Friday, October 2, 2009

Obama's Olympic Fail Philosphy Scary Thought for Armed Forces

President Obama attempted to persuade the Olympics to have Chicago as a host city, however, was unsuccessful in his attempts. This has been seen as an "epic" failure by Obama by both the labor unions and his political cronies, who stood to gain significant amounts from the typical Chicago corruption, and conservatives who were critical of Obama using tax-payers money to fly to Copenhagen.

Obama must clearly be shocked that the Olympic committee didn't willingly get on their knees to please Obama, as he often expects of most people. However, in a true super-egotistic fashion, it didn't stop Obama from making some very troubling remarks.

Taken from the fringe media outlet MSNBC -

Obama tried to put the best face on his trip, saying upon his return to the White House, "One of the things that I think is most valuable about sports is that you can play a great game and still not win." He said he was proud of everyone's effort. This is a truly scary statement. The United States commander-in-chief, in true far-left liberal land of sunshine and lollipops, doesn't care if he wins or loses, he's just proud of everyone's effort.

When the troops come home from Iraq and Afghanistan I sincerely hope Obama doesn't tell them that he's proud of their effort, even though they didn't win, and countless soldiers have died, leaving their loved ones widowed, and children without parents.

Obama has consistently showed himself as being unfit to serve as the leader of the military. He is unable to accept a world where violence exists, and again, in sunshine and lollipop liberal land, believes that ultimately everyone can be friends, and one day there will be a world without nukes.  From attempting to please his far-left fringe liberal base to closing Guantanamo Bay by an arbitrary deadlines simply to remove the stigma with a name, Obama is not comfortable as commander of the military.

Obama is unwilling to accept his title, and make the correct decision of sending General McChrystal the needed troops to complete the mission in Afghanistan. Instead he has spoken to the General only once in 70 days, and has convened a group of his advisers to in-fight over the decision, to move the responsibility away from himself in an effort to save face.

There is a simple strategy to winning wars - "We Win, They Lose". Obama needs to be committed to winning, and needs to grow the required body parts needed to make such decisions. Obama must wake up from the ridiculous globally warmed land of atheism, sunshine, lollipops, and where everyone can just be friends. There are enemies of the United States and they must be fought and defeated before another 3000 or more United States citizens are brutally murdered.

I dare you President Obama to tell the widow of a United States soldier that although we didn't win the war, their loved ones death was worth it because we really tried hard. Try telling daddies little girl that her father won't be coming home, and there is NO reason for it, rather that her father did all he could, and you're "proud of his effort".

If President Obama fights wars the way he refers to the Olympic bid, it is a sad day for our men and women who fight daily to secure the freedom of the citizens of the United States of America.

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