Saturday, September 25, 2010

Obama administration the most necessary and influential presidency of this generation.

Obama administration the most necessary and influential presidency of this generation.

For those who have read, or know of, my views the above statement may come as a complete shock, surely it must be satirical commentary based upon the inherent failings of the Obama Administration. While I could easily write wit filled article on that subject, this is not satire, but truth.

The Obama Administration very well may, and it's likely-hood is rapidly increasing, both the most influential and necessary administration for this current generation.

I will focus on three words from the last sentence throughout this piece, of which I chose carefully and specifically; influential, necessary, and generation. Along with a theme stemming from a question I recently was asked  

Which is more important, actual experiences, or the memories that remain when the experiences  are over?

Influential:  There is a lot of disdain for the Obama Administration and rightfully so, the policies have led the country far from where our founding fathers would've imagine, however, because of said policies a political force has been awoken from the sleeping electorate. A mass of people who never attended a town hall meeting, or written a political blog, an entire "tea-party" movement arose because of this administration. Had the administration been more passive, and more close to center, it is unlikely that such events would've taken place. Some may argue that would be much better, we would be in better shape, however, there eventually would come another day, with another politician, who would be equally or more at odds with the American public than Obama. Which leads into generation:

Generation: If war is inevitable, it is only the selfish who say why fight today when we can fight tommorow instead. We should be thankful that the Obama Administration came during this time, for it is us who will have to fight on the front lines, today, in hopes that our children will have a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately there will be those of us who will suffer the consequences of the administrations policies, however, we are a nation that has never been afraid of sacrifice. We were founded by a group of men who believe that through their own personal sacrifice, they would create something that would enrich the lives of countless generations. I am personally happy that I have to deal with the Obama administration, that I have to fight this political war, as we all should be, for although our generation may be lost, we must look to the future, we musn't be selfish.

Necessary: Similar to influential, in the fact that we needed something to wake us up from the political daze we've been experiencing, but by definition influence means that we choose to rise up in face of the circumstances. What was necessary was the pains that we have felt, the anger, the outrage. The fact that money is being spent in outrageous ways when we give our sweat, blood, and tears to earn it, only to have it sent god knows where. The fact that our military is being disgraced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, that fact that our president resembles more of a dictator than a representative for the people.

These pains I believe have been the greatest caused by any administration. For in the past there have been political blunders, only to be forgotten, and as the saying goes "those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it", and relived. However it is necessary that we face such extraordinary pains at the hands of our own elected leader for long after the experience fade, the memories will remain.

The Obama Administration has caused the necessary pains upon the people of the United States, which was the influence leading to the tipping point, of which this generation may suffer, but we will not allow future ones to endure what we were forced to. Long after this administration is gone, the memories will linger, and the American people will remember what led them down this road, and won't be so quick, or blind, to allow it to happen again.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Normally I would write articles only relating to politics, but in lieu of my recent hiatus from commentary, and wanting to write an article that has more importance, especially directly, than the more than often obfuscated from reality politics - in essence something that is not just an opinion, but a direct call to arms to help save countless lifes.

The PlzSquuze project is a project that originated from DeviantArt, and what initally started as a joke, has turned into a great cause to spread awareness and shock some sense into people. It aims to spread awareness about breast cancer.

I spent a great deal of time trying to find a quote that best illustrates this project, and although I am not fully satisfied I have decided to go with the following:
“Most people have seen worse things in private than they pretend to be shocked at in public” ~ Edgar Watson Howe

The reason for this quote is because the purpose of the project is to create a mosaic of people squeezing their breasts. It is both satirical and serious at the same time, and perhaps that is the medium needed to get peoples attention.
Everyone see's them self naked, everyone touches them self in some way every day, and these are occurrences that we go about routinely without ever putting much thought into them. In our ever increasing busy lives, some people find 5 seconds hard to come by, and some thing that they possibly will not be affected, or choose to simply ignore those thoughts that arn't pleasant, however, find one person who has lost someone breast cancer, or find one person who has breast cancer, and ask them what they wouldn't give to turn back time and "PlzSqueeze" for just 5 seconds.

There have been numerous ad campaigns designed at spreading awareness, but sadly both men and women are developing this disease that is almost completely curable if detected early at a staggering rate, therefor I come back to the initial quote.

Most people are not shocked to think about their own bodies, or have negative connotations about touching themselves, when in the privacy of their own home, however, the sociital norm has become that images of people squeezing their breasts would be controversial, and that is exactly the point.

PlzSqueeze is not pornographic in any nature, and pictures of men, women, black, white, of all creeds and colors, squeezing their breasts are being made into a mosaic, with the hopes that, and pardon my language, "Did you see the picture of all those people squeezing their tits", and maybe curiosity gets the better of someone and they check it out, and the more controversial the faster it spreads.

Long gone are the days of text only ad's in women only magazines, pink ribbions are great, but the rate of people waking up compared to the rate this disease is outstounding.

So if the please squeeze campaign shocks anyone, offends anyone, makes anybody think twice about it, or burns an image in their mind - GOOD, because then maybe they will take the 5 seconds to "PlzSqueeze" and help prevent breast cancer.

The original deviantart article can be found here:
A link to an example of 24 participants showing what this project is about is located here:
and of course, I wouldn't expect others to do something I myself would not do:


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Forgive my lack of posting.

Although I have clearly have had injuries over the past several months the fact that both the quality, and the quantity of my posts and columns have decreased is discouraging.

I have strong convictions in the beliefs I fight to defend, and the views I put forth on this blog, and while I am certainly not one of the most influential people, it is the believe that one person can make a difference that sets the course of our country of which I must continue to believe in, and in turn continue to publish pieces.

I feel ashamed that I have no kept as up to date with the current political scene, as I have no excuse for doing so, however, I can assure, for those who actually do read my words that I will continue to fight, use our nation's strongest weapon, the pen, and both the quanity and quality of my works will drastically increase.

Thank you to anyone who has taken the time to read what I've written, those who agree, and those who believe that through spirited debate the best results are yielded.


A new disclaimer is currently being written, and will be posted in this space when available.