Monday, November 7, 2011

The Fox News Facebook News Stories Decision Rant.

I'm subscribed to Fox News, or some, maybe several, different entities related to the Fox News Network on Facebook.

As a result I frequently see stories posted by Fox News to their Facebook page. I'm going to assume that it doesn't simply publish every story, and that there is someone deciding what material will appear on their Facebook page.

The story they decided to post was the result of the Michael Jackson death trial, which resulted in a guilty verdict for manslaughter for his Dr. That's a great story, a Dr. got convicted of a crime. It should be reported in a small section with results of cases, since we shouldn't live in a society where some deaths are deemed more important than others, thus causing others in the society to feel this way, due to the media attention, and large crowds that gather for "high profile" deaths.

However, there are so many more issues that should be posted to the front page of their Facebook page, which instantly causes very large conversations. The Facebook page currently has stats of

2,285,884 people like this & 46,758 people are talking about it.

This inspired an "off the dome" rant*, which I will copy below in it's entirety. The link to see the page, and the rant are below

  •  Breaking news, there's a looming war with Iran, the dollar is collapsing. The news stories get crazier, and crazier every day, and although fox is the best mainstream, they are not covering the events to their most importance.

  • Instead they post headlines about the Michael Jackson case. That should go somewhere hidden on the site.

    How about we talk about real issues: Eugenics, Fluoride in our Water, Aspartame, Homeland Security rolling our a Police Grid to be used on the American People, the upcoming EAS test, the continued power grabs by the government. How about we talk about how Obama should be impeached for launching a war, I mean Kinectic Action, against a soverign state, that had not engaged in war activities against the U.S.

    Of course they could always stage it. Like September 11th. I'll never forget that plane flying into Building #7. Amazingly it was invisible, and had no jet fuel, or mass, so there's no way it could've caused a steal building to collapse in a fashion identical to a controlled demolition.

    Or how about we talk about how Ron Paul has won almost EVERY STRAW POLL. How about we talk abotu how Ron Paul has been the only member of Congree to vote stricly as a Constitutionist. How about we talk about the media playing mind games "he cant wint, he can't win". Well I'm sorry, but Dr. Ron Paul CAN WIN.

    Or how about we talk about the private central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve, which isn't a government entity, and it LOANS US MONEY that it CREATES OUT OF NOTHING, then we pay THEM INTEREST ON THAT MONEY. Then they take vacations, and do drugs, and get hookers, and help their buddies out, (Solyndra).

    What happens then you ask? We have to bail out the mega banks, which are the essential share holders of the FED, which PRINTS THE MONEY. So the FED LOANS US MORE MONEY to GIVE THE BANKS, and we owe interest on that money to.

    WE ARE PAYING THE FEDERAL RESERVE, and we are PAYING INTEREST ON THE MONEY WE ARE GIVING TO THEM. Shouldn't that be the other way around.

    How about you people stop living in your materialistic, celebrity obsessed culture, where the Micheal Jackson news is more important than Isreal threatening to attack Iran.

    Seriously how many of you are more concerned with this story than the voting going on this month.


    GET A GRIP. A Dr. performed illegal activities involving drugs, and got convicted. NOT A BIG DEAL.


    After the fact rant -
    Posted on 11/12/11 - Nothing about the previous line has been changed in any way.
    I simply want to state to those who might not agree with this rant, that when you see your future being erroded, your chances of having a family destroyed due to the designed destruction of the family unit, the middle class being wiped out, fluoride in our water, etc, etc, it tends to make us red blooded Americans who don't want to stand up for this a little irritated,

    Therefore I'm not going to apologize if this article is not like the rest of mine, I'm human, I get emotional, especially with the stories I hear every day of death and destruction.
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