Friday, October 30, 2009

Copenhagen Climate Change Bill - Destruction of U.S. Sovereignty

U.S. sovereignty is at great risk from the upcoming Copenhagen summit on climate change, formally global warming untill that was debunked.

President Obama is poised to cede U.S. sovereignty to a new global government that will be set-up to both monitor and enforce climate change initiatives, that will not only limit the amount of carbon, but will be used to redistribute massive amounts of wealth from the United States to smaller, underdeveloped countries.

Thankfully what is left of the Constitution protects us since it requires two-thirds of the United States Senate, however, the Democrats may gather enough RINO's to effectively ratify this horrible treaty. We must NOT allow this treaty to be signed, not only because it will ruin the economy, but because we will NEVER be allowed to exit the treaty. To leave a treaty it requires that other nations in the treaty voting to allow us to leave, which will never happen since the United States will be supplying most of the redistributed wealth.

There is currently a draft of the climate change treaty which can be read and clearly illustrates the destruction that will be delivered onto the United States.

Below is a video of Glenn Beck, Lord Monckton, and John Bolton discussing the climate change treaty -

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