Saturday, September 25, 2010

Obama administration the most necessary and influential presidency of this generation.

Obama administration the most necessary and influential presidency of this generation.

For those who have read, or know of, my views the above statement may come as a complete shock, surely it must be satirical commentary based upon the inherent failings of the Obama Administration. While I could easily write wit filled article on that subject, this is not satire, but truth.

The Obama Administration very well may, and it's likely-hood is rapidly increasing, both the most influential and necessary administration for this current generation.

I will focus on three words from the last sentence throughout this piece, of which I chose carefully and specifically; influential, necessary, and generation. Along with a theme stemming from a question I recently was asked  

Which is more important, actual experiences, or the memories that remain when the experiences  are over?

Influential:  There is a lot of disdain for the Obama Administration and rightfully so, the policies have led the country far from where our founding fathers would've imagine, however, because of said policies a political force has been awoken from the sleeping electorate. A mass of people who never attended a town hall meeting, or written a political blog, an entire "tea-party" movement arose because of this administration. Had the administration been more passive, and more close to center, it is unlikely that such events would've taken place. Some may argue that would be much better, we would be in better shape, however, there eventually would come another day, with another politician, who would be equally or more at odds with the American public than Obama. Which leads into generation:

Generation: If war is inevitable, it is only the selfish who say why fight today when we can fight tommorow instead. We should be thankful that the Obama Administration came during this time, for it is us who will have to fight on the front lines, today, in hopes that our children will have a better tomorrow.

Unfortunately there will be those of us who will suffer the consequences of the administrations policies, however, we are a nation that has never been afraid of sacrifice. We were founded by a group of men who believe that through their own personal sacrifice, they would create something that would enrich the lives of countless generations. I am personally happy that I have to deal with the Obama administration, that I have to fight this political war, as we all should be, for although our generation may be lost, we must look to the future, we musn't be selfish.

Necessary: Similar to influential, in the fact that we needed something to wake us up from the political daze we've been experiencing, but by definition influence means that we choose to rise up in face of the circumstances. What was necessary was the pains that we have felt, the anger, the outrage. The fact that money is being spent in outrageous ways when we give our sweat, blood, and tears to earn it, only to have it sent god knows where. The fact that our military is being disgraced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, that fact that our president resembles more of a dictator than a representative for the people.

These pains I believe have been the greatest caused by any administration. For in the past there have been political blunders, only to be forgotten, and as the saying goes "those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it", and relived. However it is necessary that we face such extraordinary pains at the hands of our own elected leader for long after the experience fade, the memories will remain.

The Obama Administration has caused the necessary pains upon the people of the United States, which was the influence leading to the tipping point, of which this generation may suffer, but we will not allow future ones to endure what we were forced to. Long after this administration is gone, the memories will linger, and the American people will remember what led them down this road, and won't be so quick, or blind, to allow it to happen again.


  1. This is an interesting take. I am inclined to agree with you on one level, though I fear the Maoist tendencies in this interpretation (worse=better). My main gripe with Marxism is this penchant for nihilism -- also, one of the reasons that I hesitate about millenarian Christianity.

    But you are right, sometimes being thrown into the wilderness sharpens a group, in this case, conservatives. I'm wondering how you will feel after the November midterms, if the Republicans win and the Right gets soggy again. I'd be interested in hearing.

  2. Coco,

    I'm very excited about the November Elections. The tea-party movement has done a great job of removing rino's for conservatives that are actual common sense, fiscally responsible.

    There are a few candidates that don't look to well, and there are some states that the candidates should have been closer to the dems, but just are not running good campaigns.

    With recent polls put putting her at 5, the 3 only a day later, I believe she will win and be a key seat. Unfortunately I don't have a good poll today, however,

  3. Forgive me, in the above post I am talking about Linda McMahon from the state of Connecticut.



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