Friday, September 24, 2010


Normally I would write articles only relating to politics, but in lieu of my recent hiatus from commentary, and wanting to write an article that has more importance, especially directly, than the more than often obfuscated from reality politics - in essence something that is not just an opinion, but a direct call to arms to help save countless lifes.

The PlzSquuze project is a project that originated from DeviantArt, and what initally started as a joke, has turned into a great cause to spread awareness and shock some sense into people. It aims to spread awareness about breast cancer.

I spent a great deal of time trying to find a quote that best illustrates this project, and although I am not fully satisfied I have decided to go with the following:
“Most people have seen worse things in private than they pretend to be shocked at in public” ~ Edgar Watson Howe

The reason for this quote is because the purpose of the project is to create a mosaic of people squeezing their breasts. It is both satirical and serious at the same time, and perhaps that is the medium needed to get peoples attention.
Everyone see's them self naked, everyone touches them self in some way every day, and these are occurrences that we go about routinely without ever putting much thought into them. In our ever increasing busy lives, some people find 5 seconds hard to come by, and some thing that they possibly will not be affected, or choose to simply ignore those thoughts that arn't pleasant, however, find one person who has lost someone breast cancer, or find one person who has breast cancer, and ask them what they wouldn't give to turn back time and "PlzSqueeze" for just 5 seconds.

There have been numerous ad campaigns designed at spreading awareness, but sadly both men and women are developing this disease that is almost completely curable if detected early at a staggering rate, therefor I come back to the initial quote.

Most people are not shocked to think about their own bodies, or have negative connotations about touching themselves, when in the privacy of their own home, however, the sociital norm has become that images of people squeezing their breasts would be controversial, and that is exactly the point.

PlzSqueeze is not pornographic in any nature, and pictures of men, women, black, white, of all creeds and colors, squeezing their breasts are being made into a mosaic, with the hopes that, and pardon my language, "Did you see the picture of all those people squeezing their tits", and maybe curiosity gets the better of someone and they check it out, and the more controversial the faster it spreads.

Long gone are the days of text only ad's in women only magazines, pink ribbions are great, but the rate of people waking up compared to the rate this disease is outstounding.

So if the please squeeze campaign shocks anyone, offends anyone, makes anybody think twice about it, or burns an image in their mind - GOOD, because then maybe they will take the 5 seconds to "PlzSqueeze" and help prevent breast cancer.

The original deviantart article can be found here:
A link to an example of 24 participants showing what this project is about is located here:
and of course, I wouldn't expect others to do something I myself would not do:

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