Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Google Aims to Own Your ID - One Way or Another.

In an article posted earlier, I mentioned how Google was attempting to roll out prison-internet features via it's services such as YouTube, and Gmail. This, however, appears to be part of a much larger scheme.

Google has recently developed and launched a new social networking platform by the name of G+, or Google Plus. Google Chairman, and former C.E.O. Eric Schmidt has referred to G+ as an “identity service”, and taken from an article at buisnessweek.com stated:
G+ was built primarily as an identity service, so fundamentally it depends on people using their real names if they’re going to build future products that leverage that information.
Personal information is quite valuable to Google, as it's able to target specific advertising to specific demographics, and with advertising agencies looking to get the most customers with the least cost, the more information Google has on you, the more money you're likely to make them.

However, not all people will become a member of the new G+ service, and there will be users of other Google services such as YouTube, and Gmail, that will not link personal information, such as age, gender, or location to their accounts.

It appears that Google is attempting to make the most profit off of your internet activity, by coercing users of it's other services to give them more of their personal information. As shown in the following graphic, that is displayed to users of Google services while attempting to log in, without having a phone number linked to that account.

Google attempts to scare users into providing their phone number by warning that they are likely to lose all access to their account if they don't, which is highlighted in red font. Below that they provide a location to put your phone number, and a large, promptly displayed "add phone" button, making users believe they have to provide a phone number to continue to use the service they were attempting to access. It's only below that, it a font size much smaller than the rest of the page, that users are given the option to skip providing Google with that information.

Edit 8/31/11 12:32 AM: This is the latest screen that appeared for myself while attempting to log into Google services such as GMail, YouTube, and Blogger:

This time I'm being warned that I should "wait until it's too late" to give Google my personal information, for tracking, advertising, and of course, security purposes.
End Edit

One has to question what is being done with that information, who see's it, and what other information it's linked to. That question is even more prominent given Google's past reputation regarding privacy.


Google and YouTube - Pushing Prison-Internet Functions on Users

A newer article has been written, which can be found here.

Instead of directly being logged in, many users of Google.com services, such as Gmail, and YouTube, were greeted with the following page.

Although this page may seem innocuous at first, it's part of a larger roll out of no other than creepy internet protocols being rolled out.

This page uses highlighted red font to attempt to scare users into giving their phone number to be able to restore their accounts or they "could lose all access to [their] account". It's only hidden in tiny font, at the bottom of the page, the option to skip this step.

This is just one piece of the coming prison-internet. It starts with "opt-in" features, then it becomes "opt-out" as many Facebook features are, such as facial recognition, and location tracking, and it's not long before there is an internet id required for U.S. citizens. After all, the Obama administration publicly admits wanting an internet id, and wanting looking forward to "creating an identity ecosystem".

Edit: Newest image received upon attempting to log into Google services:


30 Signs That America Has Become A Horrible Place For Children

Re-post from Infowars.com & endoftheamericandream.com

#1 There are more than 3 million reports of child abuse in the United States every single year.

#2 There are 314 counties in the United States where at least 30% of the children are facing food insecurity.

#3 In Washington D.C., the "child food insecurity rate" is 32.3%.

#4 If you can believe it, an average of five children die as a result of child abuse in the United States every single day.

#5 In the United States today, it is estimated that one out of every four girls is sexually abused before they become adults.

#6 The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is now publicly advising parents that infants and young children are "sexual beings".

#7 67 percent of all sexual assault victims in America are children.

#8 The state of Illinois has actually been paying convicted sex offenders to babysit young children.

#9 20 percent of all child sexual abuse victims are under the age of 8.

#10 Children in the United States are three times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants than children in Europe are.

#11 The United States has the highest divorce rate on the globe by a wide margin.  This is ripping millions of families with children to shreds.

#12 According to one recent study, approximately 21 percent of all children in the United States were living below the poverty line in 2010. In the UK and in France that figure is well under 10 percent.

