Barrack Obama, it makes it even more paramount than an article be quickly prepared to show the three possible outcomes for the Democratic nomination, and 2012 election, in regards to our current President.

Editors Note: The above article has not been entirely read, and determined if it is a patsy, or what the motive is, however, the below "options" don't change. 

The options are:
  • Assassination
  • War
  • Political Death - Suicide, or Murder.
    • The last possible political card that the elites may be holding is to politically murder Obama, or to force himself to commit political suicide. With this there will be a guaranteed new President, and it will take many of the American people years to realize that they are being screwed the same, simply by a different person. 
These possible scenarios make more sense when the threat fusion centers, spying on citizens, illegal assassinations, fortifying of Federal buildings, and etc. It's obvious that the elite are gearing up for an attack at either their own hands, or the forced hands of others.

*Xieon Politics does not support violence, or violence means of protesting. This article is written under the protection of the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, and are not advocating in any way, that any person or person(s) engages in any violent behavior.


Watch YouTube Videos "With Your Friends"

No longer do we live in an age of a small spectrum of channels that displayed the news to the society, and where the events of the previous days are not learned until the reports in the various newspapers the next morning.

No longer do we live in a time where the majority of "official" information was trusted simply because of the guise of authority, and knowledge. No longer a time where the information the government provides should be taken second to, and in some cases above, the word of God.

That age has long since passed away, and in it's replacement there is an age of a society that is almost completely different, thanks solely to the age of being able to transmit information almost instantaneously between any locations on Earth, and beyond.

However, it was in those times that people would have to gather in a group to watch the evening radio broadcast, or listen to the important news regarding events to impact their daily life. It would be in a hybird of those times, and the time of the internet that there would be a cause to create a group to watch YouTube videos together.

It seems redundant to make a group to watch videos with others at the same time, and having to use certain platforms to synchronize this action. If a group of people wanted to all watch a YouTube clip, they could simply share the link in one of the many ways already available. From E-Mail to instant message, text message, tweet about it, or share it to Facebook, there really doesn't seem to be any need for Google, and their new Google+ platform to want to create groups for people to watch YouTube videos together.

The following screenshot was taken while attempting to gather the embed code from an Alex Jones video which displayed the feature of watching it with friends present as well.

Who Are These Friends? Big Sis? Barry Sotoro? Goldman Sachs?f

When taken in conjunction that groups such as the Federal Reserve, and the Obama Administrations Rumor Task Force, it would not be surprising to use a platform that openly doesn't care about privacy, according to former C.E.O Eric Schmidt, and can take lists of those who were of a certain political mindset, how close they were to each other, and even potential "hotbeds" or terrorist activities, such as large gatherings of Veterans, Constitutionalists, and Ron Paul supporters.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Webster Tarpley on Syria

This is a very telling, and revealing interview between Alex Jones, of, and Webster Tarpley. It goes to show that the saber rattling for the invasion of Syria, or what N.A.T.O. refers to a "no fly zone".

He explains, being one of the only reporters on the ground in Syria, that the troops are not killing civilians, but vice versa, and the majority of people are in support of President Assad.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sources are like Fine Wine; Time Tested Magazines and ServicemenP

Much like a fine wine sources too are often better with age. Older sources have had less years to have the history worn away from everything between special interests, and pure ignorance.

The other day I was given the opportunity to interview a veteran briefly, although they wanted anomimity. The conversation was struck up while donating to the American Legion.
Photo: Xieon Politics
    Q: Was he had planning on voting for Ron Paul, since 70% of active military campaign contributions go  towards Dr. Ron Paul, which was a similar trend in 2008.          

     A: He hasn't made a decision on a candidate yet.
     Q: How he felt about "bringing our boys home"? Or is going into Iran a good idea.
     A: He said it wasn't saying "trust me from being in war I'm a pacifist",

A Good Book

A local college often has an area labeled "free books" and consists of hard-bound, once research only, couldn't leave the library type book, however, they've been phased out. Perhaps there was no remaining space for those out-dated books, or perhaps grants were given for new books provided they replaced the old. Regardless of why the books were removed they are still often a gold mine of information.

There is a real problem of information disappearing. As generations pass on, and their stories are not recorded it won't be a long time before all of those stories might as well never have happened. Many reference books on topics such as eugenics, and fluoride were taken from the free books, however, I was lucky enough to convince a neighbor to borrow some 1950's era 10 cent magazines.
Picture #1: Cover of the March 1955 Focus Magazine
Photo: Xieon Politics
The above Focus Magazine from March of 1955 featured an infamous image of Marilyn Monroe. Aside from that there is war propaganda, and news. These "old" materials are often sources for great gems of information, often with parallels with today, especially since these types of sources are very hard to find, especially the truly obscure publications that are the most intriguing.

