Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creepy Internet: Cisco Devices Out of Warranty and Into Your Files

Another entry into the category of "creepy internet", Cisco can now join the ranks of sites such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

To get support for a product, one simply has to go to Cisco's website, enter all your personal information, and then you'll get brought to a chat, where someone should help you. Unfortunately, for most, they didn't purchase the warranty, or extended warranty, or it ran out, and therefor you can't have the chat.

However, you can purchase options, such as warranties, which come with live technician report, where a technician will remotely take over your computer, and fix all the problems.

I'd rather break my computer, than have someone unknown "fixing" my computer.

This is from a chat with a Cisco representative*:
*(To keep this accurate/private [   ] will be used where some block of text was removed )

Paulo A. (19496) has joined this session.
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
Hello dave! Welcome to Linksys Live Chat. How may I help you?
[    ]  
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
Before anything else, can you please confirm the following information?
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
Name: [     ]
Email address: [     ]
Phone number: [      ]
Country: United States
Language: English
Product: [      ]
from [      ] to All Participants:
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
Can you provide me the serial number (S/N) of your Linksys device so that I can check its entitlement status. It is located underneath the device.
from [      ] to All Participants:
[     ]
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
Thank you. Let me just check the entitlement status of your device to see how we can proceed. Please give me a minute or two to do that.[    ]
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
According to our system, this product is listed as being out of warranty and is no longer eligible for chat support. However, I do have a couple of support options that may be of assistance to you. First is our online support website where you can search for articles regarding the issue that you are experiencing today. Or, we have our fee-based Premium Phone Support Options where I can connect you to one of our 2nd Level Technician.
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
The first is 29.99 which is a per incident plan which means I can connect you to one of our 2nd Level Technical Support Representatives to help you with your issue that you are having today.
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
The second is 39.99 and that allows you to call us for 6 months or up to 6 incidents for any issues that you are having with your device.
Also each of these offerings come with a 14 day grace period so you can call back at anytime if you are still experiencing the issue or need additional configurations performed.
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
And the technician can access your computer remotely so that it will be more convenient for you to just watch them while they troubleshoot your device.
from Paulo A. (19496) to All Participants:
If you are interested in finding out more I can have a technician give you a call right now while I am still connected to you via chat.
from [     ]to All Participants:
First off, I will never have someone remote connect to my computer. I have the problem fixed now, ty for your time

Seems more like 1st level data miner, 2nd level data miner, not "technicians".

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