Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Time To Wake the People Up! Guerrilla Info-Warfare

Just like the term implies, much like Guerrilla warfare, Guerrilla wake ups is the process of having to wake people up to the issues surrounding them. If only a small percentage of the population who are considered the colloquial term "sheeple" then the globalists would be defeated over night. Unlike the OWS folks, who simply preach talking points that are shockingly similar to the far liberal ideology.

It's hypocritical to preach something, and not follow it, so here are the following stories.

Fiat Currency, Federal Reserve, Ron Paul
While going to McDonalds the other night that cashier asked if I would like my $0.03 cents back. I proceeded to tell her that of course I want my counterfeit fiat money which is losing value every day.

The girl had a puzzled look on her face, and I told her to look up the Federal Reserve, and the raping of tax-payers. At the next window, I had the same girlfGor, so I proceeded to tell her Ron Paul for President 2012.  She was really confused by this encounter, however, hopefully at least one new person will go home, do some research, spread the word to family, and friends, which is a great success since word of mouth is very powerful, and it grows exponentially. The Tea Party and OWS, initially,  were great examples of this concept.

Flu Shots
Many pharmacies, and schools are offering influenza shots this year, just as they do every year, despite the fact that numerous studies have shown that the flu shot is almost completely ineffective.

Unfortunately, there is very little informed consent given to the patrons of these draconian inoculation centers. There's no disclaimer stating the side effects, or the numerous studies that have linked vaccines to a variety of problems, such as shipping live polio, shipping cancer viruses*, and shipping HIV, mercury and thimerisol , for preservation. Not to even mentioning the actual effects such as an increase in autism, and even cases that end fatally.


If places are going to offer flu shots, they should offer the information that shows the true dangers, so they can make informed consent before taking the risk.

This is one example that I witnessed, balancing flu shot propaganda, with the myth of how many people the flu actually kills, and what ages it actually kills. This specific instance is at a college where the flu shot propaganda is proudly displayed without so much as an asteric, and a disclaimer at the bottom.

Local Free Flu Clinic Advertisement at College Campuses & Chain Pharmacies.
Equal Rights for Eugenicists, and Truth Seekers
Now Both Sides Are Displayed Equally

This article is about "Guerrilla Info-Warfare". If we abuse our rights, we will lose them any faster.

Therefore the article blog, and all entities associated with Xieon Politics do no condone the use of violence, either by police against peaceful protectors, or vice-versa. Additionally, we do not believe in anarchy. Actions such as tipping over cars, and setting barrels on fire, although it's most likely provocateurs, is not condoned behavior. 

Be respectful to people. Engage in open minded dialect, and try to articulate your points. If you're going to do this type warfare with signs and such, please don't do it anyway that would vandalize any private, or publicly owned property. That is against the very rights we're trying to get back. The examples given above, no one got hurt, I'm sure laughs were got out of it, and the anti-flu shot posted caused no damage, it appears to be a tact on cork board.

Please don't plaster posters all over public buildings, and the like. Don't be a hypocrite. The motto of this website is "Guns and Words", and you use your words until the globalists start using their guns. We must be the better men, rise above the so called "elite", and utilize the power of our voices, of our pens, of our massive numbers of well meaning people who are trying to take this country back. 

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