Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama in 2012: Assassination, War, or Political Death*

With the stories breaking today about an alleged assassination plot on President Barry Sotoro, correction Barrack Obama, it makes it even more paramount than an article be quickly prepared to show the three possible outcomes for the Democratic nomination, and 2012 election, in regards to our current President.

Editors Note: The above article has not been entirely read, and determined if it is a patsy, or what the motive is, however, the below "options" don't change. 

The options are:

  • Assassination
  • War
  • Political Death - Suicide, or Murder.
    • The last possible political card that the elites may be holding is to politically murder Obama, or to force himself to commit political suicide. With this there will be a guaranteed new President, and it will take many of the American people years to realize that they are being screwed the same, simply by a different person. 
These possible scenarios make more sense when the threat fusion centers, spying on citizens, illegal assassinations, fortifying of Federal buildings, and etc. It's obvious that the elite are gearing up for an attack at either their own hands, or the forced hands of others.

*Xieon Politics does not support violence, or violence means of protesting. This article is written under the protection of the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution, and are not advocating in any way, that any person or person(s) engages in any violent behavior.

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