Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rick Perry Allegedly Assaults Ron Paul During Debate

On the Republican debate September 7th, 2011 Rick Perry is seen allegedly assaulting, and intimidating Ron Paul.

I will try to write more on this article, but for the time being, I think the pictures speaks for themselves.

Rick Perry Assaulting Rom Paul at Debate

Rick Perry Yelling at Ron Paul

This is disgusting. Is this the type of behavior your want the potential future President of the United States? The Governor of Texas somehow has the right to assault a United States CONGRESSMAN.

This is insane, outrageous, and just wrong. I don't often ask this, but please spread this to everyone you know, and expose Rick Perry's behind the scenes action where he doesn't give a U.S. Congressman respect.

Everyone has the right to disagree with others, however in everyday life, and even more so between U.S. Congressman, and State Governors. If Rick Perry doesn't agree with Ron Paul, he should treat him with respect, and then on an open stage, an open platform, have an intellectual debate. This allows the U.S. citizens to make their own choice on who they want to side with, based upon their own convictions.

It also appears the Fox News has actually covered this story*, but, they edited the video so that it doesn't show the illegal assault on Ron Paul by Rick Perry. Check out the Ron Paul YouTube Channel

*XieonPolitics is actively searching for that video, and asks that anyone who has a link, or the video, please first save it before it's completely censored, and then send a link. XieonPolitics has a policy of routinely saving videos to our hard drive if we believe they will be censored, and public consumption prohibited.

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