Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama wanted the Christmas day bomber to succeed - and Americans are worthless to him

Unfortunately I believe that President Obama's deep-seeded hatred for America goes so deep, that he values the lives of almost 300 American citizens, as intrinsically worthless.

Worthless in an intrinsic perspective, families ruined torn apart, husbands and wives widowed, children growing up without parents. Generations of American citizens whose lives would be ultimately altered for ever as terrorists drive a dagger of fear through their hearts and leave them with nothing but memories of those they loved, who were used as pawns in an ongoing war on Muslim extremism.

However, the death of 278 Americans that would've come from the successful destruction of Northwest Airlines flight 253, as initially planned by Al-Quidea trained Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, would've been political gold in the eyes of our socialist bound disgrace for a President Barrack Hussein Obama.

Those deaths would've stood as a perfect backdrop for "our" Presidents apologies, that while the deaths of the American citizens were worthless, meaningless, just faces lost in time due to their nation’s alleged atrocities. Obama would claim that it is unacceptable that the United States has caused such harm to the world, that there are those willing to kill us simply because we are Americans.

The United States must not be a caring enough country, and if only we had helped the Nigerian people more, then perhaps we wouldn't have to toss a few more bodies in the ground of the Earth that the United States is unfairly ravishing of it's resources, while simultaneously winding down the sustainability clock with our pollution, carbon footprints, and sole perpetrators of a now almost irreversible climate change, that will cleanse the Earth of not only the disrespectful and destructive Americans, but all of humanity, who clearly don't deserve to suffer from something which they didn't benefit, and couldn't control.

If only the United States had not been such an imperialistic country, with men of such little conscious, that they leave villages burning during war, sickly enjoying the screams of the dying as a victory song, as they march away from the innocent murdered, and raped, in cold blood, as well as those who we left with nothing, only suffering, and the remembrance of who caused all their pain and agony - the United States.

I am sorry that President Obama didn't receive his political goal, however, with his handling of terrorism, there will be many more opportunities for Obama to preen himself in front of caskets, blaming the innocent dead for their own deaths, mocking them and their families. Those who aren't as sophisticated as our young inexperienced President, and don't follow in his ideals, simply are too stupid too see. Their very existence, their very being, warrants their death.

Never in history have I seen a President with such disregard for the citizens he is sworn to serve. A President who values an American life, citizen or soldier, as nothing more than political capital, because being American in it of itself is a crime punishable by death from those who aren't as fortunate. Those who don't win the reproductive dice game, and are born in a country other than the United States, where we show off our trophies of rape, torture, and destruction, with lavish televisions, and cars, go on expensive trips to Paris or New York just to take our wife's out. To those who are born in countries made to be victims, and therein given the ultimate gift to a victim, to deny they had any control. That the circumstances of their life are based not upon will power, creativity, the strive for success and innovation, but rather from the United States taking more than it's fair share of success, and leaving everyone else to fail. Continuously holding down the world from experiences the lavish luxuries, after all, the United States was handed a golden gift from God, and never had to work to earn and innovate, so why should the rest of the world.

From a President who hates capitalism, America, and the American people, I believe that he is truly saddened that more American's were not murdered by those seeking to strike fear and terror into our hearts. For clearly anyone willing to commit such acts, must do so out of shear desperation, for they are willing to take their own life, and to kill others, because the oppression of the United States is so great, that their people as a whole cannot collectively gather enough will power, desire, and drive, to pick them self up from their bootstraps and constructively establish societies. They are not lazy, or greedy, but they clearly have no other options. The United States has blocked every chance for their success, so the only noble option, is to attempt to kill Americans, and topple the United States, for it is the only way their children may have a chance at living a decent life.

And in that, I am sorry Mr. President. I am sorry you do not have any caskets to stand in front of, and I am sorry that from your actions I have reached such conclusions, and that the level of your elitism, and hatred for America and capitalism, and your implied acceptance of terrorism for that Americans some how deserve to die for being successful is despicable, and if the founding fathers ever thought a man such as yourself would be President, I have no doubt they would abandon all attempts to create a United States, for your Presidency alone is the single greatest failure of our once great nation.

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