Monday, August 22, 2011

Yard Sales to Raise Money for Cancer Patients - Not in Salem, Oregon

The world of today is all about control, and not freedom. Everything is about regulation, and restriction. If you get by those then it's almost certain you'll need some form of permit, permission, prior authorization, body scan, finger print, and blood taken. Then, you may or may not ever hear back if it's been granted.

The latest cause for more restrictions is yard sales. As if having armed police officers shutting down 4 year old girls lemonade stands isn't bad enough, the Stasi have ordered an elderly, cancer-stricken, women to stop having yard-sales.

The city of Salem, Oregon apparently has an ordnance that prohibits anyone from having more than 3 yard sales per year. 

It was ultimately a neighbor who called the authorities, a neighbor who I am sure doesn't have terminal bone cancer, and is being forced to sell all her belongings to raise money for cancer treatment. However, Jan Cline is living in such a condition, and was ordered to stop having yard sales by city authorities.

Several city employees said that after hearing the specifics they will see what can be done, on either end, to rectify the situation. A simple solution would be to just let her have her yard sales without making the short rest of her life miserable with threats of a misdemeanor charge and a $300 fine if she has another one.

Thankfully though, Ms. Cline has been receiving donations from all over the country after the story broke. Which shows that the majority of people are still decent, caring, human beings. They wouldn't be sending money had they agreed with the city. Not only are their donations a way to help Ms. Cline, it's a figurative "F U" to the city of Salem, Oregon, and all those who wish to continue to strip the American people of their rights.

Here is the contact information for the Salem, Oregon Mayor, if anyone is so inclined as to express why they believe this is simply wrong, and inhuman.

555 Liberty Street SE, Room 220
Salem, OR  97301
Phone:  503-588-6159
Email address:

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