Sunday, November 27, 2011

Senator Presses Google to Implement "Terrorist" Button on Blogger

Sen. Joe Lieberman wants Google to add a terrorist button to their blogging platform blogger, of which this blog is hosted intentionally.

The idea of clamping down on rights in response to some act of "terrorism" is not new. 9/11 ushered in the T.S.A, the "shoe bomber" and "underwear bomber" led to the widespread use of backscatter, or colloquially now "naked body scanners" in the nation's airports.

Now in response to a blog which posted links to bomb making, which is protected speech, Google should implement a button to flag terrorist content. Since Google doesn't openly have a police force who would investigate such accusations? Who would make the ruling? What will the punishment be?

Every day it seems things get more, and more ludicrous in relation to the police grid being pushed on the people. The push by Lieberman fits nicely with internet kill switches, banning people from the internet, and internet censorship.

Perhaps in the next few days we'll see a push from Congress to add terrorism flagging buttons to the websites of the A.T.F., which has illegally shipped guns to Mexico, and allowed cocaine to be shipped into the U.S., or maybe the F.B.I. which suspiciously happens to be the supplier for the arms that the "terrorists" are caught with, such as remote control airplanes, or car bombs. Well, perhaps not.

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