Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Google and YouTube - Pushing Prison-Internet Functions on Users

A newer article has been written, which can be found here.

Instead of directly being logged in, many users of Google.com services, such as Gmail, and YouTube, were greeted with the following page.

Although this page may seem innocuous at first, it's part of a larger roll out of no other than creepy internet protocols being rolled out.

This page uses highlighted red font to attempt to scare users into giving their phone number to be able to restore their accounts or they "could lose all access to [their] account". It's only hidden in tiny font, at the bottom of the page, the option to skip this step.

This is just one piece of the coming prison-internet. It starts with "opt-in" features, then it becomes "opt-out" as many Facebook features are, such as facial recognition, and location tracking, and it's not long before there is an internet id required for U.S. citizens. After all, the Obama administration publicly admits wanting an internet id, and wanting looking forward to "creating an identity ecosystem".

Edit: Newest image received upon attempting to log into Google services:

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