#13 It is estimated that up to half a million children may currently be homeless in the United States.

#14 In America today, many families allow the television to raise their children.  In fact, the United States is tied with the U.K. for the most hours of television watched per person each week.

#15 Our public schools are being transformed into prison camps.  Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has announced that school officials can search the cell phones and laptops of public school students at any time if there are "reasonable grounds for suspecting that the search will turn up evidence that the student has violated or is violating either the law or the rules of the school."

#16 Today, one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

#17 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

#18 More than 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.

#19 The U.S. Department of Agriculture is spending huge amounts of money to install surveillance cameras in the cafeterias of public schools so that government control freaks can closely monitor what our children are eating.

#20 According to researchers, convicted rapists in the United States report that two-thirds of their victims were under 18, and among those cases 58% said that their victims were 12 years old or younger.

#21 Since 1973, approximately 50 million babies have been slaughtered in the United States before they were even born.

#22 One out of every four teen girls in the United States now has an STD.

#23 It has been reported that Texas police gave "1,000 tickets" to elementary school kids over one recent six year period.

#24 The number of young children that are being ripped out of good homes by "child protective services" continues to soar.

#25 All over the nation, little children are being publicly arrested by police in their own classrooms and are being marched out of their schools in handcuffs.

#26 Law enforcement officials estimate that about 600,000 Americans and about 65,000 Canadians are trading dirty child pictures online.

#27 All over the United States, lemonade stands run by young children are being shut down by police.

#28 The federal government has spent 14 trillion dollars that belong to our children and our grandchildren.  Will future generations thank us for loading such a massive debt on to their backs?

#29 In airports all over the country, many young children are being subjected to "enhanced pat-downs" during which their private parts are touched before they are allowed to get on to their airplanes.

#30 It is estimated that 500,000 babies that will be born this year will be sexually abused before they turn 18.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene: Cause for Possible Beta Test of Martial Law and F.E.M.A. Camps?

Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is raging up the East Coast, and the U.S. Government has a perfect opportunity to to beta test martial law, and F.E.M.A. camps.

This isn't unprecedented, during Hurricane Katrina, residents had their guns seized by federal forces. It wasn't until years later that they received their gun backs, some of them. Although violation of the Second Amendment is a massive problem, their lurks an even bigger problem hiding amongst the winds of now tropical storm Irene.

For years the U.S. Government has been building "secret" F.E.M.A. camps, although it's written for everyone to see in H.R. 625. The U.S. government is now ready to beta test the ideas put forth in that bill. President Obama has called the storm "extremely dangerous", in addition to other government officials, and media outlets fear mongering, to minimize dissent.

U.S. millitary bases have already been established as F.E.M.A centers, including one in Massachusetts.
Fort Bragg, Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey and Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts have all been designated as FEMA incident support bases. - Reuters
The article goes on to say that F.E.M.A. and the Department of Defense are "working closely" with each other. It would be logical to assume that the Department of Defense should be more concerned with other issues such as the "kinetic action" non-war in Libya that Obama said would only take days, even though it's been several months. After all, there are organizations such as the red cross, and F.E.M.A. alone should be able to handle things.

However, the Government got lucky. Instead of a small false-flag terror event, a hurricane happened to change it's course, which will affect 50 plus million people. An excellent opportunity, much like Katrina, to see how far they can infringe on rights.

Much of this depends on the actual damages caused by Irene. Once there is a more clear picture of the destruction that is caused, and information on the response to it, the actual size and scope of their beta testing will begin to be exposed.

As that happens, I will continue to update, and write more incident specific articles.

In the meanwhile, I urge though who have not seen the now pulled from t.v. episode of "Conspiracy Theory" on "F.E.M.A." camps to watch it.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Full Article Coming Shortly: Hurricane Irene - Beta Test for F.E.M.A Camps

A massive storm is working it's way up the East Coast of the U.S. of a magnitude that has not been seen for decades in some areas.

