Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Facebook Mining Operation at Full Steam

The popular online social networking website is mining it's users data more, and more with each passing day. This should come as a surprise since Facebook was admittedly funded by D.A.R.P.A, or the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, and the C.E.O. of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg refers to his customer base, Facebook users, as dumb fucks.

Unfortunately Zuckerberg may very well be correct. Far too many people share far too much information on social media sites, and only a few skillful clicks away from being part of the public domain.

Several posts have been made about Facebook, Twitter, and other Prison Internet platforms on Xieon Politics such as one regarding the websites prompt for the name of the computer you are currently using, after entering your log in credentials. Unfortunately that article didn't do this system justice, so it will be revisited below.

Where are you, how long were you there, and what did you do during that 

Not a nagging wife, or girlfriend, rather Facebook is the entity asking, which is more accurately described as stealing, or spying information. Not a distant leap from a website that has been tracking users even after they have logged out of the Facebook service.

When logging into Facebook, allegedly from a new device, users are shown the below prompt.
This prompt is not as bad as other "prison internet" functions, and features as it features a button equal in size for saving, or not.. If this information is saved, then not only the name of the computer you're using, but the I.P. address, I.S.P., how long you're on the site, and even what specific activities you were engaged in.

Near the left corner of the prompt there is a link for problems if you continuously see this page upon logging in. Clicking this link brings up the following assistance screen. 

This screen implies the user is browsing using "private browsing", and they should turn it off before attempting to give their personal information. Private browsing was not on when these screen shots were taken, not has it even been on, and the device naming screen has consistently shown up.

Facebook has recently rolled out several new features that are part of a ramp up for automatic location tagging. One of these features is the use of the Facebook facial recognition program. When users are locked out of their account, they are shown pictures, and forced to identify them correctly. This is simply getting unknowing users to participate in their training, and improvement of features such as their auto-tagging algorithms,(and are currently being sued) which act exactly as they sound.

Facebook can now analyze pictures uploaded to their website, and run them through an algorithm, then match it to a specific user registered on their website, and "conveniently" auto-tag that photograph for that person. With easily over half a billion users Facebook has amassed quite the database of facial profiles.

The last feature is the ability to tag locations in photographs, and videos, in conjunction with being able to check in your location for others to see, when you are at a certain position. These two combined are the final pieces in an entity, Facebook, attempting to take on the powers of god. Websites such as YouTube can already match copy written material, and ban it before it finishes uploading.

Facebook could just as easily auto-tag locations of pictures, if it had something to compare it to. The world is a large place, and mega-corporations want to hire as many free workers as possible, so with an average of 250 Million pictures being uploaded daily, Facebook simply has to sit back, and allow the dumb f**k users to tag away.

Soon they aim to know the name of your computer, what type of internet provider your have, where you live, what you do while online, and recognize you, tag you, and post your location.

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