Friday, October 21, 2011

Could The Govt. Use Facebook to Track Ron Paul Supporters?

The questions of if the government could, or more likely is, using Facebook to track Ron Paul supporters. On the surface this doesn't seem a difficult task, as a government operative simply needs to join a group, and be provided with a list of names.

The tracking here not only allows those who wish to do so lists of Ron Paul supporters, but be able to track the other trends of those people, in turn being able to track the flow, and identify key common topics among this group in order to provide more effective counter measures, or engage in disinformation.

Facebook was recently found to be tracking their users even after they logged out of their account. With a smaller list of people they can pinpoint their efforts to infiltrate the various movements, and attempt to co-op leading ideas before they become too mainstream and associated with Dr. Paul.

The below image is a screen shot taken of the group "Black This Out" which is a pro Ron Paul group.

The image also contains a question prompt box to enter your e-mail address, and password, so Facebook can go through all your e-mail and find all of your friends.

Facebook is being sued for selling personal information, selling Ron Paul information to the government wouldn't be a stretch.

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