This is very likely going to be used as a beta test for "F.E.M.A. Camps". It's a scary concept, however, for those who want to herd American citizens like cattle, although we're most likely considered of lesser importance, Hurricane Irene couldn't have come a better time.

There have been massive riots across Europe due to the economic climate, which you can read more about here. Presidential candidate Ron Paul stated that he believed that Americans may be the next to take to the street.  You can be read about this, and watch his interview with Lou Dobbs, on this Infowars article.

A full story will be out later today, however, I wanted to give this blurb for those to read. Additionally, I suggest that everyone watches the following video, the F.E.M.A. Camps episode of Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory", which was pulled off the air, and removed without permission from TIVO's, which showcases scary correlations to the Hurricane Irene preparations.

Update: I also highly recommend watching the Alex Jones documentary "Police State 4: The Rise of F.E.M.A."

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Karl Rove Speaks About Obama

A clip I found post worthy, as one twitter said "Karl Rove Schools Obama".

Video from Source.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Yard Sales to Raise Money for Cancer Patients - Not in Salem, Oregon

The world of today is all about control, and not freedom. Everything is about regulation, and restriction. If you get by those then it's almost certain you'll need some form of permit, permission, prior authorization, body scan, finger print, and blood taken. Then, you may or may not ever hear back if it's been granted.

The latest cause for more restrictions is yard sales. As if having armed police officers shutting down 4 year old girls lemonade stands isn't bad enough, the Stasi have ordered an elderly, cancer-stricken, women to stop having yard-sales.

The city of Salem, Oregon apparently has an ordnance that prohibits anyone from having more than 3 yard sales per year. 

It was ultimately a neighbor who called the authorities, a neighbor who I am sure doesn't have terminal bone cancer, and is being forced to sell all her belongings to raise money for cancer treatment. However, Jan Cline is living in such a condition, and was ordered to stop having yard sales by city authorities.

Several city employees said that after hearing the specifics they will see what can be done, on either end, to rectify the situation. A simple solution would be to just let her have her yard sales without making the short rest of her life miserable with threats of a misdemeanor charge and a $300 fine if she has another one.

Thankfully though, Ms. Cline has been receiving donations from all over the country after the story broke. Which shows that the majority of people are still decent, caring, human beings. They wouldn't be sending money had they agreed with the city. Not only are their donations a way to help Ms. Cline, it's a figurative "F U" to the city of Salem, Oregon, and all those who wish to continue to strip the American people of their rights.

Here is the contact information for the Salem, Oregon Mayor, if anyone is so inclined as to express why they believe this is simply wrong, and inhuman.

555 Liberty Street SE, Room 220
Salem, OR  97301
Phone:  503-588-6159
Email address: ampeterson@cityofsalem.net



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Facebooks Collection of Data, and Tracking of Users

Everyday seems more, and more, as though we're living within the pages of 1984. The police state, the tracking, surveillance, all for "security".

One of the ways that internet giant Facebook decided was to implement a function on their website that would make their users feel secure, log access to their account, and alert you if an unauthorized access is made to the account.

Personally I believe that there wouldn't be a need for so much Facebook security if people practiced a bit of internet security themselves, made secure passwords, and didn't post illegal/inappropriate pictures, or videos. Regardless, Facebook is going full steam ahead with protecting their client base.

The system works like this, every time you log onto Facebook it checks your IP against a log of IP's, as well as checks what type of platform you're accessing the site from. If the platform, and the IP don't match, it's going to give you a box that looks like this:
Now, they simply want you to name the device you logged in on, and in you go. This is also an unchangeable feature, you cannot opt-out of this service, and you can't continue into Facebook until you give a name for the device.

The next time someone logs into Facebook using that device, you'll get an e-mail, which will look similar to the one below.
This includes the exact time of the login, the IP address, the device name, and a rough estimate of where that IP is located.

You can then make the decision of if that was authorized or not. Then maybe do something, unless it was unauthorized from your own house, or a prank, in which case this will do you no good.