Picture #2 - "Russia's Chamber of Air Horrors"
Photo: Xieon Politics

Picture #3 - Blueprints of Various Planes
Photo: Xieon Politics


The Facebook Mining Operation at Full Steam

The popular online social networking website is mining it's users data more, and more with each passing day. This should come as a surprise since Facebook was admittedly funded by D.A.R.P.A, or the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, and the C.E.O. of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg refers to his customer base, Facebook users, as dumb fucks.

Unfortunately Zuckerberg may very well be correct. Far too many people share far too much information on social media sites, and only a few skillful clicks away from being part of the public domain.

Several posts have been made about Facebook, Twitter, and other Prison Internet platforms on Xieon Politics such as one regarding the websites prompt for the name of the computer you are currently using, after entering your log in credentials. Unfortunately that article didn't do this system justice, so it will be revisited below.

Where are you, how long were you there, and what did you do during that 

Not a nagging wife, or girlfriend, rather Facebook is the entity asking, which is more accurately described as stealing, or spying information. Not a distant leap from a website that has been tracking users even after they have logged out of the Facebook service.

When logging into Facebook, allegedly from a new device, users are shown the below prompt.
This prompt is not as bad as other "prison internet" functions, and features as it features a button equal in size for saving, or not.. If this information is saved, then not only the name of the computer you're using, but the I.P. address, I.S.P., how long you're on the site, and even what specific activities you were engaged in.

Near the left corner of the prompt there is a link for problems if you continuously see this page upon logging in. Clicking this link brings up the following assistance screen. 

This screen implies the user is browsing using "private browsing", and they should turn it off before attempting to give their personal information. Private browsing was not on when these screen shots were taken, not has it even been on, and the device naming screen has consistently shown up.

Facebook has recently rolled out several new features that are part of a ramp up for automatic location tagging. One of these features is the use of the Facebook facial recognition program. When users are locked out of their account, they are shown pictures, and forced to identify them correctly. This is simply getting unknowing users to participate in their training, and improvement of features such as their auto-tagging algorithms,(and are currently being sued) which act exactly as they sound.

Facebook can now analyze pictures uploaded to their website, and run them through an algorithm, then match it to a specific user registered on their website, and "conveniently" auto-tag that photograph for that person. With easily over half a billion users Facebook has amassed quite the database of facial profiles.

The last feature is the ability to tag locations in photographs, and videos, in conjunction with being able to check in your location for others to see, when you are at a certain position. These two combined are the final pieces in an entity, Facebook, attempting to take on the powers of god. Websites such as YouTube can already match copy written material, and ban it before it finishes uploading.

Facebook could just as easily auto-tag locations of pictures, if it had something to compare it to. The world is a large place, and mega-corporations want to hire as many free workers as possible, so with an average of 250 Million pictures being uploaded daily, Facebook simply has to sit back, and allow the dumb f**k users to tag away.

Soon they aim to know the name of your computer, what type of internet provider your have, where you live, what you do while online, and recognize you, tag you, and post your location.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Time To Wake the People Up! Guerrilla Info-Warfare

Just like the term implies, much like Guerrilla warfare, Guerrilla wake ups is the process of having to wake people up to the issues surrounding them. If only a small percentage of the population who are considered the colloquial term "sheeple" then the globalists would be defeated over night. Unlike the OWS folks, who simply preach talking points that are shockingly similar to the far liberal ideology.

It's hypocritical to preach something, and not follow it, so here are the following stories.

Fiat Currency, Federal Reserve, Ron Paul
While going to McDonalds the other night that cashier asked if I would like my $0.03 cents back. I proceeded to tell her that of course I want my counterfeit fiat money which is losing value every day.

The girl had a puzzled look on her face, and I told her to look up the Federal Reserve, and the raping of tax-payers. At the next window, I had the same girlfGor, so I proceeded to tell her Ron Paul for President 2012.  She was really confused by this encounter, however, hopefully at least one new person will go home, do some research, spread the word to family, and friends, which is a great success since word of mouth is very powerful, and it grows exponentially. The Tea Party and OWS, initially,  were great examples of this concept.


Monday, November 7, 2011

The Fox News Facebook News Stories Decision Rant.

I'm subscribed to Fox News, or some, maybe several, different entities related to the Fox News Network on Facebook.

As a result I frequently see stories posted by Fox News to their Facebook page. I'm going to assume that it doesn't simply publish every story, and that there is someone deciding what material will appear on their Facebook page.

The story they decided to post was the result of the Michael Jackson death trial, which resulted in a guilty verdict for manslaughter for his Dr. That's a great story, a Dr. got convicted of a crime. It should be reported in a small section with results of cases, since we shouldn't live in a society where some deaths are deemed more important than others, thus causing others in the society to feel this way, due to the media attention, and large crowds that gather for "high profile" deaths.

However, there are so many more issues that should be posted to the front page of their Facebook page, which instantly causes very large conversations. The Facebook page currently has stats of

2,285,884 people like this & 46,758 people are talking about it.

This inspired an "off the dome" rant*, which I will copy below in it's entirety. The link to see the page, and the rant are below



A new disclaimer is currently being written, and will be posted in this space when available.