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Sources are like Fine Wine; Time Tested Magazines and ServicemenP

Much like a fine wine sources too are often better with age. Older sources have had less years to have the history worn away from everything between special interests, and pure ignorance.

The other day I was given the opportunity to interview a veteran briefly, although they wanted anomimity. The conversation was struck up while donating to the American Legion.

Photo: Xieon Politics
    Q: Was he had planning on voting for Ron Paul, since 70% of active military campaign contributions go  towards Dr. Ron Paul, which was a similar trend in 2008.          

     A: He hasn't made a decision on a candidate yet.
     Q: How he felt about "bringing our boys home"? Or is going into Iran a good idea.
     A: He said it wasn't saying "trust me from being in war I'm a pacifist",

A Good Book

A local college often has an area labeled "free books" and consists of hard-bound, once research only, couldn't leave the library type book, however, they've been phased out. Perhaps there was no remaining space for those out-dated books, or perhaps grants were given for new books provided they replaced the old. Regardless of why the books were removed they are still often a gold mine of information.

There is a real problem of information disappearing. As generations pass on, and their stories are not recorded it won't be a long time before all of those stories might as well never have happened. Many reference books on topics such as eugenics, and fluoride were taken from the free books, however, I was lucky enough to convince a neighbor to borrow some 1950's era 10 cent magazines.
Picture #1: Cover of the March 1955 Focus Magazine
Photo: Xieon Politics
The above Focus Magazine from March of 1955 featured an infamous image of Marilyn Monroe. Aside from that there is war propaganda, and news. These "old" materials are often sources for great gems of information, often with parallels with today, especially since these types of sources are very hard to find, especially the truly obscure publications that are the most intriguing.

Picture #2 - "Russia's Chamber of Air Horrors"
Photo: Xieon Politics

Picture #3 - Blueprints of Various Planes
Photo: Xieon Politics

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