This security system is nothing but a bunch of bells, and whistles. In reality, there are much more cost effective, and better security systems for this instance. For example, a very difficult password would suffice.

So now Facebook has a huge list of all the devices you've used, all the locations you've been, all the IP addresses used whenever someone accessed the site. You can see what users are occasionally together, who uses what device the most, etc. Bottom line, is nothing good can come from Facebook's cache of information like this.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

It's Always Cloudy on the Internet

Although web giant Amazon.com came under fire due to an infowars.com report showing that there is no privacy at all on Amazons own Cloud service.

“5.2 Our Right to Access Your Files. You give us the right to access, retain, use and disclose your account information and Your Files: to provide you with technical support and address technical issues; to investigate compliance with the terms of this Agreement, enforce the terms of this Agreement and protect the Service and its users from fraud or security threats; or as we determine is necessary to provide the Service or comply with applicable law” - From Amazon, source InfoWars report.
One would like to think that it wouldn't be to hard to figure out what that paragraph meant, although I suppose in today's messed up world it's possible people knowingly read the super fine print, and gave the rights to all their files to Amazon to do what they please. Wedding photos, inappropiate pictures your teenager took, pictures of a whole barrage of things that could make it even easier for cops to forcefully enter your home, and seize your property.

It seems that the once Sunny days of the internet are becomming more, and more gloom. Not supprisingly, the Microsoft Xbox, which already has question voice, and facial recognition features, will now allow cloud storage for their members.

I plan on making this part of a series on the creepy tracking, cloud society we're moving into. With the new trend to stay current is to track as much of your customers data as possible, with as little consent as possible, and do whatever you want with it.

The new tags I'll be using for these type articles are Prison Internet (known as Web2.0, internet restrictions, etc), and Clouds (such as this, and the Amazon cloud)


Just One of Facebooks Creepy 1984esque Features

Facebook has always come under fire for their privacy policies, who was able to get access to your information without your approval, and making several of their features "opt-out". Those who were unlikely enough to hear about the new feature, are automatically in it, and agree to do whatever it's terms are.

There have been several features on Facebook that are just creepy, and as I go through the back pages of the site, I'll find a few more, and some more, etc.

This one is something I bet FB users are met with everyday:
"Recognized Devices: Just One of FB's 1984esque features"
So users now have a stored list of their trusted devices. How does FB know it's trusted? I'm assuming it has a list that has IP, the name you give it IE: "Home Computer", and the account it's associated with. So now your "Home Computer" is trusted.

This data has numerous implications. Facebook can analyze and better market ways to get more exposure to sponsors in high volume devices, and focus efforts on lower volume areas, thanks to your kind help. Additionally, who has access to this list? How secure is this list? It wouldn't be too hard for someone with a list of IP's, and names of computers, and the owner of the account to cause some serious problems.

This is done under the guise of security. In the event that someone logs in at a site, or computer not designated to be you, FB will alert you on your next sign in, and ask if it was you, someone you know, or unauthorized. If chances are it was you, then you get the opportunity (albeit forced) to now name that location.

If people simple followed simple internet safety guidelines, had a firewall and anti-virus installed, and parents took responsibility by teaching their children how to act on the internet, and how to properly form a password, to look at the url's, etc, then FB wouldn't be developing these features, and this one doesn't make my account information feel any more secure.

O, yea? What happens if it was unauthorized? Federal task force to hunt the offender down? Doubtful. Rob Paul Rally.....certainly. A 1 man person flash-mob at the NYC Fed......absolutely.

Amended August 20:
I received an e-mail from Facebook today alerting me that a device I had signed in on, had signed in, and wasn't on my recognized list. It shows the devices name, which I NEVER name, the exact time, and IP address, and the location.

 That huge list of all the information is a scary thing, I'm more afraid of that than someone using my FB account without my knowing. Not to mention they have a list of every computer/ip/location you've ever been on FB with.



A new disclaimer is currently being written, and will be posted in this space when available.