Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nancy Pelosi and the White House war against FOX

The Obama administration, and the far left have been using typical Chicago style politics, and key Alinsky tactic, and smearing those who hold opposing views, from individuals such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, to talk radio and teaparty goers, up to the most recent addition to the enemies list FOX News.

The left cannot fathom that there are those who hold opposing views to their own. Since they cannot debate on the merits or facts of their argument they instead turn to smearing, insulting, or possibly just ignoring, those who they do not agree with. During the town hall and teaparty protests those opposing the far left agenda were considered "hate mongers", "race-baiters", all the way up to "racists" and "Nazi's". In recent weeks the left has fabricated quotations associated with Rush Limbaugh, implying he was a racist and supported slavery, in an effort to block his bid for minority owner of the St. Louis Rams.

Speaker of the House, and warden of the D.C. Swamp of flith, Nancy Pelosi is no stranger to the lefts tactics of smearing and demeaning those who have opposing views. She refered to teaparty goes as astro-turf, and implied they were organized by the vast right wing conspiracy, since they clearly couldn't hold genuine opposition to the lefts ideology, which again the left cannot fathom is possible. In Speaker Pelosi's latest attack she continued the assult against FOX News.

The assault against FOX began when the White House barred administration officials from appearing on any FOX programming. Weeks later White House Communications Director (czar) and noted Mao supporter stated when refering to Fox-
 "As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don't need to pretend that this is the way that legitimate news organizations behave."
Later David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel, in a coordinated effort, simulatanously appeared on two different networks supporting the White Houses view that FOX wasn't a legitimate news organization, and that other news networks shouldn't follow in their footsteps. Clearly the administration is afraid that the fringe media who is typically so willing to bend over for the Obama administration, may begin to ask questions, and hold the administration accountable, such as the programming on FOX reguarly does, as with the breaking of the ACORN, czar, and Mao praiser controversies.

Following the White House dadies giving a firm spanking to the former main stream media, the White House then attempted to ban FOX reporters in the pool from interviewing the "pay czar" Kenneth Feinberg. The White House greatly underestimated the character of the major networks, of which Annita Dunn boasted they controled, who sensed a serious First Amendment Violation, and came to the defense of FOX news.  In a clear damage control effort the White House threw a low-level treasury offical under the bus by claiming that the snubbing of FOX news came from that officals mistake, and not the administration as a whole.

Now a veteran soldier of the lefts smear war, swamp warden, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has stated -
"That Fox regularly grants access to Republican Congressman to spread their lies and propaganda on their airwaves is a violation of the public trust, and their continued desire to challenge such well documented facts as Global Warming, and the efficacy of single payer health insurance, proves that they are simply doing the work of the special interests. They should thus be stripped of their journalistic access in the halls of Congress,"
 This is truly disturbing. The left and the White House are blatantly trying to control the media, and limit any access to those who hold opposing views. They have no regard for the Constitution, or Freedoms of Speech and Press. While the administration may have attempted to control the media through the fairness doctrine and net neutrality, they now face increasing opposition, and there seems to be a new scandal breaking daily regarding communist, socialist, and Maoists embedded in the administration, an increasing web of corruption regarding the likes of SEIU and ACORN, sex scandals, and similar horrors. The administration can no longer afford to wait while they slowly take over the media and strip individuals of their rights. They now will attack all those who they oppose with the full force of the United States Government.

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