Friday, January 29, 2010

Rush Limbaugh's Open Letter to President Obama in response to the State of the Union Address(11/28/10)

In response to President Obama's Thursday night (January 28th, 2010) State of the Union Address, Rush Limbaugh has written an open letter to President Obama.

This is an amazing speech from Rush Limbaugh, and Rush manages to perfectly capture and reflect the anger the American people have with a President who believes he is a messiah, rather than a civil servant. Rush demonstrates point after point, with great veracity, the extent of the great Obama failure, and derailment.

For those of you who've already heard the speech, then you know, and hopefully are, one of the people in the growing majority of American's are disenfranchised, and disheartened, and many regretful, that a President of the United States was elected, who in so many ways not only hates America, but he embodies all that our founding fathers fought to remain at bay, and away from our great nation. For thankfully, I, as does Rush, believe there is an awakening among the sleeping giant that is the once silent, and all too passive electorate of the American people. For when cigarettes were taxed too high, it was only those who smoked who took issue, and little issue at that. Example after example can be given of American's rights, to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness slowly, and often secretly behind closed doors, or worse openly, and arrogantly in display in front of the people, of which Barack Obama believe would constantly remain silent, with nothing more than a whisper of dissent, as has been the case for all too long. However, what Barack Obama, and his Ivy League political dream team failed to see, was that when the American people were made aware that the very roots of all of their freedoms, and liberties, not simply the ones they choose, as well as those of their neighbors, and worse their children and children of unborn generations, they would awaken from their slumber with power and conviction the likes of which was thought to be that only of Ivy League political "what if's" as demonstrated with Scott Brown's victory.

The American people have taken for granted what the founding fathers bestowed upon us, and with the vision of that being entirely destroyed, by the ever expanding freedom devouring Obama big G Government, and the thought of our children children growing up in a society that's failure can only be imagined, and not fully grasped, similar to wrapping ones head around how much money the trillions of dollars of national debt Obama has amassed really is. This will continue no more, and never again. The giant has been awoken, and is angry as all hell, with each passing day, the roars will grow yet louder.and that battles on the political battlefield will be fought as if they were truly fighting for their lives, of which they may very well be.

In the now infamous words of Rahm Emanuel, never let a crises go to waste, and as Rush pointed out so brilliantly in his letter to Obama, the left, the democrats, and Obama are a mix a political crises the likes of which has never been seen. The American people will not let them go to waste, and with a fire burning deep in their belly they will tirelessly and endlessly pursue a greater society than that of socialism, Marxism, fascism, or Obamanism, a style of government and society that was once unique and thought only to be able to fail, and instead has show what men of conviction and strength, of faith and personal sacrifice and motivation, can accomplish. A free market democratic republic, this will be ours again. The long overdue political heads will roll, and America will once again shine with the beauty and resilience that has made her the envy of the world.

For those who already haven't heard the amazingly hot internet wildfire of Rush Limbaugh speech, it is posted below, and also on

The transcript can be found on Rush Limbaugh's website - here

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