Thursday, October 13, 2011

Twitter: "Want Your Password, Give Us Your Number", a social media outlet allowing "tweets" of up to 140 characters to be sent at a time, allowing friends, and others, to keep up to date with your doings.

While you're keeping tabs on your crush, Twitter is keeping up on you. For example, those who forget their password to their account simply click on the forgotten password option. Years ago if a password was lost, and required a reset then a link was clicked, and a reset link would be sent to
the e-mail account registered with the user name.

Why is it that system is no longer good enough? Has the hacking skills of the infamous men in caves out to get us increased exponentially, to the point they would want to devote massive resources to obtaining access to a tween Twitter account. They could have however simply devoted those resources to obtaining the cell phone number associated with the account. Since most teenagers, actually most people share their phone numbers Twitter's phone number verification doesn't seem a very reliable protection measure for my account.

If it's clearly not meant to be an excellent layer of defense, then what is the purpose of collecting cell phone numbers, and linking them with accounts?

Recently corporations have found a new way to earn a profit. Simply sell the Federal, local, and state governments information on your customers.  As an added bonus if you get caught you can simply start right back up after a small cool down period, such as G.P.S. manufacturer TomTom did.

Some other companies that have been caught in bed with the Fed are Apple, Google, TomTom, and On-Star. This goes without mentioning the Prison-Internet grid being lowered into place by companies such as Google, and Facebook.

More creepy prison internet stories, to name a few:

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