Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dumb Conservative Energy Awareness Ad

The latest progressive attack on the right comes in a seemingly innocuous radio ad promoting energy conservation. On the surface that isn't a horrible thing, and turning off the lights and television when not in use is a  perfectly fine suggestion.  If the ad simply promoted conserving energy there would be no problem, however, the ad doesn't stop there. The ad consists of several "dumb hillbilly" style men and a child questioning why the need to turn off the lights, and that the TV is in the other room and is thus too far away to turn off. The ad is complete with a banjo playing in the background.  In just a few seconds the progressives are able to accomplish three of their favorite ideas.  First they promote their energy agenda. They also imply Conservatives and Republicans are stupid compared to the Ivy League trained progressives. Lastly, in true progressive liberal fashion, they bash anyone who doesn't immediately jump on their ideological bandwagon.

Edit - After the Fort Hood shooting it is shown that everyone must be super politically correct, and that mindset let to the shooting, however, those on the left are exempt from such a rule.

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