Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Department of Justice implies blacks are stupid - and tramps on the Constitution

A recent Department of Justice (DOJ) decision overruled a local vote result in Kinston, N.C. which removed the party affiliation from local election ballots. At the bottom of the page there is a copy of the DOJ release from July regarding their first involvement in the issue.

In a clear violation of the Constitution, and specifically the 10th Amendment, the Obama Administrations DOJ clearly overstepped its boundaries as well as greatly insulted the black community under the guise of protecting voting rights.

The DOJ claimed that blacks would be unable to vote for the person who they truly wished to vote for unless there was a (D) or Democrat next to their name on the ballot.

Clearly the DOJ thinks that blacks are so stupid and brainwashed that they can only vote for someone who has a (D) next to their name on the ballot. They must believe that blacks are incapable of asking questions, gathering information from candidates regarding their stance on the issues, and differentiate between two, or god forbid 3 or more, names on a ballot based up the spelling of their name, perhaps because they believe that blacks are so uneducated that they cannot read, and vote based upon their reconition of the (D) or the word Democrat. The DOJ believes that blacks are so stupid that they may accidentally vote for an evil Republican, and that so many blacks may vote for Republicans that it sways the election result. To not only protect blacks from voting for the wrong person, protecting their voting rights, as well as making sure that voting for Democrats are constitutionally protected.

What about the voting rights of the two-thirds primarily Democratic black constituents, combined with the one-third white voters, in a heavily pro-Obama district who somehow managed to collectively muster enough intelligence to utilize their freedom and voted overwhelmingly by 65% to eliminate party affiliation from local election ballots.

This must have come as a huge shock from the Democrats, and the Obama-administration who needs to keep blacks uneducated, misinformed, and believed victims of the evil white Republicans, as well as making up racist examples in order to keep the blacks voting Democrat. Without doing such the Democrats risk the majority of blacks becoming increasingly educated and coming to the realization that the Democratic party benefits from their continued lack of education and maintained poverty.

Although, perhaps, the Democrats could just possibly just believe that the black community, which they work so hard to keep down, are not getting more educated and no longer robotically voting for Democrats, instead those clearly dumb blacks proboly didn’t understand what they were voting for, and if there was a (R ) next to the YES and a (D) next the NO on the ballot to remove party affiliation the outcome of the vote would’ve been the opposite.

DOJ Intervenes in Kinston,NC local election -

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