Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Liberal Take-over of Halloween

For those who don't know Halloween is a religious holiday, Christian at that, which must drive the religion-hating, anti-Christmas holiday party, atheists completely crazy.

Although one may think that the far-left would attack All Hallows Eve for being a symbol, however vaguely in modern times, of religion I have seen barely any of the opposition that removed Christmas parties I once enjoyed as a child in elementary school.

Why has the left seemingly abandoned their own playbook? Perhaps because they instead may simply be referring to a tactic from a different page.

One of the few things the left may love as equally or perhaps more than those Americans of any faith, their principles, believes, and holidays, is creating entitlements and spreading the wealth.

I predict it may not be long before the "American Fair Candy Distribution Act" is passed. The first provision of this bill will be to require those above the poverty line to purchase candy.  However, the candy-purchase mandate will require candy be purchased on the candy-exchange market place, run by the federal government, in order to provide competition to the evil candy companies (after all Hershey's has a higher profit percentage than the evil insurance companies). Besides who wouldn't want the public, I mean consumer, option of purchasing an Obama-Bar.

The second provision of the bill states that those children whose parents sit around waiting for handouts from the government instead of utilizing the American capitalistic free-market system (for whats left of it) and get a job, receive two pieces of candy, whereas those children whose parents are members of the middle or upper class are only allowed to receive one piece of candy. The playing field must be leveled so "the masses" can have adequate and fair candy consumption.

As far as the Republican amendment to the bill which would ban illegal immigrants from receiving candy was defeated along party lines, and citizens will now be forced to pay for the candy consumption of illegal immigrants, or should I say undocumented workers.

It may be Halloween, but sadly this is not a trick, and after the seemingly inevitable health care overhaul passage this may not be too far off and clearly will not be a treat.

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