Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amazon.com - Latest Conditioning of the Masses and Collecting Your Info Platform

Amazon.com is the latest website to earn it's place in the halls of the "prison internet". Doing so it joins the ranks of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter,  and others who seem to be addicted to as much personal information as they can get, constantly trying to extract anything, and everything they can.

When signing up for an Amazon.com account an innocuously placed question, asking to provide your phone number, sits alongside normal account registration questions. The increase in these type questions, and platforms constantly beta-testing them is on a definitive rise.

Amazon.com New User Registration Form - Guess they ran out of black ink for the "Optional" part.

The undeniable attack on privacy is underway, and there are two main ways which the offensive is being launched. The first is the strong arm approach of simply taking it. For example OnStar simply took drivers information, and sold it, even when the OnStar device was disabled.

The second way is simply a lead up to a time when society will most likely resemble this:

Papers Please - Casablanca (1942) ©1

A gradual progression to a society where it is the norm to simply give personal information out recklessly, and where personal information is to be given to anyone who orders you to give it to them, for any reason they want.

Eventually coming to a society where one must give the government everything from phone numbers, to blood samples in an effort to fight "terrorism", and protect National Security. Where society will simply obey, answer the questions, and never ask why they have to give up their rights in order to assassinate an American citizen, again, and again, and again. Ultimately a society that will not need the 4th Amendment to the Constitution since Anwar Al-Awlaki keeps coming back to live.

This is just another example of the tyrannical hands of hell trying to lower a cage over humanity,and trying to have us screw it in place for them at the same time. When Amazon, YouTube, or Google says they need your phone number, give them one, it's 7 digits long, has one dash, and doesn't involve any numbers.

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