Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Obama Cult - AttackWatch

In a move straight out of 1984, President Obama has launched a website called "Attack Watch" which .This website is being funded by "Obama For America" which, according to F.E.C documents, is Obama's primary campaign "political committee".

According to the website:
The smears didn't end with the 2008 election. President Obama's opponents are still using false claims against him and his record in an attempt to derail our momentum. 
The website features several 1984-esque features, one of which being "Report an Attack". This feature allows parties to spy on, and report their fellow neighbors on anything that may be potentially hurtful to Obama, or his campaign.

Additionally the website supports bold face lying in place of providing any substantial counter arguments. Websites, companies, or individuals, may find their content listed on the "news feed" which also features a line of pure propaganda to accompany it. For example, instead of providing the documentation to prove Obama is a U.S. natural born citizen, the site simply says:
President Obama was born in the United States and is an American citizen—period.  
It doesn't matter if there is legitimate skepticism about Obama's release of his alleged birth certificate, whatever they say is the truth - period.

It is unlikely that the website will have any significant effects on the election, or the approval rating of President Obama. Those visiting the website, signing up, and taking the official spin as gospel, are unlikely to be any new voters Obama is attracting.

The website itself isn't be a problem, but rather the actions meant to chill dissenting opinions, such as with the alleged case regarding a Ford advertisement.

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