Monday, December 12, 2011

The Last Time America Had Sound Currency

In 1913 the abomination that is the private Federal Reserve was established. Soon after that the U.S. no longer had it's own back currency, but rather "Federal Reserve Notes" which were, and are essentially just paper.

Below is a picture containing three currency items from Xieon Politics, a full description follows below.

Xieon Politics Currency Items Rear Top Down A, B, C

Xieon Politics Currency Items Front Top Down A, B, C

The first item is a silver certificate, series 1935 A, stating "One dollar in silver to bearer on demand".  A currency that was backed by something physical. The second item, b, is a 1957 A silver certificate which also states the bearer shall receive one dollar in silver.

Piece A)
1935 A Blue Stamp Silver Certificate
G2554 - Serial #: P11652481B

Piece B)
1957 A Blue Stamp Silver Certificate
E688 - Serial #J76898708A

Piece C)
1913 "(The Year of the Fed)" Barber Dime

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