Saturday, September 3, 2011

"Crime in Wake of Hurricane Irene" - Yahoo News Story on "Internment Camps" Removed

Yahoo News allegedly ran an article entitled "Crime in the wake of Hurricane Irene", in which they discussed how anyone caught looting in New York would be sent to an "internment camp", a message delivered from NYC Mayor Bloomberg.

Although, I personally have not read the article, several other people have,such as this YouTuber:

The link to the article in question is, and a search on Google will pull up several instances where this page was spidered, including a copy of the article on Yahoo's Spanish News mirror.

However, this story is no longer available on Yahoo, only the message that:

Sorry, the page you requested either doesn't exist or isn't available right now!

Perhaps with events such as Presidential Candidate Ron Paul commenting on F.E.M.A. Yahoo News second guessed it's decision to publish such a piece, that illustrates the very real fear of F.E.M.A. camps.

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