Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chris Wallace's Pathetic Jabs Towards Ron Paul

The behavior of Chris Wallace is just disgusting. This morning on Fox News Sunday he attempted to discredit Ron Paul time, after time, after time.

Chris Wallace constantly interrupted Dr. Paul, and the spin was heavily applied. Statements were made about "frankly racist" comments that were in his newsletter, however instead of giving Dr. Paul a question Wallace decided to simply make that statement appear as fact, before changing the subject to a book.

Wallace then decided to use even more despicable, clearly un-ethical journalistic practices, when he attempted to trick Dr. Paul in saying that HIV/AIDS is a homophobic disease, and he asked Dr. Paul if he thinks HIV/AIDS patients should be treated differently than people who contract "heterosexual" diseases.

The establishment is clearly out in force to try anything possible to discredit Ron Paul, however luckily Dr. Paul is much quicker than establishment hacks like Wallace, and didn't fall for the pathetic discrediting statements. Of course if Wallace had a Freudian slip, and it wasn't intentional, that simply makes him a hypocrite for attempting to invoke the gay rights movement against Dr. Paul.

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