Friday, November 18, 2011

U.S. Veteran Would Choose To Serve In Current Wars For Job Security

While shopping with my fiancee a few days ago I struck up a conversation with an employee, who agreed to give me a short interview The gentleman did not express a wish for his name, or place of employment be mentioned publicly, however, he is a retired Vietnam Era Air-Force Veteran, currently working in retail. For the purposes of this article the gentlemen will be known as "Jack".

Unfortunately Xieon Politics was unable to pull Jack away from his work for more than 10 minutes, but the resulting interview gave some excellent insight into the average American.

Various war stories were told during this unprofessional interview, and notes were not being taken. The only part that stands apart from the cookie cutter war stories was Jack's, perhaps not so unique", war related desire.

While discussing the current events in the Middle East, and the looming threat of an attack on Iran, Jack expressed a desire to be young, and able bodied again. He stated that "if I were younger I would go to war in a heart beat........".

The effects of inflation over decades, cost of living increases, the stolen military pension funds, and the likes were of no importance to Jack. For as Jack was a man possessed of no issue of vanity, nor any extreme moral standing the likes of neither ending wars swiftly, and saving innocent lives or simply wanting to carry a gun, and murder reporters.

The reason Jack wishes to enjoy the fruits of being young, and fit, at the expenses of facing the horrors of war is very simple. It would offer decent money, and job security. In an economy where the real unemployment number is closer to 17%, some Veterans don't appear to have problems with becoming essential mercenaries.
United States Military Bases

That notion stands as both a testament to how far America has fallen, along with real stories of real people not often covered by the "main stream media", as well as illustrating how Obama's multiple job creation schemes, Solyndra for example, are second to fighting a bloody war, in terms of raising employment.

Veteran Jack's Full Quote:
"If I were younger I'd go to war in a heart beat, to be what these kids make now"

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