Sunday, November 8, 2009 admits health care overhaul about redistribution of wealth is celebrating the passing of the House's health care reform bill, and in a recent e-mail acknowledges that the bill is in fact a way to spread the wealth.

Dear MoveOn member,

Big news: The House just passed health care reform, including a national public health insurance option!1
This is a major victory, and we have House progressives to thank for it—including Representative John Tierney.
When the media and conservatives declared the public option dead, House progressives made clear that it was non-negotiable. They pushed hard to lower health care costs for middle class families. And they made sure that funding for health care reform will come from those who can really afford it—not from a tax on all of our health care plans.2

They acknowledge that the lefts goal all along was to gain power over the economy and continue to take money from hard working Americans, and give to those who choose not to work, and want to sponge off the rest of society.

This is truly a sad, slippery slope the United States is heading down, and we mustn't allow the liberal agenda to "progress" any further.

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