Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Halliburton Subsidiary and Military Seeking F.E.M.A. Camp Contractors

The website Infowars, the sister website of PrisonPlanet, and PrisonPlanet TV as well as the main website for the Alex Jones' radio slash streaming television show, and a nightly news broadcast has received a leaked letter, from an official asking for immunity, stating the preparation of F.E.M.A. Camps.

Original letter saved from - If too small for reading, either a) save the image and enlarge it, or b) press the CTRL button while scrolling the mouse wheel. 

The letter originated from a man named Mr. Bobbi Carlton (CEO). A quick search on Mr. Carlton shows there is in fact a Mr. Carlton from Kentucky, with the same e-mail address. A pdf file from 2008 shows that Mr. Carlton work title is "Business Development Coordinator, Kentucky Procurement Assistance Program, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development"

This article on Infowars does an excellent job on breaking down the contracts for ready within 72 hours response teams by the Halliburton subsidiary K.B.R. Excellent examples of both the police state roll out, and the crony capitalism that Halliburton should profit from the detention of United States citizens. In response to the private contracting the Army has now posted job positions for the same type positions.

Why is it that at this point in history the U.S. needs to ready a large force, to respond within 72 hours. It couldn't possibly be because they are scared that they've been caught being corrupt, there is a lot more of us than them, and the proverbial stuff is hitting the fan.

The Alex Jones produced documentary, "Police State 4: The Rise of F.E.M.A." can be seen below:

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